HTC Training Dilemma

I have a training dilemma that I’m hoping my lovely readers can help with!

I’m currently training for Hood to Coast–which is in about 8 days. I have 2 more scheduled runs before I taper off in preparation for the race.

  • I’d hoped to get in two runs in one day (morning and then again at night) to practice for Hood to Coast.
  • I ran yesterday and today I ran again at lunch. Do I run tonight after work?
  • Or do I skip it and just run a long run this weekend? (Like 7-9 miles.)

What do you all think? I’m unsure of how to proceed.

Today’s run at lunch was much cooler than yesterday’s. Like by 20 degrees cooler! It was 68 degrees when I went for my run at lunch today and boy did it feel much better.

It was overcast today and it felt good during my run. Even though I ran yesterday, I didn’t feel sore or stiff at all and had no pain during my run! Yay for no pain!

Today’s Stats:

Time: 31:12

Calories Burned: 435

Lately I’ve been having dizzy spells. No idea why. I’ve had some theories and decided to just go to the doctor yesterday and make sure everything was A-Okay before Hood to Coast next week.

She checked my blood pressure sitting, laying down and standing. I was worried my blood pressure might be too low (the complete opposite of the high blood pressure I suffered from at 250 pounds!). It was in the normal range though.

Blood Pressure: 115/70

Pulse: 66


She did an array of tests and neurological tests. She said I was healthy and that most likely the acne medication I take is the cause of the dizziness. It’s a diuretic and it can mess up the fluid levels in my body which in turn can cause inner ear issues which in turn cause dizziness! Grrr. But at least I know I am medically cleared to kick ass at Hood to Coast!

I also asked my doctor about the random cramps I have when running. I showed her where they usually are and said it was random and not consistent (and the cramps change sides). She said that for women, that cramping happens a lot. She said our uteruses are basically attached to our bodies by ligaments and the uterus can move around when running. She said that can cause cramping and it’s just part of being a woman runner. What crap!! Not only do women runners have to deal with this issue, we also are more prone to IT Band issues because of our hips. Epic Fail. πŸ™

While I was waiting in the office, I saw a poster and really liked the saying on it.

“Healthy, strong bodies come in all shapes and sizes!” Very wise words!

QUESTION: What’s the answer to my dilemma?

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  1. I’ve never trained for a relay event like that but I HAVE done double runs before (never a TRIPLE) and really enjoyed it! I like splitting up my mileage throughout the day like that.

    Don’t run TOO much though or you’ll risk injury πŸ™‚ Good luck!

  2. Do you need that long run? I know there is that impulse to go-go-go right near a big event, but the event itself is the most important thing and one run really and truly is not going to make or break your performance on that day at this stage of the game. Unless you hurt yourself.

    1. Yea…I’m torn. I wanted to increase my mileage slowly this year–which I’ve done fairly slowly. I think one long run this weekend will be ok. Next week is my taper so I won’t over do it.

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