10 Things About Me

Confession: totally loved the movie “Ten Things I Hate About You” but that’s not what this post is about. The lovely Shelby tagged me and since her blog is in my top 5 favorites, I had to do it.

1. I hate mushrooms. Period. Will never eat them. Hate the texture, the flavors, the concept. Everything about them grosses me out. Same with tequila. Not related.

2. I’m a linear person and I’m also very direct. I struggle a great deal with communicating with people who are not linear. I want lists, bullet points, direct answers. I struggle with this a lot and wish I could be better.

3. I used to be able to watch scary movies. I LOVED them. Now? They give me nightmares for a week. Example: recently watched the first episode of “American Horror Story” and I swear to Goddess I had nightmares for 3 nights in a row and was totally afraid of the dark.

4. Which leads me to #4–CREEPY CHILDREN terrify me. The scariest part of any horror movie for me is a demonic, possessed, evil or creepy child. No idea why.

5. I used to love baking and did it a lot. I was really good at it too. I miss creating delicious desserts. But, I don’t trust myself to bake something and not eat all of it myself, so I just avoid it all together.

6. I chew gum when I run. It feels weird to run without it.

7. I love roulette. It’s my favorite Vegas game. I play just for fun, I have no illusions of winning. I don’t really play the same numbers each round, I just go with my gut. I win enough to keep playing. That’s about it!

8. I LOVE Scrabble. I play Words with Friends because I love it. For me, it’s about the words. For most other people (especially Michael) it’s a math game, to make words that have the highest points and play offensively to block the other person from good spots. I don’t really play like that, even though I should.

9. I feel like I’m “nesting” lately. I have no idea why. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older. Maybe it’s the dark Fall weather. Lately I just want to spend my time watching movies, TV shows, bake and cook new recipes. Weird.

10. Sometimes it would be nice to be known for something other than losing 110 pounds.

Okay, tagging Lori, Beth, Samantha, Tina and Jill!

QUESTION: Want to share something about yourself?


Check one off the Bucket List!

It sounds like the Hood to Coast movie was a roaring success! I’m seeing lots of bloggers and people on Twitter inspired to run a relay race. Well if you’re new to my blog, check out my Hood to Coast Recaps here:

You can read the adventure of 197 Miles in order and I’m sure it will inspire you to try a relay race (or any kind of running race). Just be careful of injuries. I know from experience.

Hood to Coast- Leg 12

Since I didn’t have tickets to see the movie, I had a low-key night at home. Michael and I made fajita salads for dinner.

The flank steak is good for making fajitas. Michael made his awesome guacamole. As a compromise we decided to make salads instead of traditional fajitas in tortillas. I knew I’d eat a lot of guacamole and wanted to save a few calories to splurge on it.

Lots and lots of garlic.

I could really just eat an entire meal of just guacamole and tortilla chips. 😉

I made the salad part. Shredded lettuce (a mixture of spinach and green leaf lettuce) and topped it with some cheese and the guacamole.

Michael took care of the steak and the peppers and onions.

Since I’m a sour cream junkie, I topped my salad with two servings of Light Sour Cream.

Michael and I recently had a debate about horror movies. In his opinion Jaws is THE scariest horror movie of all time. His rational is that since Jaws is about a man-eating shark it could totally happen in real life therefore it’s the scariest.

I can see his reasoning behind that but in my opinion the scariest movie is either Poltergeist or The Exorcist.

I think those two movies are by far the scariest. As someone raised a Catholic I totally believe in spirits and the afterlife. That’s probably part of why I think they are scary. Even though I’m not Catholic I still believe in the possibility of an afterlife.

I haven’t a movie as scary as those two as an adult. I’ve heard that Paranormal Activity is pretty scary but I haven’t seen it yet.

QUESTION: What do you think the scariest movie of all time is? Why?