It's Fleet Week

Today’s run was pretty great! The weather was decent: no rain, a bit cloudy but still some sun. I wore sunscreen anyways. I saw some Coast Guard boats docked at the Waterfront and quite a few uniformed folks during my run! Not a bad reward for putting on my spandex. 😉

Starting today, the boats are coming in for Fleet Week! It’s part of the annual Rose Festival celebration and they’ll be here until next week sometime.

Last Year's Fleet Week *Not My Pic

There’s the Fleet, the Rose Festival Parade, Fireworks show, Starlight Run (I almost signed up for the 5k), and the Waterfront Village (Carnival).

Last Year's Fleet Week *Not My Pic

I felt pretty good on my run. I didn’t feel like I struggled much and almost done with running the Loop I thought, “I should have pushed myself a little more.” So when I got back to the office, I continued to run a few extra blocks and then head back to the office. My stats are in two parts:

Today’s Stats:

Time: 30:42

Nike+ Pace: 9’19”


Time: 4:01

Nice+ Pace: 9’43”

Total Calories Burned: 468

I’m happy with the first set time. 30 minutes and 42 seconds! That’s my Personal Record for the Waterfront Loop!! WOO HOO!

Lunch was leftover salmon from last night, half a cucumber sliced up, and salad. I also snagged 1/4 of a bagel.

Yummy Lunch

QUESTION: Is there an annual celebration where you live? Do you participate in the festivities?

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