Diet Update #1

I’m about 2 weeks in to the low carb diet reboot. I wanted to do an update, but first, wanted to thank everyone who left comments and facebook messages about the diet. It was nice to hear what worked for other people!

When I started this blog, it wasn’t a weight loss blog. I just wanted to share my story of how I lost 110 pounds and kept it off. There aren’t a lot of maintenance blogs out there. A lot of the healthy living blogs I used to read diligently either don’t really blog anymore, or I’ve seen them kind of spiral into very disordered practices, or regaining all the weight back. I don’t dismiss the fact that maintenance is hard–you have to work at it every day–but for me, maintenance has been easier than losing this time around.

Quick recap: when I tried this lower carb diet back in the Spring, I lost 7 or 8 pounds right away. It was very encouraging. Then it stalled and I kept gaining and losing the same 2 pounds for the next few months.

So when I started this diet again a few weeks ago, I was around 170. I lost 2 pounds the first week! That was awesome!

I weighed in on 10/18 and was really happy to see another loss! I was down another 2 pounds! 166.6 pounds (does that number mean something?!?! LOL), which is the lowest I’ve been since I got pregnant! That means I have 9 pounds to lose to get back to my pre-baby weight!


What I’ve Been Doing

  1. I cut out sugar snacks and treats. Not 100% but close. I’ve had a few things here and there but I’m really happy that I’ve been staying strong and either skipping dessert most nights or having fruit or yogurt instead.
  2. I’m logging everything. I’m pretty good at tracking–I’ve done it for 15+ years and it’s just second nature now. But I am recommitted to being accurate–that means tracking the snacks and nibbles, too!
  3. No bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, etc. The carbs I am eating are from fruit and my Greek yogurt and coffee creamer (never cutting the creamer out!).
  4. Trying to drink more water. I am okay at this during the week at work but at home on the weekends and in the evenings I am NOT good at it. 🙁
  5. No alcohol Monday-Thursday nights. I wasn’t really in a habit of drinking during the week but some weeks I’d find myself having a glass of wine on a Tuesday when I didn’t really need to. I don’t necessarily see that as a larger problem but I do think it was a waste of calories. So I am limited my 2 glasses of wine to weekends.
  6. Trying to eat smart. Eating a lot of protein and veggies and trying to eat more healthy fats.



It’s definitely felt easier this time around to try low carb. Maybe because I knew what to expect, maybe because I was seeing immediate progress, not sure. Other than feeling like total shit that first week, it’s been pretty easy this time. I don’t feel deprived. I don’t crave bread too much.

  1. I am getting sick of salads for lunch. I have been trying to come up with other ideas but I need something that’s fast and easy to prep and often times that’s just a protein and a salad.
  2. It’s been a challenge to get more fiber in my diet since I’m limiting fruit (I used to eat an apple every day and that’s pretty high in fiber, for example) and eating only certain types of veggies.
  3. I do miss bread. I am not craving it like mad, but I do miss it.
  4. I HATE that soup is so high in carbs!!! Why?!??! Even a vegetable beef stew is high in carbs! I live on soup in the colder months and I’m bummed I can’t seem to find any options. 🙁 If you have ideas, tell me!
  5. I miss buying stuff at Trader Joe’s! There were a ton of things I’d buy every time I’d go but they are not on the diet now so…

The biggest challenge so far? Running on a low carb diet freakin’ sucks. 🙁 I have no energy, it feels like a slog, I sometimes feel light headed, I totally crash from hunger afterwards…I need to figure out an alternative on days I run. Maybe I try carb cycling and eat more carbs before I run. I don’t know…

I am doing a cheat day/meal once a week or so. I think this is important so that I don’t feel 100% deprived, which can lead to a binge.

Week 1 cheat meal was our taco and beer date. 😀

Week 2 cheat meal was pizza!

The Worst Weight Loss Advice

I know I’m not alone in this. When I was trying to lose 100 pounds I got a ton of bad advice. There were tons of weight loss tips in women’s magazines, too, that were often a little…sketchy. It was hard navigating through the diet world and finding something that MADE SENSE, wasn’t a FAD and wasn’t UNHEALTHY. In the end, I found a method that worked well for me: counting my calories and eating whatever I wanted in moderation.

Not everything works for everyone. If you’re new to my blog, check out this old post: Why Wednesday – Why I’m Not Losing.

Here is some of the worst advice I’ve seen in articles and gotten from people when the topic of dieting has come up:

Skip Breakfast and Don’t Eat Snacks

Or skip any meal, not just breakfast. I’ve seen it before; people say they are saving up their calories for something else later–maybe it’s a potluck or a party or a special dinner. So you skip a meal, your stomach is growling, you’re cranky, you’re hungry, and by the time you get to that meal you were saving up for you go way overboard. It’s important not to deplete yourself so much that you’re woozy and ready to just binge on anything in sight!

Eating snacks throughout the day is healthy. Just make sure they are healthy snacks and not the bag of chips or donuts in the break-room at work. I’m talking about fruit and veggies, maybe some hummus and crackers or a string cheese or cottage cheese. Something filling (protein is good) that will tide you over. I love snacks. It keeps me from getting blood sugar issues (feeling dizzy or lightheaded). It keeps me from getting cranky (Michael often has snacks stashed away just in case–because he knows how I get if I wait too long to eat!). 

Skipping meals or denying yourself snacks can mess with your metabolism. Instead, try and keep things level and steady throughout the day.

Snacking is Not Bad

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Three Meals A Day


Don’t Eat Fat

This one bugs me so much! Fat is GOOD for you. Sure, not the fat in the Pumpkin Spice Latte or the giant cheeseburger. But somewhere along the years someone said fat was bad and people started eating low fat or non-fat foods…except most low-fat/non-fat foods are PACKED with sugar. Why? Because they took all the flavor out when they removed the fat. Gross.

Eat healthy fats. Avocado, good dairy (like a plain Greek yogurt instead of sugar-packed yogurts), fish is an excellent source and I love salmon! Coconut oil is great for cooking. Nuts and seeds are good fats (but the calories can add up fast, so eat them with moderation). Eggs and beans are good sources.

Always Hungry? Here’s Why

Deny Yourself All Junk Foods

This one is a little tricky. Yes, you should cut out junk food. Choosing healthy, whole foods that fuel your body is the better route to go. But completely cutting out certain foods isn’t going to work in the long run. I don’t know about you but when someone says “never eat pizza ever again” I’m gonna want nothing else BUT pizza!!

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It’s Making You Hungrier

Denying yourself ALL TREATS backfires. It will lead to binge eating. Trust me, from a reformed binge-eater, denying yourself food doesn’t work. Telling yourself that certain types of food are completely off-limits just makes you want it more. Instead, try MODERATION.


Eat As Few Calories As You Can

I can’t tell you how many times I heard from people that they were trying to lose weight by being super restrictive. Even in a program like Weight Watchers…they were eating too few calories. 1200 calories a day is not enough, at all! Especially if you are also working out. You need fuel for your body and your brain.

Starving yourself doesn’t work! It can seriously screw up your metabolism and hinder weight loss. It could also cause permanent damage. My advice is to talk to a nutritionist or a doctor and establish where you should start. For me, I started at 2,000 calories a day. And then as I was losing weight and that started to slow or stall, I’d reduce that daily intake by a little bit. By the end I was eating around 1600 calories a day + some of the calories I burned in the gym. It worked for me. I never felt deprived. I never felt like I was weak or tired from lack of calories. My body felt healthy. And that’s the point. Health. 

Listen to your Hunger Cues and make better choices instead. Don’t let yourself get Insatiable!


Don’t Eat Carbs

Carbs have been The Devil for a long time. While I admit that there are SOME carbs that should be avoided, or limited, I don’t think all carbs are bad. When I want to reign in my calories, I do tend to skip the pasta and the bread products. They just aren’t nutritionally enough for me. I’d rather eat something else that will be more filling and not “empty.” Skip the low-nutrient carbs and pick something better. That doesn’t mean all carbs should be avoided. In my diet, wild rice, couscous, quinoa, beans and sweet potatoes are a good thing! There’s also carbs in fruit and that’s healthy!


Mmmm pizza!

Yeah, so not everything is black and white!


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And take all advice with a grain of salt. What works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for another. The gluten-free diet may have worked for your mom, but didn’t work for you. A friend might swear by going vegan or vegetarian and then you try it and find you don’t feel well. Everybody and every body is different. Find what works for you. Talk to a nutritionist or a doctor. EXPERIMENT. And when you find what works, stick with it as long as it keeps working!

What is some of the worst dieting advice you’ve ever gotten?