Sunday Recovery

I woke up Sunday morning feeling like a million bucks! I had no idea what to expect after Reach the Beach. Would I be sore? Would I be crippled? Would I have to spend the day in bed? Nope! I woke up feeling absolutely refreshed and not sore at all! I was shocked. I made us breakfast of scrambled eggs, turkey sausage and toast. I used Dave’s Killer Bread (which is now my new obsession):

Dave's Killer Bread

It tastes so much better than any other bread I’ve had.


After breakfast, I headed to the pool to stretch my legs. It felt great to swim. I was wondering if my tightness/soreness would show up when I started to swim but it didn’t! I didn’t feel any soreness. I also swam as fast as I’ve ever swam with ease. I was confused. I thought I’d be a wreck after RTB. After swimming, I sat in the hot tub for awhile and relaxed. It felt wonderful. Once I got home, I worked on organizing and labeling all the pictures from Reach the Beach and started to write Recap 1 and Recap 2.

Michael got on the bike trainer for 15 minutes and did an easy recovery ride to loosen up his legs. He was feeling pretty sore. Poor guy! Sunday afternoon we took off and went to Pizza Schmizza for lunch. I was famished! I got a slice of the “Don Ho” aka Hawaiian pizza, and a pepperoni slice with peppers, onions and olives.


I only had a few bites of the second slice and decided to save it. We headed to the theatre to see Ironman 2! It was pretty good. Dinner last night was the leftover pizza slice and 1 beer.


I also steamed some veggies and topped them with a little Goddess dressing.

The rest of Sunday was pretty low-key. We got caught up on some TV shows and relaxed. It was a good day!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that when we got home on Saturday night from Reach the Beach, we both used the Foam Roller. I also used it Sunday too. It made a WORLD of difference!

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  1. congratulations on your race. What a great accomplishment. It’s fantastic that you are not sore, that just means you did an excellent job training.

  2. I just discovered your blog and found your story inspirational! Right now I’m 50 lbs overweight. I signed up for and started training for a 5K run as a way to keep myself motivated. Reading your blog will be a big help I’m sure! Thanks so much for sharing your story!

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