Bar Hopping, Babies and Jello Shots

Saturday night Michael and met up with our friends Stefan and Kelly who recently had their first baby. Charlotte is tiny and adorable! She was squawking when we arrived but calmed down once she was nestled at Momma’s breast in a baby-bjorn. The five of us went to Pause–a restaurant and bar in North Portland not too far from Alberta.

I realized that last night was also Santacon! Every year I plan on participating in Santacon and every year I miss it, or forget about it. Grrrr.

Once again, I make the vow of attending Santacon NEXT YEAR. Michael and I split a Blue Cheese Bacon Burger at Pause. It was really flavorful. A little under-done to my “medium” liking but it was still delicious. There’s nothing better than blue cheese and bacon on a smokey burger.

Pause was very dimly lit, so the photos didn’t turn out quite like I’d hoped. Splitting the burger and fries with Michael was 100% the right move. I drank 2 Sierra Nevada Pale Ales with dinner.

After we parted ways with our friends Michael and I decided to drop by a dive bar on the way home. We stopped at The Yukon in Sellwood. The diviest, saddest bar in Portland (at least that I’ve been to) but we had a great time! It was nice doing something we don’t normally do. And for a short time I didn’t think about work, being angry, or being injured.

At The Yukon Tavern I drank 1 Mirror Pond Ale. Michael and I made friends with a guy at the bar. It was quite the interesting conversation. The three of us partook in JELLO SHOTS!

Would you believe that I’ve never in my life tried a jello shot before? They were quite tasty…vodka and cherry jello! YUM! Michael and I also played a few rounds of KENO. I won some money with the first round of games, but lost it the second round. Oh well, it was still fun. It was also really fun hanging out with Michael and our new friend. 😉

Someday I will win. 😉 The Yukon was a total dive bar. There was even some Domestic Drama going on at the other end of the bar. It was pretty entertaining watching drunk people fight and yell at each other loudly in public, then one would storm out of the bar, then come back, then they both tried to storm out. Drama! I’m also fascinated by the women’s bathroom at The Yukon…why per se would there be a second sink right in front of the toilet? Was there a big need for that? Did patrons barf into the sink while on the toilet? It was very bizarre.

We called it a night and made our way home. I slept in late Sunday morning and then went to the pool. I wore my heart rate monitor swimming for the first time in months. I usually don’t wear it swimming because my calories burned don’t vary much.  Last time I wore it a few times I was holding strong at 350 calories burned each swim session. I was pleasantly surprised this morning to see that I’m burning a little more!

Gym Stats:


Calories Burned: 407

Activity: Swimming

I was slower this morning in the pool than I was on Friday. I reached the Half Mile mark at 18 minutes instead of 15. I still got in a great work out and had no ankle/leg/foot pain. Yay!

QUESTION: Are you a jello shot person? And have you ever participated in Santacon or Santarchy?

Bachelorette Party Eats

Michael and I ran errands (tile shopping) Saturday and while we were out, we stopped at the McMenamin’s Blue Moon restaurant for a late lunch.

All McMenamin’s are unique and kooky in their own way. The Blue Moon is in NW Portland (a yuppy area) where there’s high end boutiques, fancy restaurants, and no parking. 🙂 But McMenamin’s is pretty low-key and down to earth. We sat by the fireplace to have lunch. It was nice and quiet, romantic and the fire smelled wonderful.

Since it was pretty late and I was going out for dinner with the girls, I got a half curry tuna sandwich and a side salad with raspberry vinaigrette dressing. The sandwich was interesting…more curry and chutney than I was expecting!


I’d had a nasty headache all day that would not go away. 🙁 After lunch we went back to the house to take a nap. That didn’t help my headache, unfortunately, but I went out to the party anyways. Dinner with the girls was at Castagna Cafe in SE Portland. I ordered a Vodka tonic.

I nibbled on some bread and butter. And I ate one of the “arancini: fried risotto balls filled with fontina”. It was good!


For the entree, I ordered the pork cheeks braised in white wine and sage with carrots, pearl onions and polenta. It was absolutely delicious! The pork was so soft and it melted in my mouth. I didn’t need a knife to cut it, that’s how fantastic it was. I’d never had polenta in this form before, and it was surprisingly good too.


Even though I was pretty full, I really wanted to get dessert. The rhubarb, strawberry and almond crisp with vanilla ice cream was calling to me. I hadn’t had rhubarb anything since I was a kid and it was just as sweet and crunchy as I remember!

Rhubarb Crisp

My friend Erika got the Cocoa nib panna cotta and I had a bite of that. It was like eating pudding.

Panna Cotta

She opened some presents:

Girl Stuff

And then we headed to the Slingshot Lounge to meet up with the boys. Michael and I played a few rounds of pool.

I played pretty badly. Pool is not my game, really. If I want to suck at playing bar games, I’m much better at sucking at darts. 🙂

But Michael gave me some pointers and I started to get a little better. I ordered one more vodka tonic and that was my limit for the night. That dang headache was still hanging around. We had a great time!

QUESTION: Are you married? Did you have a crazy bachelor/bachelorette party?