ITB pain

Losing Faith

I’m beginning to lose faith in Western and Eastern Medicine.

I had another follow-up appointment with a sports medicine doctor this morning. The guy I was seeing left the practice so I had to see a new person today. I was okay with that because second opinions are never a bad thing.

She went through my history, my injury, what I’ve been doing to rehab it and she gave me some new exercises I can do specifically for my IT band. That’s cool…but other than that it was yet another waste of time in my opinion.

I’d finally decided to be opened minded about a cortisone shot. Last visit my doc and I discussed it as an option in the future if I didn’t improve. I was wary but open to it. I’d gotten a cortisone shot in my ankle years ago and it gave me 9 pain-free months.

For the last month since my knee flared-up again I’ve remained at 3 miles only when I run and not running fast. I’ve been okay with that. At least it’s running. And at least my pain is minimal. But I want to get back to bike riding (seriously) and I want to be able to hike again.

The sports doc I saw this morning didn’t think a cortisone shot was a good idea. I got upset. I felt like I had wasted sick time at work to go in and pay for an office visit to get the same handouts on how to stretch. Seriously?

And another thing–if I have one more doctor DISMISS me and my injury as a “Oh you’re 31 and a runner? That’s why” I am going to officially lose it. That is NOT okay. That is NOT a diagnosis. Don’t dismiss, practice medicine and help me.

I expressed my frustration with her (and others) dismissing my injury because of my age. I saw there is NO reason that at 31–in the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE–I should just settle for the “I’m old and my body is going to hurt” thing. That’s not acceptable to me. She said that it’s not necessary the age but the wear and tear of the body by a the 30’s…like professional athletes who retire at 36 because of injuries. As much as I work out I am nowhere near a professional athlete and there’s no way my body is just breaking down at 31 because of that. Ridiculous argument. Should I just quit everything and get a WALKER?

She did say one leg is a little longer than the other and could be causing my problems. After a bunch of testing she sent me home with a 3 millimeter heel lift in my left shoe. I hope that helps because I’m done with these appointments.

If Western Medicine and Eastern Medicine is out…is there a third option? I’m ready to try something else!

Rewinding a bit…Before my doctor appointment I went to the gym for another AM workout. It was a lovely experience. I “slept in” until 6:15 or so, had a few bites of plain Greek yogurt and headed to the gym. It was dark, freezing cold out and my car was covered in ice but it was a nice experience. The place was empty and I ran a faster 3 miles than normal and shaved about 4 or 5 minutes off my time.

After my run (it was pain free so I am blessed in that aspect) I did some core work and then had plenty of time to lift weights. I wasn’t rushed like I was last week during my morning workout.

It was nice and casual; a stress-free experience. I enjoyed my tunes and wasn’t worried about the time.

Gym Stats:

Time: 1:23

Calories Burned: 609

I headed home and made a Power Breakfast. I was determined to not be starving all day like last week.

Power Breakfast:

2 Scrambled Eggs with a splash of 1% milk

1/2 serving of shredded Colby Jack cheese

1 serving black beans

Chopped green onion

Pinch of Cumin

I didn’t take a photo of it because it was a REALLY unattractive color. I think it was the black beans that turned the eggs such an unappealing shade but I don’t want to share that with you. The bottom line: the breakfast worked. I was full and satisfied all morning until I got to work at noon.

I was alert all morning, not groggy or tired and didn’t need coffee. The morning workouts are kind of a bonus I think. I LOVED working out at the gym when it wasn’t packed, loud and annoying. I wish I was a morning person….

I’m trying to be positive. The positives are that I can run 3 miles. If I never run more than that, I guess that’s how it will be. At least I can do some. Another positive: I had a great workout and now have my evening free to do whatever I want (marathon of Big Love perhaps?)!

QUESTION: What’s something you are losing faith in lately?

A Moment of Brilliance

When it comes to figuring out when the best times to go to the gym are, I’m like a ninja with my skills.

When are people in church? I’ll be in the gym. Is there a big TV event going on? I think I’ll head to the pool instead…So when I realized that Monday night was THE.BIG.GAME. I knew I’d have to go to the gym to hopefully workout in peace!

I’m not a fan of football at all. I’m sure that will upset a lot of fans but it’s just not my sport. If I was going to watch sports I’d much rather watch hockey or basketball.Β  While I’m not a football fan and I’m not even from Oregon, I did hope that Oregon was successful in the “Big Game”. I just didn’t need to watch it.

If I had been home with Michael, we would have had a fire in the fireplace and I’d be reading a book. πŸ™‚

But since I’m a ninja, I went to the gym. And it paid off! The places was EMPTY. I kid you not. I have proof:

I don’t know the last time I ever saw the gym this empty. It was awesome. I ran my 3.25 miles on the treadmill. I didn’t have pain in my knee while I was running but afterward it immediately felt really stiff.

My time wasn’t too bad for the medium pace I ran. Β I’m glad that I’ve broken the 3 mile threshold. And this morning I felt no pain or stiffness in my knee or leg, so that’s also a good sign.

After my run I headed to the weight room and it was also empty.

Despite the weight room being almost completely empty the ONE machine I really love was taken. The whole time I lifted weights. How funny is that? I finally gave up on that machine (the Pec Fly) and did everything else.

I had some good tunes playing, free reign of the machines, and no schedule pressing me to hurry. I took my time. I’ve been slowly incorporating some leg weights into my routine but I’m taking it easy. I don’t want to push my knee too far too soon.

Monday night normally would be a rest day, and honestly I think mentally I needed it. But I’m glad I took advantage of the empty gym.

Gym Stats:

Time: 1:26

Calories Burned: 610

I went home and found my neighborhood street packed with cars. I think every house was having a Duck party. πŸ™‚

Michael had a friend over for dinner and the game and I lucked out getting home just as they were fixing it. I snagged myself a bratwurst too and watched a little bit the game. The score was pretty close for awhile.

I left the boys to watch their foosball and I retreated to the bedroom to watch an episode of Criminal Minds and relax. I slathered some of this ointment on my leg to give it a try:

I’m not sure if it did much. Fat Kitty joined me while I read my book. I was only interrupted a few times by screaming boys in the living room and even screaming people out on my street!

It was a good night!

QUESTION: Did you watch “The Big Game?” And if you’re a gym rat like me, what’s a normal lower body workout for you?