Healthy Snacking

What do you snack on? I’m a snacker during the week only. I rarely snack on the weekends because I’m usually too busy doing stuff to get hungry!

I used to bring snacks like this:

Lots of processed food!!

It was never filling and I didn’t really feel that great eating them. When I started running, my diet changed drastically. I quickly learned what food to eat as FUEL for my body. Instead of wasteful filler food like those snacks, I switched to fruit and veggies.

So instead of the food with bar-codes, I eat these things for snacks:

Medium sized apple: 80 calories.

String Cheese: 80 calories

Cup of Rainier Cherries: 90 calories

Serving of Cottage Cheese: 90 calories

Baby carrots: less than 50 calories

Cup of cauliflower: less than 50 calories

QUESTION: What are your snacking habits? How can they be improved?

Last night was another Twitter #fitblog Chat. I participated in the first part of the chat and then got distracted with dinner.

Here are a few of my thoughts about the questions last night:

Q1 Follow Up 1: how did the dietary/fitness change effect you in ways you weren’t expecting?

For me, the biggest surprise/change in losing weight was that I became an athlete. I NEVER would have imagined I’d be so athletic and so into fitness. I’ve comeΒ  a long way from being a lazy, 250 pound person that ate poorly and hated my body. Another surprise was that I became a RUNNER. Who would have thought that?!?!

Q1 Follow Up 2: what tips do you have now that you wish you could have given yourself when you first decided to make the change?

The biggest suggestion I have for people first starting out is to sign up for one or two sessions with a personal trainer to get a GOOD routine down and be trained on how to lift weights and use the machines properly. Injuries can be avoided! Another suggestion would be to get fitted for good running shoes BEFORE you start running! I waited way too long to do that. And finally:


I will leave you all with another 100 calorie treat that I enjoyed this morning:

ICED COFFEE…..perfect for 90 degree weather! I added my own sweetener to save calories:

QUESTION: Did you participate in last night’s #fitblog chat? What were your thoughts?

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  1. I missed the chat because I was out for my birthday dinner, though not eating because I was feeling sick!!

    I’m a big snacker, but like you, I used to eat a lot of processed stuff and I realized I could get so much more bang for my buck if I started eating more real foods. Now for snacks I mostly eat fruits and veggies and make sure to drink tons of water/fluids so it’s definitely hunger and not just me being thirsty.

  2. I don’t usually snack on the weekends either but I agree that it is usually beause I am out and busy and having FUN! But like you my snacks are usually fresh fruits, veggies or unprocessed foods! Keith and I joke that we have no boxes in our pantry…not one. We just don’t do the processed stuff and we feel like our bodies are healthier for it! Definitely!

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