Running Through Water

No, I didn’t go pool running this morning but it certainly felt like it. I woke up at 8:15am and knew today was going to be a scorcher so I hopped out of bed and headed down to the track. I drank half of my Atkins Shake before leaving. I don’t know what the temperature was when I headed out this morning. My guess would be high 80s. (A few hours later, it’s now 94 degrees.)

I tried to use my new water belt but once I put water in the two bottles, I realized my make-shift belt wasn’t going to work. šŸ™ The water bottles were just too heavy and jumped around too much. Bummer! I took my hand-held water bottle to the track instead.

As you can see, there is no shade on the track. I quickly ran out of water. As I ran the track, I contemplated whether or not I should run back to the house and get more water and a GU, and then return to the track. But in my heart I knew once I was home, I wouldn’t go back out.

Around Mile 3, I started to walk a little bit. I alternated running/walking/jogging/running. It was just too damn hot! I saw a groundskeeper working on the track and I asked him if there was a water fountain that worked. He said it was next to the baseball diamond. OASIS! Water!! I ran over to the fountain, filled my bottle, drank a bunch and then sprayed it on my face. I felt much better. I ended up refilling the water bottle a few times.

I continued to run and when I got to about Mile 4, I decided to sit in the shade for a moment.

It was nice and cool in the shade. I sat down on the hill under a tree and let my heart stop racing. Last weekend I had completed 7 miles in 1:18. I was just barely passed mile 4 in almost that same time. I was feeling overheated and decided that I would just call it a day.

I think I ran once more (maybe twice more) around the track and ran back to the house. I was a little disappointed that I was “giving up” on my run but I knew getting heat stroke wouldn’t accomplish anything either. Check out my post of Running in the Heat. I still can’t believe at 9am it was almost 90 degrees today! Damn!

I stepped into the house and wave of cool air hit me. THANK GOD FOR CENTRAL AIR-CONDITIONING!!! I stretched a lot. Foam Roller. I’ve never been so sweaty in my life!

I drank the rest of my Atkins Shake, had a GU for recovery, and ate a banana.

Next week is going to be another heat wave in Portland. Next week is also my last week of running before Hood to Coast. I plan on NOT running the 4 days before Hood to Coast in order to taper off. I just hope I can find a way to work in training runs when it’s not 90 degrees…..perhaps I will be relegated to the gym treadmill next week.

Today’s Stats:

Time: 1:08

Calories Burned: 891!

Distance: 4.2 miles

Temperature: 85+?

QUESTION: How do you run in the summer time? Do you modify your workouts? Stay indoors?

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  1. I don’t! LOL – I find running (when I could do it) incredibly boring and when I’m bored I concentrate way too much on being bored and quit.

    I am glad you called it quits when you did, your body was telling you it was time to stop. Nice track by the way, I haven’t seen one around like except in my home town.

  2. UGH! I feel like I spent most of the weekend sweating. Running Saturday morning, then pulling weeds on Sunday. I try to get up as early as possible and run before the sun comes up but it’s rough! You were probably wise to quit while you were ahead – whenever my body says “STOP!” I stop. šŸ™‚

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