Seven Miles Saturday

Last night’s date was pretty romantic. And I slept like a rock! It felt good to sleep so well. I forgot to mention in my last post that the hydration belt I planned on using for Hood to Coast didn’t work. Last weekend I ordered another one online and a few days ago I got an email saying it would arrive on August 27th! NO!!!!!! That’s too late!!! I was so upset. I decided to give it a few days and if it didn’t arrive, I’d have to go to a running store in Portland and buy one. Well last night when we got home from our date, I found this in the mail:

YEAH!!!!! I was sooo happy that it came early. I filled one water bottle with water and the other with Gatorade. I packed 2 GUs in the pack. I drank 3/4 of my Atkins shake as my pre-run breakfast.

So this morning, I excitedly put it on for my long run. It fit great and while the water bottles were a tad on the heavy side, I am happy to report that my run went great with them. They didn’t slosh around, or jump around when I ran. They weren’t too heavy to be annoying either.

I ran half a mile down to the track and saw that there was a kid’s football practice or try-outs going on. The place was packed.

They weren’t using the track though, so I figured it was okay. No one seemed to mind either.

The first 3 miles were not memorable because my legs seemed fine and I didn’t feel tired at all. I just ran and ran and felt awesome.

At about Mile 3, I had some GU and water. I didn’t feel like I needed either honestly, but I didn’t want to regret not hydrating before it was too late. I kept going.The temperature was cool and pleasant. Since they banned earphones for Hood to Coast this year, I didn’t bring my headphones with me while I ran today. I turned on Pandora and clipped my iPhone to the fuel belt. I could sometimes hear the music but when the stadium of parents cheered for their kids, I couldn’t hear my music. I don’t usually run with my ipod arm band because it doesn’t fit right and if I tighten it so it does fit–I lose circulation in my arm. But I think for Hood to Coast I have to suck it up and wear the arm band so I can hear my music!

About half way through Mile 4, my ankles started to both me a little bit. I decided to walk for a bit to see what was going on. I had no pain when walking, so that was good. I probably walked for 30-45 seconds and then started running again. Just walking for a moment, I had renewed energy and ran another mile with no problems.

Toward the end of Mile 5, my legs were starting to tighten up. I’ve never really had to deal with that before–that I remember anyway. I’m sure being excited and nervous about Hood to Coast has me overly sensitive to every little ache and pain in my body. I walked another 30-45 seconds and then continued to run. I pondered the idea that maybe I’ve been over-training lately…Still not sure about that.

Half way through Mile 6 I decided to call it a day and run home. I ran/walked the half mile home and stretched forever. I used my foam roller and my new calf stretcher! It felt pretty awesome to stretch for so long. Fat Kitty supervised the stretching:

Today’s Stats:

Time: 1:25

Calories Burned: 900

Distance: 7 Miles

What a great run though! I’m happy with today’s run (despite the walking and the ankle pains). I ate my banana after my shower and Michael and I made lunch. On the menu: black bean burritos.

After running 7 miles, I was FAMISHED. As in, Hungry Monster That Eats Everything In Sight! Nom Nom Nom…After one bean burrito, Michael made half a quesadilla for us to split. 🙂

The anticipation of Hood to Coast is killing me!

This time next week….I will be sitting in a cramped van with 5 other sweaty, smelly runners! I can’t wait! 🙂

Running Through Water

No, I didn’t go pool running this morning but it certainly felt like it. I woke up at 8:15am and knew today was going to be a scorcher so I hopped out of bed and headed down to the track. I drank half of my Atkins Shake before leaving. I don’t know what the temperature was when I headed out this morning. My guess would be high 80s. (A few hours later, it’s now 94 degrees.)

I tried to use my new water belt but once I put water in the two bottles, I realized my make-shift belt wasn’t going to work. 🙁 The water bottles were just too heavy and jumped around too much. Bummer! I took my hand-held water bottle to the track instead.

As you can see, there is no shade on the track. I quickly ran out of water. As I ran the track, I contemplated whether or not I should run back to the house and get more water and a GU, and then return to the track. But in my heart I knew once I was home, I wouldn’t go back out.

Around Mile 3, I started to walk a little bit. I alternated running/walking/jogging/running. It was just too damn hot! I saw a groundskeeper working on the track and I asked him if there was a water fountain that worked. He said it was next to the baseball diamond. OASIS! Water!! I ran over to the fountain, filled my bottle, drank a bunch and then sprayed it on my face. I felt much better. I ended up refilling the water bottle a few times.

I continued to run and when I got to about Mile 4, I decided to sit in the shade for a moment.

It was nice and cool in the shade. I sat down on the hill under a tree and let my heart stop racing. Last weekend I had completed 7 miles in 1:18. I was just barely passed mile 4 in almost that same time. I was feeling overheated and decided that I would just call it a day.

I think I ran once more (maybe twice more) around the track and ran back to the house. I was a little disappointed that I was “giving up” on my run but I knew getting heat stroke wouldn’t accomplish anything either. Check out my post of Running in the Heat. I still can’t believe at 9am it was almost 90 degrees today! Damn!

I stepped into the house and wave of cool air hit me. THANK GOD FOR CENTRAL AIR-CONDITIONING!!! I stretched a lot. Foam Roller. I’ve never been so sweaty in my life!

I drank the rest of my Atkins Shake, had a GU for recovery, and ate a banana.

Next week is going to be another heat wave in Portland. Next week is also my last week of running before Hood to Coast. I plan on NOT running the 4 days before Hood to Coast in order to taper off. I just hope I can find a way to work in training runs when it’s not 90 degrees…..perhaps I will be relegated to the gym treadmill next week.

Today’s Stats:

Time: 1:08

Calories Burned: 891!

Distance: 4.2 miles

Temperature: 85+?

QUESTION: How do you run in the summer time? Do you modify your workouts? Stay indoors?