bike ride in summer

I Needed The Ride

Wednesday was really my Friday because I had another short week. I like taking extra long weekends in the summer to take short trips. I did not sleep well Tuesday night. I got some really bad news right before I went to bed and struggled to fall asleep. The daughter of a coworker of mine was hit by a car and in very very critical condition. I also heard bad news about another coworker that has been battling cancer since Thanksgiving…all night I slept fitfully, thinking about them both.

My morning ride on Wednesday was a good distraction. For a short period of time I was able to clear my mind from the sadness.  I drove to the Park n’ Ride and set out into the early morning sunshine. It was a really nice ride.

I sprinted up the short but steep hill to the Springwater trail. It felt good to work it all out.

I biked through Sellwood and headed down to the Springwater Trail along the water. The sun was bright and I did not need my jacket at all. I stopped at this scenic spot by the water and shed layers of clothing. I felt much better!

I decided not to take the Hawthorne Bridge and instead I biked passed OMSI and headed North on the Eastside Esplanade. I went down the ramps to the Steel Bridge. I liked it much better than going over the Hawthorne. The only downside: the floating bridge has these big bumps that hurt my butt!

Going the Steel Bridge way added about an extra mile to morning commute.

I crossed over to the west side of the loop and headed into work. It was a nice morning ride, not too crowded on the trails, and the sun was warm. It was a good distraction from things that were on my mind.

Morning Commute:

Time: 44 minutes
Calories Burned: 356
Distance: 8.43 miles

It was a really good ride and I felt refreshed and upbeat. Until I got to work and got more bad news. 🙁



Wednesday was a hard day emotionally. The coworker with cancer passed away.  I’m glad she was surrounded by her friends and family at the end but it was a shock. She was a force before she got cancer: feisty and strong and fierce! My other coworker’s daughter was not doing well either. All day I just wanted to be on the bike. I was distracted at work, sad, and just emotionally exhausted and ready to go home.

I was so glad when quittin’ time came. I gratefully headed out into the sunshine. I biked a few blocks to the waterfront and passed the Sternwheeler boat.

I took the long way around, crossing the Steel Bridge, enjoying the sunshine and headed down the eastside of the esplanade.

It was about 82 degrees out on my ride home, not miserably hot, but hot. And the breeze was even HOT. I pedaled and pedaled, enjoying the sunshine and the ride. And the distraction.

I biked on the Springwater, through Sellwood and decided to keep going toward Johnson Creek.

I was feeling good on my ride, but toward the end it started to feel like I was riding through Jell-o. My legs had to really push it. I turned around just before Johnson Creek and rode to the car.

I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. Unfortunately it was filled with sadness. I got back to the car and loaded up my bike. Michael’s dad and stepmom were coming into town from Texas so I had a short amount of time to get home and shower and change before dinner. I was so glad I got to ride though! I needed it!

Afternoon Stats:
Time: 47 minutes
Calories Burned: 387
Distance: 9.68

Total Distance for the Day: 18.11 miles! I wish I could have biked to work one more time this week to sneak in some more mileage but I think this weekend Michael and I will try to fit in a long ride so it will be okay.

QUESTION: Do you mind the heat when riding your bike?



Update: Thursday morning my coworker’s daughter passed away. Please keep Kayla and Flo in your thoughts and prayers, if you pray. My heart is breaking for their families.