Goddess dressing

Working Out Together

My Tuesday night home workout was a little different this week. This time Michael and I worked out together. As per usual, Fat Kitty supervised all that was happening in his Kingdom.

Lazer Cats!

Michael was on the bike trainer first. While he did his cycling workout I warmed up for 30 minutes with the Nike Training App. It was nice having a partner to workout with to pass the time, but it was also a bit awkward having someone watch you and comment as you do jumping jacks. πŸ˜‰

This time I tried Energy Blast.

This was the first time I ever did the “Plank Row to Rotation” and I was able to do it! Michael was pretty impressed and I was very excited I was able to even do it. The Modified Burpee was much better than the regular Burpee.

The Energy Blast was fun because there was enough variation to not bore me.

I must say that while the Nike App is a great workout, I’m ready to take my fitness outside. I’m sick of being in the house and in the gym! I’m looking forward to the weather improving so I can get off the bike trainer and ride outside.

I worked up a sweat but didn’t burn as many calories with this one compared to others.

After 30 minutes we switched. I hopped on the bike and Michael did his weight and stretching workout on the floor.


Time: 1:09
Calories Burned:Β  585

I finished up with some stretching and we made dinner. One of my favorite dinners too: steak, baked sweet potato and steamed veggies. It’s like the perfect equation of food science.

The steak was close to one serving. I measured using my fist and it was just a tad larger than my fist. I’d estimate it was 1.25 servings. Honestly, more than one serving of a nice steak is not an issue for me because it’s good protein that my body needs.

One of my favorite things is Goddess Dressing. It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about it. I love putting a little bit of it on my veggies. Not all steamed veggies need dressing but sometimes I just want the flavor. I prefer Trader Joe’s version to Annie’s. It tastes much better to me and is 120 calories a serving.

I drizzled a little bit on my steamed broccoli.

The sweet potato was small. I brushed Grape Seed oil on it, sprinkled some salt on the skin and baked it at 425 degrees.

Perfect balance of protein, carbs, fiber and fat.

Thanks again for all the suggestions on my post about crashing. There were a lot of insightful comments and suggestions. The general consensus was that I should try nuts and dried fruit after working out. I will pick up some apricots or something the next time I’m at Trader Joe’s and see if that helps. I’m also going to try Gatorade.

QUESTION: How much fiber to you eat? How do you get your fiber? And do you like working out with your significant other?


Easy Dinner in 25 Minutes

This is one of my favorite go-to quickie dinners. It’s so easy to make at the last minute and it’s healthy, too.

We almost always have frozen salmon on hand from Costco. Defrost a piece of salmon and place it on a small piece of foil.

Use Lemon Pepper Seasoning. Sprinkle onto the fish.

Don’t use it sparingly. It doesn’t have salt in it, so you can’t use “too much.”

Add a few tabs of butter.

Loosely wrap the salmon in foil–not too tight.

Place salmon on a pan and bake in the oven at 350 degrees for about 20-25 minutes. While it’s baking, steam some veggies.

Check on the salmon around 18 minutes in. The rate of cooking can change depending on how thick or large the piece of fish is.

Add some cottage cheese to the plate for some extra protein. Top the steamed veggies with whatever you prefer: melted butter and salt, dressing, or plain. I use Goddess Dressing.

It’s healthy and filling and the perfect fast dinner.

Salmon is a Super Food: low in calories and fat, high in protein and Omega-3’s.

QUESTION: What’s your favorite Under 30 Minute Dinner?