On A Rainy Spring Day

Saturday Michael and I planned on going hiking. It’s been awhile and I was looking forward to trying a different trail I found near the house. Unfortunately, the so-called “dry” (I use quotes because dry in Oregon means the weather channel is predicting 20% chance of rain) day turned into a downpour pretty much all day. Scratch that hike!

Instead, I went to the gym for the first time in many many Saturdays. I’ve been historically going to the Warrior Room but am currently out of classes and have been too lazy to buy more. I hope to go next week. Anyway, it was kinda nice going back to the gym and doing my own workout at my own pace. I warmed up and then did some weights–incorporating some of the things I learned at the kettle bell gym. I did burpees, two-armed kettle bell swings, one-armed swings, regular squats, pushups and deadlifts. Then I went to the treadmill to do my Couch to 5k plan.

photo 5

After the gym we went out to lunch at McMenamin’s (a local restaurant chain) that was near the mall because we were going to Macy’s to register. 🙂 For lunch we split an appetizer of spinach artichoke dip (it was a small enough portion for two) and then we both ordered a salad.

photo 4-1

photo 3-1

My salad came with grilled chicken, pickled red onion, toasted hazelnuts and bleu cheese with a raspberry vinaigrette. It was really good! And it wasn’t humongous. Michael got the Cajun chicken salad with bleu cheese and bacon and tomato. I had a bite and his salad was pretty damn tasty.

After lunch we went to Macy’s to register for wedding gifts. I’d already started the process and created a registry with a few things on it just as a placeholder on our wedding website until we got around to doing it for real. I’m glad I did because it made the process much faster. We got checked in with the lady there and we were given a scanner and off we went!


It’s kind of weird registering for gifts. At our age we already own our house and have most things we need/want. Basically we selected things that have been on our wish list for awhile but haven’t splurged on it (for example: a Keurig coffeemaker, etc). There are things we already have, like Le Creuset, that is just old and beat up. So we registered to replace our less than great cookware.

photo 3

photo 4
I also added a new crockpot to the list. The one I have works great and it’s a good size but it’s old and doesn’t have a timer. I’d LOVE to have a crockpot that you can pre-set and then go to work. There are a lot of recipes (usually chicken recipes) that I don’t do because they don’t need to be cooked for 10 hours…

photo 1-1

I’m pretty happy with what we got on our list, although I will say that Macy’s was lacking some of the things we were looking for. I think Amazon will be the place to go for that. My suggestion for doing a wedding registry right is simple:

  • Eat a meal before hand and bring water with you. Being hungry and cranky is not the way to go.
  • Pre-register online to make the visit easier and quicker. 
  • Dress for shopping–meaning, you’ll probably get hot while walking around the store so don’t wear a big sweater and jacket. The less you have to carry the better. 
  • Have a list or idea of things you want to look for. The store can become really overwhelming and it’s hard to know where to start. But I’d already kind of started a list of things we definitely wanted on the list (like a new kitchen garbage can, a wine rack, etc) and that helped narrow things down.

After an hour we went downstairs to check out the furniture section. Some of those Lazy-Boy chairs were sooo nice! I told Michael we couldn’t get any though because we’d never do anything ever again. We’d just lay back in those chairs….

photo 1-1

We did find one dining room set that we both liked a lot and wasn’t ridiculously expensive (or embarrassing to be add to a wedding registry). We looked at beds and bedding and found some things we liked but things that weren’t EXACTLY what we were looking for so we skipped it. One of the comforter sets we LOVED was this one:

photo 2-1
I scanned it and then we decided to delete it. Even though the red was sexy and the sheets were super soft, I realized that red was probably NOT the color to have in the bedroom when you want to relax and go to sleep. Something soft and gentle is probably better–sage green, creamy yellow, soft blue…Oh well! The search continues.

It was a fun day and the registry only took about two hours. Any longer than that and I think I would have made bad decisions! The nice thing about doing it at the store is that you can touch things and see if it’s really what you want (like towels) and then you can delete things at home after you’ve had time to think about everything.

What were your favorite wedding gifts?

February On The Couch

Remember last week when I talked about being burned out? Yeah, I ended up getting sick! Last Wednesday, after a week of feeling unusual muscle soreness and lethargy (that I attributed to winter depression and stress) I realized I was getting sick. I went to the Warrior Room for a Isolation/Tabata class and it was such a struggle. I’ve never struggled that much in a class before. I was tired, felt weak and my heart rate would not recover. My muscles were failing. I realized when I got home that I was probably getting sick.

It happened so fast. Within about 4 hours of getting home from the gym I felt sick–swollen glands, sinus pain, the whole thing. Yep, I was sick. I ended up getting a head cold and was home sick Thursday and Friday. I felt like total crap! I was drinking Emergen-C, doing the Neti Pot thing 3x a day (gross), sucking on echinacea and zinc lozenges. Thankfully I also had another blogger friend who was also down with the sickness who was playing Words With Friends with me. Deb is awesome. We usually have about 2 games going at once and we’re pretty evenly matched. The scores often come down to 5-25 point differences.

Even so, I feel like I’ve spent most of February on the couch. First with being snowed in and now with this cold. I’m so ready for warmer weather and better health! On Thursday night Michael brought home some Thai food for dinner. When I get a cold all I want is spicy food.

photo 1

He went to Buathong Thai. I got the spicy cashew dish with tofu. It was loaded with vegetables. I loved it! It was so tasty, not overly greasy and the cashews added some great crunch to the dish. It came with jasmine rice. Even though it said it was “spicy” it wasn’t spicy so I added a ton of sriracha to it. It really hit the spot.

One good thing about laying on the couch all day long was that I had company! Fat Kitty came out and Bella laid down at my feet. All three of us fell asleep on the couch for a good hour. It made me smile that the beasts were getting along. 🙂

photo 3

photo 2
Valentine’s Day was pretty much cancelled since I was sick. Kind of a bummer, but oh well. We already had massages scheduled and I was happy we didn’t cancel them. The massage felt so good–my sore, achy muscles felt a lot better afterward. I went to sleep right after the massage and ended up sleeping for 12 hours! Apparently that’s what I needed!

Unfortunately while I was starting to feel better, Michael got sick. It hit him a lot harder–fever, cough. It’s now Tuesday and he’s still pretty sick! 🙁

By Sunday I was feeling a million times better. I went swimming and it was fine–I hadn’t lost any swimming fitness, it wasn’t hard, it was all the same. But afterward? I was exhausted. I could have used a nap. I think I went back to the normal routine too early. Oh well, lesson learned. Monday I treated myself to a pedicure (after 6 months of not having one!) and just read my book while I got it. It was nice and relaxing.

Then I picked up my wedding dress! I went to the seamstress’s house for a fitting. She’d adjust the straps, fixed the ripped hem and also added an inch to the back panel. All easy fixes. The dress was from a used wedding boutique and I have no issues with buying a used dress. Now I just need to get it cleaned and sealed until the wedding.

I’m ready to feel better and get back to normal!