The End of Tour de France

How do you stack up to the Tour de France riders? I am no where near them, that’s where! Here are some excerpts from that article:


Pretty amazing stats, huh? How do you compare to that list? Watching the Tour de France the last few weeks has really inspired me to get better on the bike. The Tour de France is officially over for 2011. There were a lot of exciting moments, a car crash, amazing views of France and some drama in the peloton.

Starting Saturday trailing Andy Schleck by 57 seconds, Australian Cadel Evans produced a “masterful performance”  in the 42.5km time trial to seize a 1:34 advantage. It really is a sweet story of Cadel Evan’s rise to glory! “Over the years, Evans has been better known for failing to live up to expectations than for overachieving.” So this win really IS  a story of perseverance, patience and hard work. It says if we stay steady, working towards our goals, we can accomplish whatever our desire is. Whether it’s a bike race, losing weight, going back to school, anything.

Andy, Cadel, Frank

”Cadel was the best of the Tour and he deserved to win,” Andy Schleck said. ”Second isn’t bad, and my brother was on the podium too. I’ll be back to win this Tour. We have a date for next year.”

The Tour de France is over, the training for the Portland Century is ramping up, and it’s nice to be home after a lovely weekend camping. While the food was excellent at my family reunion, it’s nice to be home eating my normal food again! Our diet may seem pretty plain but it works for us and eating lots of veggies makes me feel good. Too much gluttony just makes me feel bad.

When I got home on Sunday I had a quick moment to check my garden. The lettuce is even bigger. Plus the zucchini went from being “sort of good” to “holy shit there’s TONS of zucchini!” Like seriously. I harvested a few that had to be picked asap.


Anyone need zucchini?? Dinner was grilled zucchini fresh from our garden.

My friend Star also left us some special bean soup she made. It’s a Navajo recipe she highly recommended we try. She left us some when she checked in on the kitties while we were away (and by “checking in” I mean spoiling them rotten with catnip and shrimp!).

The soup was hearty and delicious. The corn made it sweet. I also made us a fresh salad from our garden.

It was a simple meal and didn’t take long, but that worked well since we have no groceries in the house. I loved the fresh zucchini from our garden! It was slightly sweet. I need to find some more recipes for using up all the zucchini we’ll have this summer.

QUESTION: How do you “detox” after a weekend of indulging? Did you see the finish of the Tour de France?