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One Sunny Day

I changed things up a little bit on Tuesday’s commute to work. I parked on the other side of Sellwood, to lengthen my bike ride a little bit. I knew it would only add a few extra minutes, but I was okay with that.

Because I was lengthening my ride, I didn’t stop at all. I peddled like mad and my heart rate definitely increased. At one point there was a guy right on my tail while I road through the detour around OMSI. It was rather annoying. I wanted to yell at him to pass me. I knew he was drafting off me, but I don’t know you dude, stop drafting off me. It was just creepy. I mean I’m a girl riding all alone the last thing I want is some strange guy riding my tail.

I eventually lost him because I started peddling really hard. He just made me uncomfortable. If it was Michael drafting off me, or a stranger in a race, that’s one thing.

I crossed the Hawthorne Bridge in no time at all and was on my way to work.

I somehow shaved almost 8 minutes off my time! I’m guessing it is because I didn’t stop at all and I pedaled faster than normal because I was worried about having a longer ride and being late.

Ride Stats:

Time: 30 minutes

Calories Burned: 255

Miles Biked: 5.9

Almost 6 miles! It was a great ride in, even being a little bit on the cold side. I wore my new gloves too.

They have extra gel padding on the palms, which is nice because my old gloves were losing their padding.


For lunch on Tuesday I had a Trader Joe’s frozen Indian food meal. I’ve had it for a few weeks but I didn’t realize when I bought it that it had 500 calories in it! The package was deceptive: at first glance it said 250 calories but there’s two servings in it! It wasn’t larger than the other Trader Joe’s frozen meal I bought, so I didn’t think it would be two servings.

Sneaky! I brought it for lunch on Tuesday because I could justify eating 500 calories for lunch after riding twice in one day.

It was a yummy dish but I wouldn’t buy it again simply because of the calorie count. I’ll stick with the chicken one I usually buy because it’s around 330 calories for the whole thing.

It’s a beautiful, sunny day in Portland. I hope my ride home is nice and easy!

QUESTION: Do you think there’s etiquette in regards to drafting? Would you ever draft a solo rider you don’t know, or am I being weird about it?


Reach the Beach is this Saturday. Today is Thursday. I am so excited!

Reach the Beach

After months of training, flat tires, bike crashes, sore butts, sore bodies, one sunburn, and fund-raising….the ride is almost here!

This is where we will be sometime Saturday evening:

Haystack Rock

Feet sunk into the sand, bodies tired but happy, and stomachs full of food. YAY! The weather is predicted to be sunny and 75 degrees. I couldn’t be happier!

In preparation of the ride, I will not be exercising today or tomorrow. I got a massage last night to loosen up my legs. Tomorrow night I will clean my bike and pack my GUs.

During lunch today I took a slow stroll to Northwest Portland to get some new biking gloves. It’s absolutely gorgeous outside and HOT. I walked by Powell’s Books.

Powell's City of Books

And Deschutes Brewery Pub:

I Want Beer

I wonder why Portland is named the #2 Biking City in America?

Typical Downtown Corner

I made it to REI in Northwest to do some shopping.


After trying on a bunch of different brands, I settled on this:

Padded Cycling Gloves

I’ve never heard of this brand but they felt good and had decent padding. They were $25. More expensive than I’d planned to spend, but we’re down to the wire now. I headed back to the office.


QUESTION: What is something you are anticipating?