It’s My Friday!

I have the best boyfriend ever! Yesterday he tortured me all day about how he got an “item” for me.

Via text, email and Gmail chat, I was teased and taunted all afternoon. 😉 He even texted me the above picture. Finally, when I got home I got to see my “item.”

I ripped into the box and found this:

What is it? Well, since Hood to Coast has a new “no headphones or you’re disqualified” rule…I was trying to figure out how to listen to music while I run. They allow speakers, just not earphones. I tried to listen to my iPhone with it’s speakers but it was really hard to hear. Michael surprised me with a mini speaker!

It’s really loud too! And I can have base or no base. It so cool!! This goofy guy did GOOD. 😀

He helped me figure out how to rig it to my fuel belt. After the excitement of my “item”, we made dinner. I’d been craving a taco salad so we went to the store to get all the fixings.

I prepped the ingredients and made the salad parts while Michael made the ground turkey in the skillet.

We added some new things to the standard guacamole. Chopped red onion and sour cream. It was spicy and good!

Now for the salad part. I used red leaf lettuce and baby spinach. I chopped some baby carrots and I added some leftover quinoa to my salad.

For the “dressing” we used some oil and balsamic vinegar and lime juice. I added black beans to the top of the salads, then shredded Colby Jack cheese.

Michael poured the turkey on top and we put all the yummy extras on! Sour cream, salsa, guacamole!

YUM! It was GOOD! But so huge. All the ingredients are super filling.

We watched Top Chef last night too. Are you happy with who went home? I AM!!!! The person that went home last night was another of my least favorites on the show. Last week Alex–the weird pea puree stealer–went home. Thankfully! I couldn’t stand him.

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QUESTION: What do you put in your taco salads?

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