Cat Adoption Team

New Addition

I took Friday off from work and went down to Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood. I used to volunteer there a million years ago. I loved being a volunteer! It was so enriching to spend my weekends cleaning cat cages and socializing the kitties to get them ready for adoption.

I’ve definitely felt like there was something missing from my life since Yggdrasil passed away. 

I wasn’t ready for another kitty for a long time. I definitely grieved for those first few months after he died. I cried a lot. I was heartbroken. I was sad. I missed him. I still miss him. But I’ve felt lately like I wanted to think about getting another kitty. Maya has been coming out of hiding since Yggdrasil died. She never used to. She was 100% bonded to him and did not like people. But once she was all alone, she started coming out at bedtime wanting pets and cuddles. It’s been sweet but she still hides most of the time.

I went to CAT with an open mind, prepared to not adopt anything. I found two boys that seemed to have the personality I was looking for. The first was a kitten.

His name was Sonny (his sister was Cher). He had a big personality already! So cute, so fluffy, so affectionate. I picked him up and he immediately became a purr machine. I was in love! I seriously thought I found the cat for me. I decided to keep looking, just in case, and found this guy:

His name at the shelter was Billy Bob. He just turned 1 at the end of October. He had a kitty cold from the shelter and one side of his neck was shaved from an IV so he looked a little funny. 😉

I met with Billy Bob in a private room and he was such a lovebug! He was super chill and sweet and loved to cuddle. He was SO SWEET. I was a little freaked out that he looked so much like Yggdrasil, but I do love tabbies. He’s a brown tabby, with white paws and a white heart on his chest.

He jumped up on my lap and we cuddled and he got comfortable. I kind of felt like he picked me. So I ended up taking him home. They sent me home with some eye drops for his kitty cold and he was super quiet the entire drive home. He just chilled out in the carrier. When we got home I set him up in the bathroom, where he’ll be for a few days.

I put one of Bella’s blankets in the bathroom (so he gets used to Bella’s scent) and he immediately made himself comfortable. He got a makeshift litter box, toys, food, water and a cat scratcher. I dimmed the lights and just let him calm down.

He seemed unbothered by everything. He did really well in the bathroom. He didn’t destroy anything (like a kitten probably would). I checked on him often and we cuddled and I brushed him (which he LOVED).

By Saturday night, New Kitty was sick of the bathroom! He kept trying to escape. He did so well in there, though, and didn’t destroy anything. He just chilled.

On Sunday afternoon when Logan was sleeping, and Maya was hiding in the bedroom, I let the kitty out to explore. He walked around the whole house (except for the two closed bedrooms) and explore every inch. He rubbed on the walls, sniffed everything, was particularly curious about Maya’s cat dishes and Bella’s water dish, and then went into the living room to meet Bella.

I had this fantasy that Bella and New Kitty would be best friends. I was trying not to indulge in the fantasy just in case…but New Kitty was FEARLESS. He must have lived with a dog before. He walked right up to Bella, sniffed and rubbed his head on Bella. I have an adorable video on Instagram if you want to check it out.

I *think* his name is Stevie. We are trying it on to see how it feels. I love his little white paws. They are so cute! After making the rounds and checking everything out, he picked his spot:

And we relaxed and watched newest season of the Great British Baking Show on Netflix. 😉 I ran some errands later in the day and when I got home, Stevie, Michael and Logan were all cuddling together on the chair watching Star Wars. It was pretty adorable.

On Monday, I was off from work and I let Stevie out of the bathroom to roam free. He found Maya under the bed and they both just sat under the bed next to each. It was pretty adorable. Maya pretty much lives in the bedroom, so it’s no surprise that she’s hiding right right. The fact that they aren’t hissing, growling or fighting is a great sign, though.

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and saw this:

Needless to say, Stevie seems to have made himself comfortable with our family right away. 🙂

Cats, Not the Musical


I spent part of my weekend playing with cats!

Friday I had another ortho massage (ouch) and I had a very, very beneficial physical therapy session with a new PT. He explained that the reason I’m having the issues I’m having is because my glutes are weak and as a result, my hamstrings are overcompensating (thus becoming too tight and pulling on my lower back) and my quads are also overcompensating so that puts strain on my knees. It was kind of a “duh” moment but it really explained things for me in a better way. He gave me a few new exercises to do to strengthen my glutes and told me to stop doing the hip exercises I’d been doing because my hips were strong enough.

After that, Michael and I went to my friend Star’s for dinner. It was her birthday (and mine, belated). She made meatloaf that was out of this world and fresh spaghetti with homemade sauce made from her vegetable garden.


Our friends Bob and Alazar were there with adorable little Sephira and my friend Sam and her boyfriend were there too. It was such a fun night hanging out with everyone!


Check out the dessert:


I took a bunch of pictures of Star’s kitties because they are just so photogenic.




Saturday I got up earlier than normal to work out because I had an appointment at Cat Adoption Team. It was the volunteer orientation. I used to volunteer at C.A.T. years ago and I went almost every weekend to help out. I was a caregiver — i.e. cleaning cages, feeding the cats, playing with the cats and doing laundry. Eventually I started doing some of the adoption work: helping people fill out paperwork, etc. I’ve wanted to start volunteering there again for awhile but I’m always “too busy.”

I’ve been feeling lately like my life is just full of scheduled stuff–work, gym, trying to fit in friends, errands and such. I end up feeling exhausted and burned out. I thought volunteering again might give me that happy feeling I used to have whenever I was spending time at CAT.

{Adopt Me!}

The orientation was about an hour and then I spent a little over an hour playing with the cats in the shelter. It’s a really, really good organization. It’s a no-kill shelter, so the cats stay there until they find a home. They get really good care at CAT and I’m excited about spending time there again.


If you’re looking for a cat and live in the Portland area, please check out CAT. It’s such a good place and they work really hard to find the perfect match for the cats. And please please please don’t adopt pets from a pet store. Go to a humane society or shelter and save a LIFE.

{Adopt Sweet Judy!}

This little girl was such a sweetheart. Her name is Judy. The sign on the door said she was shy but loveable so go slow. I went into the free-roam room where she was alone and sat down in a chair. She immediately jumped off her perch, meowed a bunch like “Don’t leave! Don’t leave! Play with me! I’m coming!” She ran over to me and jumped on my lap where she insisted I pet her. I stayed with her for a long time because she was just so sweet and very soft. Then it was time to go. Sadly, when I left she sat right in front of the door like she was waiting for me to come back.

I’m glad I’m volunteering again. I know it will be hard. I want to save them all. And if there is a cat that is missing an eye or leg, that’s the one I want to rescue (which I saw there). Michael told me three times before I left for my orientation “do not come home with any cats”. It’s gonna be hard to resist! But I’ll try. I laid in bed and watched a movie Saturday after volunteering and Fat Kitty perched himself right on my stomach for the whole thing. I think he could tell I was with other cats. Uh oh–cheating on my kitty!


On Sunday I made the yoga class (well 30 minutes of it at least) and then went swimming. I was a little sore from Saturday’s workout so I was pretty slow in the pool. After that I had a photography class at Stumptown Workshops. I chose “Studio Lighting” for my class.


It was really interesting and helped me with some of my lighting questions. I don’t know that it was the most appropriate class I should have picked because it was more about how to use different studio equipment.

It was a busy weekend, but a fun one. How was your weekend?