a letter to LA Fitness

An Open Letter to LA Fitness



Dear LA Fitness,

I’m a loyal gym-goer. I’m the type of person that will make the most of my gym membership. I love having a gym membership and it is definitely something that I believe is worth the money. It’s my “me time.” I love having a “place” that’s mine where I know I will go to stay fit and healthy.

I’m the poster child for gym-going.  In fact, for the last year and a half that I’ve had my blog, 110 Pounds and Counting, I’ve been writing about my experiences at 24 Hour Fitness–free advertising for them and I never asked for anything in return. I wrote about my workouts, the machines, the pool, my experiences with the personal trainers, and the classes I’ve tried.  I’m happy that I can say I have inspired my readers to challenge themselves physically in order to get fit and healthy. The entire goal of my website was to inspire and help people who want to lose weight.

My membership with 24 Hour Fitness expired recently so I decided to go gym shopping to find the perfect gym for me and my fitness needs.  It really is a shame that you were so adamant against giving me a 7-day Guest Pass to your facilities. As a result, I’m writing this open-letter to you and to all my dear readers who are joining me in my search for a new gym.

I could be angry with your poor customer service. You were pushy and aggressive and it turned me off.  This is not the end of the world because really I only have to have contact with Mr. Aggressive Sales Guy once and then I can use the gym without interacting with him at all. I was willing to overlook the aggressive sales pitch to see the gym for what it had to offer. You never gave me that option, though, so the impression I have is a negative one.

I could be outraged at the cowardly actions of the sales person who instead of having a conversation with me, just decided to go back on their word. He promised to email me a 7-Day pass and I never received that. I never even received a phone call or an email stating that I wouldn’t get a pass. Why take the cowardly way out? Why is it so bad to negotiate with a potential customer? I guess you don’t want my business.

There were things I really did like about LA Fitness but because of the poor service I received LA Fitness is not even in the running for my choice.

You should rethink the way you run your business. Your 7-Day Guest Passes aren’t gold. Trust me. I can get a Guest Pass for any gym and it’s not treated like I’m asking for the world. And trust this: you wanted me as a customer.



Someone Who Will Not Be Giving You Money