What If….I Hadn’t Gotten Injured

Over the weekend I started to fantasize about how my life would be different if I hadn’t gotten injured back in September.

If I hadn’t gotten injured a week after I ran Hood to Coast, I would have immediately begun my Half Marathon training. And it would have been aggressive training, too. I would have taken that 7 days off from running Hood to Coast and then immediately start training–no break.

I would have had to live, eat, breath, dream and think about the Half. I had my sights set on the Vegas Half. Both Michael and I had been longing to return to Vegas and I wanted nothing more than to run down the strip.

Vegas Marathon

Of course, getting to Vegas for the Half would present other challenges. For example, I’d want to drink:

And stay up late gambling:

Then I’d have to stumble to the Starting line to run 13.1 miles. πŸ˜‰ Sounds likeΒ  a great plan, right? I’d also be in debt from plane tickets, Vegas hotels, and of course an expensive dinner at Craftsteak!

So returning back to Portland with my Medal for running the Half, a credit card bill and happy memories…I would have then started training for the Eugene Half Marathon.

Eugene Marathon

After the Eugene Half Marathon I’d be then trying to cram into 2 months a year’s worth of training on the bike because my priority of 2011 would be running–not cycling. Then I would do the Portland Century bike ride.

If I hadn’t gotten injured, I would not have started weight lifting. My body would be just as soft and squishy as it was after Hood to Coast. I definitely would not have any definition in my arms and shoulders like this:

I’d also weigh about 8-10 pounds heavier than I do now.Β  I lost a nice amount of weight when I stopped running and switched to weight lifting.

I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we have a plan in mind of how we want things to work out. Then something happens to shake it all up and remind us that we really CAN’T plan everything out.

Honestly I was getting a little overly focused on training and racing. Everything was about training for a race. That high is pretty addicting. Instead of working out for fun, or doing things I liked like swimming, hiking, etc all of my workouts were running. I’m pretty sure I was going to end up injured following that path.

Despite being frustrated with my body, getting injured actually ended up being a blessing in disguise. I found a love of weight lifting I never thought possible. I’ve also found some peace in my life in regards to working out. I realized I need to workout because I LIKE it. Not because I’m training for something.

In everything I’ve taken on in my life I’ve learned a positive lesson out of it. This time? I realized that I am much stronger than I thought. In the past I would have been depressed and sad about not running. Sure I have my moments but most of the time I feel like I gained something positive in my life instead of focusing on the negatives.

QUESTION: What is a scenario you’ve recently experienced that turned out to be a positive in disguise?

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  1. I’m glad you’re seeing it this way. (Of course, now I just want to go to Vegas)

    Losing my job is a blessing in disguise even though I haven’t fully been able to realize the blessing yet. I was reminded it was a blessing when a former co-worker texted me this morning to tell me she’d given notice (she’s the second to leave since April when I was fired), and what the boss had said to her. Anyway, being unemployed gave me the time to be with our ill cat before he died and shift focus onto other things. I’m so loyal that I would never have left on my own.

    I’m so glad you can seeing the blessing! I can see it from here!

    1. Thanks Tiffany!

      You make a great point about the job thing…I’ve rarely left a job until it got so bad that I HAD to leave. I always need that extra “push” to leave and every time I have left it turned out to be a great thing…better job, more money, more experiences, etc. Sometimes bad things turn out to be good things. It’s just hard to see it at the time!

  2. Oh man — injuries can be SO frustrating. I’m new to your blog so I didn’t know about yours. I got injured about a year ago (!) and haven’t been able to do any good running since.

    But you’re so right — I’ve gotten into core fusion, I’ve tried swimming, I went back to walking a ton, which I had stopped… there must be a reason for everything, and it all worked out in the end!

      1. You know, I don’t think we’ve talked about it yet (and I’m very behind the times re:Twitter…. not there yet!). It’s a knee tracking thing… I’ve been round and around to physical therapy but it’s just not getting better yet. I’ve kind of come to terms with it this winter and have rededicated myself to finding different work outs.

  3. As I claw my way out of my injury, I am realizing more and more that injuries are the body’s way of forcing us to do something different. We can either A) whine about it and try to get sympathy on Twitter (which I see way too many people doing), or B) Do something different. I actually just hit publish on an injury talking about how injuries are also wake-up calls to not take running for granted.

  4. Glad you are looking at the injury in a positive light!

    I think losing one of my jobs is probably a good thing in disguise. I don’t quite see the end result yet, but I definitely like that the vibe from that place is no longer with me.

    When I got hurt last year, it was good in a way because I was able to learn that I could keep the weight off even if I couldn’t exercise. That was a good thing to learn.

  5. Oh, you KNOW I relate to every bit of this post πŸ™‚ Sounds like you’re at peace with how it all turned out, and I’m slowly following your lead. Keep up your great attitude & I’ll try to follow!

  6. I am so glad you found the positive in that because too often do we dwell on the “what if’s”. My biggest awakening was realizing that it was good that I took a few years off from college. Even though I am bummed to be so much older than everyone else in my classes, and sans degrees to my friends, I feel like i gained a lot in that time off and wouldn’t be where i was today if I hadn’t done that!

  7. I love this post Lisa! Training for endurance races really takes up so much physical and mental energy, leaving you with little left for other things. I think you have a great outlook on the situation, seeing it as a positive that led you to weight train and get more toned!

  8. Sorry you got injured, but our bodies just aren’t spring chickens anymore. πŸ™‚

    However, I am glad you found weight lifting! I love it, nothing like feeling the strength in my body the ability to fly through pushups and the muscles in my arms WOOWWAAA!!

  9. What a great perspective!

    I injured my toe a week before a really important race. I cried all day. Then I realized how overwhelmed I was with training and my kids and life. It was a good way for me to be still for a while. πŸ™‚

  10. I absolutely and whole heartedly believe things happen for a reason!!

    I can’t go into detail, but my family is suffering from a pretty major tragedy right now… and the positive is that it has brought our estranged sister closer to all of us again – which is amazing. <3

    I also believe positive thinking is a powerful thing – it isn't always easy, but it can be hugely beneficial to our health.

    I am so glad you are seeing the injury for the positives it brings πŸ™‚

  11. Losing some clients over the last two years was a hard blow to my pride and also to my pocketbook (or so I thought). After the initial anguish, we realized that life had just become that much better. We got along fine without the extra income, those particular clients had been horrible soul stealers and a huge pressure was released from our hearts and shoulders, we started having much more free time to enjoy life and our children πŸ™‚ and it gave the opportunity to play around with new ideas on how we want to live our lives and what work/career will mean to us in the future.

    It was a huge blessing in disguise! Huge!

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