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Read my Poker Face

Lisa Eirene

About Lisa Eirene Lisa lost 110 pounds through calorie counting and exercise. She swims, bikes, runs, hikes and is enjoying life in Portland, Oregon. Her weight loss story has been featured in First Magazine, Yahoo Health, Woman's Day and

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  1. Michele @ Healthy Cultivations

    Spontaneous Thing: When I was 17, I quit my job at the very last minute so I could drive to a Liza Minnelli concert in Chicago that night.

    Boy, I was spontaneous then!!! Many years ago…

  2. The Boyfriend

    Technically I only played a little bit of poker, about 5 hours over the course of the 3 days. I just won a lot during that time. 😛

  3. Christi

    I met my husband through the internet on a Wednesday. Had an honest-to-goodness date that Saturday (which turned into a Saturday thru Monday date). Spent one night apart, have been together ever since. Here we are 4 kids later and going strong. 🙂

  4. Kristina @ spabettie

    Jason and I LOVE Vegas… I once won $1800 at a craps table… I was playing for a few hours, but still… it was pretty incredible for me!

    Jason sat in a poker game to win a bracelet for the World Series of Poker, but he only lasted an hour or so… it was fun for him to experience!

    1. Lisa Eirene

      Wow!! $1800 is NICE! Good job. I’ve never tried tried craps. It scares me!

  5. Lisa (bakebikeblog)

    We are the oppsite in our house. I am told that I have a pretty godo poker face. Mr BBB, on the other hand, can be read like a book!

  6. Lori (Finding Radiance)

    LOL at Fat Kitty.
    My husband actually plays poker for real. I have dabbled a bit, but casinos just aren’t my thing.

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