Sweet Potatoes, Part Deux

After my Legs and Abs workout at the gym it was dinner time. Thankfully! I was so hungry yesterday. I have no idea what prompted it (hibernation weather?). I was out of car snacks so I restocked small snack bags of Raisin Bran cereal and pretzels to keep in my car.

Michael made turkey burgers for dinner. It’s been quite a while since we’ve had turkey burgers. Last night’s were delicious. He added chopped jalapenos and shredded white cheddar to the patties.

Over the weekend I picked up some onion hamburger buns (190 calories each). I was in charge of prepping the buns. Michael grilled the patties in the skillet.

Saturday night Michael and I made a remarkable dinner. Β The sweet potato fries we made were probably the best thing I’ve eaten in a long time. I picked up (what I thought) more sweet potatoes at the store to do it again.

What the heck did I buy? Did I accidentally pick up yams instead of sweet potatoes? They definitely weren’t as good as Saturday’s night’s creation. πŸ™

Michael coated the fries in Grapeseed oil, sprinkled salt and pepper, paprika and garlic powder. We basically recreated the exact recipe as Saturday. The fries weren’t very flavorful. I am so confused!

After the stressful gym session, I poured myself a glass of Chardonnay. It really hit the spot.

Even though I’m disappointed about the fries, the burgers were great.

Dinner was a good one, even if the fries weren’t as sweet as before. They were still by far better than plain ol’ fries!

I must have been just worn out last night. I feel asleep immediately (which is strange because I have insomnia). Just as I fell asleep, this little gargoyle jumped on my head:

Michael says I woke up, yelled at the cat for jumping on my head, and then immediately fell back asleep. πŸ˜‰

This morning I woke up after a solid 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep (awesome) to find Fat Kitty snuggled underneath the blankets spooning me and purring. Awwwwww!

Michael surprised me with a creative new breakfast:

Scrambled eggs with pigs n’ a blanket! He used the crescent rolls and wrapped them around a turkey sausage link! It was awesome. Good invention, Michael!

It was a great way to start the day: flaky, warm, freshly baked crescent rolls. YUM….

QUESTION: What the heck did I buy? Sweet potatoes or yams or what?

Craving Sweets

Monday I was home on a pre-approved vacation day. I was feeling much better and actually made it through the whole day without needing cold medicine! Progress!

Since I was home, I cleaned the house, ran errands, and bought a pumpkin.

And no I haven’t carved it yet (as my friends on Facebook pointed out to me…I suck at pumpkin carving. ;))

Since I was home and Michael was at work all day, I fixed dinner. We had some tiny sweet potatoes that a friend gave me from her garden. We had to eat them or toss them.

They were tiny potatoes, so I decided we’d cook them all. I brushed Grapeseed Oil onto the skin.

I put the sweet potatoes in the oven at 350 degrees a few minutes before the salmon while I got everything else ready.

Two defrosted salmons from Costco. Seasoned with salt and pepper. Then I mixed together Dijon Mustard and brown sugar:

Whisked together it becomes similar to a honey mustard. Then I poured it on each salmon.

I wrapped the salmon loosely in foil and then popped them into the oven with the potatoes.

Baked for about 20-25 minutes. While dinner was cooking, I made salads for us to eat. My salad:

Michael’s salad was all baby spinach instead of a mixture of spinach and green leaf lettuce. He also had bacon and blue cheese crumbles on his salad:

Then dinner was served.

Even though the sweet potatoes were tiny, I guess I should have baked them a little longer. Parts of them weren’t quite cooked all the way. Good thing we each had two. There was enough cooked in each one to make one potato. πŸ˜‰

It was a good combination. The sweetness of the honey mustard glaze went well with the sweet potatoes.

Thank you all for all the great questions on yesterday’s post!Β  I saw a common theme among a lot of questions: How do I handle cravings?

The answer is simple: I give in to most cravings.

The secret: I do it in moderation.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: denying myself of things is a recipe for disaster. So I follow the 90/10 Rule. 90% of the time I eat everything in moderation. I eat healthy meals, I eat fruits and veggies for snacks. I do eat treats but I make good choices. For example: if I crave chocolate I eat a serving of chocolate chips (about 80 calories). It’s just enough to satisfy the craving. Or I have a Rice Krispie Treat for dessert (90 calories).

Then 10% of the time I let myself enjoy food without beating myself up. For example: going out to dinner or dessert, going wine tasting, beer tasting. For Weight Watchers peeps it’s also called a “cheat day”. That does NOT mean I go hog wild. Far from it!!

When Michael and I go out to enjoy dessert, we’ll split a piece of a cheesecake. Splitting it is just as good as eating the entire slice myself. Tastes the same, the craving is satisfied, but I save money and calories.

QUESTION: How do you like to prepare your salmon?