First Bike Ride of the Year!

I’m trying to think back to the last time I biked to work. I am pretty sure it’s been almost 2 years. I was biking to work during my first trimester but then morning sickness hit and I wasn’t feeling well enough to do it. I did not bike to work last summer at all because I was hauling a giant breast pump to work every day.

I’ve been thinking about getting back into it lately, but was struggling with how to figure out the logistics of dropping off Logan at daycare, trying to bike to work, picking him up, etc. We only have one bike rack (on Michael’s car) so I was trying to figure out the easiest way to do everything.

Tuesday morning Michael took Logan to daycare and I took his car to Sellwood and biked from there.

It was a really nice ride! The weather was the right temperature, the sun was out. The Springwater trail wasn’t crowded. I realized I forgot my bike gloves at home, but of all the things you can forget that’s a minor one. The bike shoes (since I clip in) are the worst thing to forget!

I decided to skip the Hawthorne Bridge. I thought I was running late but I had enough time so I took the Eastside esplanade to the Steel Bridge and then crossed the river there.

It was nice and pretty easy. There were only a few times on the ride that my legs felt fatigued and the small hills were a little hard. But for a first ride after so long off? Not bad!

This was the first time I used my new Garmin on a bike ride. I wore my Polar to compare the calorie burn and it was really accurate!

I biked 6.09 miles and burned 284 calories.

It’s kind of cool seeing the break down of the stats in the Garmin Connect app:

Here’s my speed and heart rate:

I felt pretty good after the ride. My goal for June, weather permitting, is to bike to work once a week. I’m hoping by the end of June I will be physically ready to bike from home. We’ll see.

I felt good all day at work. I packed enough food to keep me going. For a snack I had Fage Total Greek Yogurt with strawberries. For lunch I added a Flat-Out Low Carb Wrap to my usual turkey and cheese wrap thing (I figured adding a little bit of carbs to my day would help) with a hardboiled egg and some pickles. My afternoon snack was a 100 calorie, low carb protein shake and some watermelon.

Then I got ready to bike home!

Afternoon Ride

It was a hot day! It got up to almost 85 degrees.

I got stuck in 5 o’clock traffic downtown so I ended up getting off the bike and walking three blocks on the sidewalk to get down to the Morrison Bridge. It was definitely faster! Then I biked across the bridge. The Rose Festival rides were set up on the waterfront.

Taking the Morrison out of downtown is definitely the quickest and easiest way to bike–especially if you hate taking the Hawthorne Bridge like I do! The only downside is that the Morrison is steep and hard so your heart is pounding immediately!

I was coasting down the other side of the Morrison Bridge when I heard a weird sound on my bike. I stopped to check and didn’t see anything obvious so I kept going. (Still not sure what happened–Michael is going to look at it this weekend.)

I biked by OMSI and then picked up the Springwater Trail back to Sellwood. And it was H.A.R.D. UGH! I was biking into a hot head-wind the ENTIRE ride back. I honestly felt like I was biking in slow-motion.

The ride home was shorter but harder — 4.78 miles with 290 calories burned. I compared it to my Polar and it was very close, again. Here’s the Polar:

I picked up Logan and when we got home Michael and I took Bella and Logan for a 1 mile walk in the neighborhood. Then it was bath time for the baby and bedtime. Michael and I had dinner outside on the deck and I hit the wall hard. Seriously. Like 7:45pm came around and I felt like I was melting into my patio chair and getting up to clean the dishes and get ready for bed sounded like a monumental task.

That biking was hard today!!


Mileage: 10.87

Calories Burned: 584 (plus extra for the walks I did too)

No shame here, I was in bed and ready to pass out at 8:30!!

Season Opener

A few weeks ago when we had a short burst of really nice weather, I’d planned on biking in to work. I woke up that morning to wet ground and cold air. I decided not to. The day warmed up and turned out to be nice so I could have biked. But I’m a fair-weather cyclist. I don’t care what anyone says, it is no fun biking in 40 degree weather with tears blinding your sight from the cold wind and snot running down your face. Not fun at all.

Last Wednesday I got the chance to bike in! The weather was supposed be gorgeous for several days. I always get nervous and anxious about the first few rides of the season. I don’t know why. I guess I’m just out of practice.

This particular bike in to work was absolutely wonderful. My body felt so great–even at those trouble spots on the trail that traditionally make me struggle. I was feeling so good and made really good time (I’d driven part way in to work and parked).

It was warm (in the mid-50’s), a little chilly in the shade but warm in the sun. There were a bunch of people out biking. On my way I saw these cute little guys:

They were so cute. And a little further down the trail I came upon the feral cats that live near the train tracks. I’m not sure who but someone built a cat shelter for them to live in and there was also a water dish.

For feral cats they were super friendly and curious about me. Not skittish at all. They looked really healthy, too.

I took the Springwater trail in and crossed the Hawthorne Bridge. Knees felt good. Body felt good. Had a great ride in.


I hope the weather stays nice for awhile so I can get in a few more rides. I usually start about this time of year so I’m not that early. Here were my calories for the morning ride:

The day progressed into a hot one but it was still really pleasant biking home. The trail wasn’t too crowded either, which surprised me. It was 82 degrees but I was perfectly comfortable. My legs felt good–the only thing not that great was my neck and shoulders. After taking a long break from biking that’s usually the first place to be extra sore when I’m back at it.

photo 5

I took the Morrison Bridge across the river and was huffing and puffing a lot. My heart rate got REALLY high but it leveled off on the other side of the bridge and as pretty average the rest of the short ride back to the car (around 135-145).

photo 4

For some reason my heart rate monitor crapped out on me mid-ride so I have no idea what my calories were. I just took a guess. My mileage for the ride home was:

photo 3

10.2 miles total! I drove the rest of the way home, cleaned up and Michael and I had a little date night. We went to New Seasons and got sandwiches to go from their deli. I am so happy we discovered this–they make outstanding sandwiches! I got a ham sandwich with grilled onions, Mama Lil’s Peppers, Havarti cheese and lettuce. Michael got a turkey, bacon, avocado sandwich on gluten free bread. We split an amazing cookie for dessert.


photo 2

The park was packed! There were so many dogs in the dog area running around. It’s an off-leash park except it’s not fenced. Bella isn’t quite ready to go free in a dog park like that. She’s USUALLY pretty good with her recall but not 100%. She was extra spazzy at the park that night, too. I think she was just overstimulated and super excited there were so many dogs and people around.

Little Miss Spazz knocked over my drink several times (and then it exploded when I opened it), she tangled herself up in the leash, then ran after a dog and the leash went with her. Grrrr! I know she’s just a puppy and we’re working on her manners but dang, sometimes it’s frustrating! Especially when I see other people with dogs that don’t even have to be on their leash! I hope that someday Bella can be good and stay beside us and come back when we call her. I’d like her to be able to frolic off leash, too…


Anyways, Michael and I ate our dinners, chatted and watched the sailboats go by on the river as the run started to set. Then we walked Bella around the park on the nature trails through the woods.

photo 1

It was a lovely evening and it was nice to get out of the house and shake up the routine a bit. I really hope the weather stays nice so I can ride each week!