lunch out

No Rotten Tomatoes

Sunday I thankfully slept in and woke up without any soreness from Saturday’s 40 mile ride! After a swim and some errands, I met Michael and some friends at Papa Haydn’s for lunch. We luckily got to sit outside on their patio next to the garden. It was another gorgeous day out and the al fresco dining was really nice.

I ordered the grilled chicken club sandwich with a salad. The sandwich came with slices of avocado, tomato, bacon and an aioli sauce. It was delicious and filling.

After lunch Michael and I drove to Wilsonville to go to the Larsen Family Nursery. It was a nice drive through the countryside, through rolling hills, passed mansions with gorgeous barns, horse ranches and nurseries. Larsen Nursery was easy to find and they had tons of beautiful plants! It was easy to get distracted but we were on a mission.

Michael bought a Groupon for the nursery and we had $50 to spend on stuff for our veggie garden! (Total came to $55. Not bad!)

We got so many great things! The nursery was really nice and all the plants and veggies there looked healthy and thriving. That’s a good start considering that some of my lettuce at home was destroyed. πŸ™ I spent a few hours in the yard planting the veggies. I got several different types of tomatoes, a zucchini, acorn squash, onions and lots and lots of lettuce:

I also got another basil plant (sweet Basil this time) just in case the slugs completely destroyed my other basil plant.

I also got some herbs: oregano, cilantro and some strawberries that I put in a big pot.

I sprinkled the Sluggo around the new plants and refilled the beer traps for the slugs. Check it out! I have TOMATOES!!!

I am sooo excited to see some things starting to bloom. It gives me a little confidence that maybe I am in fact doing something right with my garden. I hope that everything grows well enough so that Michael and I can actually eat our crops. πŸ˜‰ After a long day, we enjoyed a quick and easy dinner.

The Johnsonville bratwursts are really tasty–especially the kind I bought this time. LOVE the cheddar and jalapeno dogs! The steamed beans turned out great too. I wish I could have planted some bean plants in our garden but I’m not sure that we have the room this year. Next year, we definitely will have room!

After dinner we went to the movies to see X-Men (another Groupon purchase!). The movie was pretty good–with only a few cheesy parts.

QUESTION: What’s growing in your garden? And how do you harvest the plants you’ve grown? Anyone have some good gardening blogs they can recommend?

Smith Rock

Monday morning I had planned on swimming in the hotel’s indoor lap pool before we headed back to Portland but when I woke up I just didn’t feel like it. I decided to relax instead. We went down to the continental breakfast and I had French Toast (yum) and yogurt with granola and pineapple.

We packed up the car and headed out. I would have liked to go back up to Mt. Bachelor again for one last snowshoe…especially since the sun was FINALLY out! A rain-free snowshoe wasn’t on the agenda though. We checked out the Deschutes Brewery but did not get a tour of the Brewery.

Instead, we decided to stop at Smith Rock State Park on our way back. I’d never been before and I had only seen photos online of it. It was much more magnificent in person. It was early enough in the morning that the sunlight was just right for some great photos.

The sun was out and it was gorgeous. But standing on the edge of the cliff-side it was pretty cold and windy. I saw some people camping right on the ledge too. Scary close to the edge in my opinion, but they are brave souls camping in January!

The drive back to Portland was non-eventful. When we arrived in Portland we stopped at Sckavone’s restaurant in SE Portland. I lived in the neighborhood for years but never went to Schavone’s. I was really missing out.Β  It was apparently a pharmacy back in the day. It’s now a restaurant with great food.

I got the BLT with a salad and it was perfect. Michael had the chicken sandwich with avocado and I had a bite of that. I’ve never had a chicken sandwich before but now that it’s on my radar it’s all I can think about. πŸ˜‰

It was a lovely weekend away and I had a great time!