Keto Meals Week 2

Continuation of the first week into Week 2!

Day Six

Breakfast – Two fried eggs on top of shaved Brussels sprouts (sautéed in butter). Seasoned with salt and pepper. It was delicious! Coffee with stevia, cream and MCT oil. Unsweetened iced tea.

Lunch – Pork chop, salad with mozzarella, black olives, raw walnuts and Newman’s Own Lite Italian dressing.

Dinner – Stir fry: I was going to use a Korean stirfry sauce mix but the serving size made the carbs not keto friendly. So we did a soy sauce/teriyaki/toasted sesame oil mixture instead: steak, peppers, zucchini, and onions. A little sriracha on top. A glass of red wine on the side. 🙂

I was about 5 net carbs over for the day but my macros were spot on. AND I worked out…so I’m trying to be okay with not being perfect at 20 net carbs. It’s really hard to do!

Day Seven

Breakfast – Scrambled eggs (with heavy cream) with spinach, pastrami, red onion and hot sauce. Unsweetened iced tea. Coffee with heavy cream and stevia.

Lunch – Antipasto salad (salami, mozzarella, olives) with Newman’s Own Lite Italian Dressing.

Snack – Homemade ranch dip with cucumber slices and a few pieces of raw cauliflower.

Dinner – Salmon with capers, green beans cooked in butter and garlic and some smoked aged cheddar.

Macros were great (62% out of 70% on fat, 27% out of 25% on protein) but I was at 30 net carbs for the day.

Day Eight

Breakfast – Scrambled eggs with spinach, 1 piece of bacon and hot sauce. Unsweetened iced tea. Coffee with stevia and heavy cream.

Lunch – Pastrami, Olives, half an avocado, Babybel cheese.

Snacks – Homemade ranch dip with cauliflower and broccoli. Salted nut mix and a mug of bone broth.

Dinner – Burger with smoked gouda topped with mustard and mayo and one piece of bacon. Asparagus sautéed in butter. 1 glass of red wine.

Dessert – 1 piece of dark chocolate.

Macros (Fat: 68%, Protein 21%, Carbs 11%). 13 NET CARBS!! Thank you fiber! The asparagus really did the trick!

I went for a run on the treadmill during my lunch break and felt great! No issues with my muscles or energy.

Day Nine

Breakfast – Two fried eggs on sauteed Brussels sprouts again. I kinda loved this breakfast! Unsweetened iced tea, coffee with cream, MCT oil and stevia.

Lunch – Michael made a “pizza”! On a low carb wrap he used Rao’s low carb marinara, mozzarella cheese, topped with salami and green olives. It actually worked really well! The wrap held up and did not get soggy like we thought it would be. It scratched that itch for sure.

Snack – Some cauliflower and homemade ranch dip. Tea. And a spoonful of this almond butter:

The almond butter was ok. It had the consistency of peanut butter. But you could tell there was no sugar in it. 🙁

Dinner – Chicken Caesar Salad with homemade Caesar dressing. Bacon. Boneless/Skinless chicken thighs, three grape tomatoes, a few raw peppers. Some smoked cheddar on the side.

Day Ten

Breakfast – Scrambled eggs with a little red onion and spinach, topped with cheese and hot sauce. Bacon. Coffee with MCT oil, Stevia and heavy cream. Unsweetened iced tea.

Lunch – Sautéed shaved Brussels sprouts in ghee. Leftover piece of boneless/skinless chicken thigh topped with pesto and burrata cheese on the side.

Snack – 10 grams of macadamia nuts, some smoked cheddar cheese and tea with stevia.

Dinner – Steak and cauliflower “Rice” bowl. Avocado, hot sauce, grape tomatoes, black olives, red onion, sour cream, shredded cheese. It was delicious!

Dessert – 1 piece of dark chocolate.

Fat 73%, Protein 18%, Carbs 9%. 26 net carbs.

Day Eleven

Breakfast – Scrambled eggs with sausage and cheese. Unsweetened iced tea. Coffee with heavy cream and stevia.

Lunch – Chicken Caesar salad.

Snacks – Nuts and Babybel cheese pre-workout, mug of bone broth post-workout. Cucumber and homemade ranch dip and seaweed in the afternoon.

Dinner – Zoodles with Rao’s marinara, meatballs and burrata. A glass of extra dry champagne–Michael got a promotion at work and we had some celebrating to do!

67% fat, 23% protein, 10% carbs. 30 net carbs for the day.

Day Twelve

Breakfast – Sausage and cheese omelet. Unsweetened iced tea. Coffee with heavy cream and stevia. I am getting used to the coffee without my creamer now.

Snacks – Walnuts, Babybel cheese.

Lunch – Leftover cauliflower rice, steak, half an avocado, hot sauce.

Snacks – Olives, Cheese “crackers”. Got them at Costco. They are kinda weird but low carb.

Dinner – Blackened Salmon with asparagus and burrata cheese.

Dessert – 72% dark chocolate.

I was a little high on my calories for the day but my macros were good. 67% fat, 24% protein, 8% carbs. 22 net carbs.


Christmas Eve

I had a nice long weekend–it started with Friday off from work, I went swimming and then met a friend for a pedicure. It was really nice to see her and catch up with her after a few months of us both being swamped with life. The weekend wasn’t awesome, honestly–lots of chores and errands and trying to frantically get ready for Christmas. BUT Christmas Eve was nice!

We got to sleep in a bit and then I took Logan to daycare and went to the gym and then Michael and I went out for breakfast.

I got the special. It was a decadent treat and not something I’d normally order but since I knew I wouldn’t be eating lunch I figured, why not? It was a cheesecake french toast! I got the half order (which was the RIGHT amount) and it was topped with a tart cherry compote. The cheesecake filling to die for. Seriously good. And I also splurged and got the habanero peach mimosa! SPICY!

Then home and Michael started the brisket and I continued the sourdough process (and started the rosemary raisin sourdough I was making for Christmas dinner). My parents were driving down from Seattle to spend Christmas Eve with us. We decided to do a new tradition this year and host. It’s been harder trying to travel and fit everything in on one day with Logan.

My parent arrived after lunchtime (about the time I had the sourdough rising in the banneton basket and laying on the couch watching Die Hard. Then I we went to pick Logan up from daycare. Unfortunately, for some reason, he didn’t nap at daycare. I have no idea why (slightly annoyed by this) so of course he finally fell asleep at like 4:30.

Anyways. Our friends joined us this year for dinner. They brought a delicious kale and spinach salad and homemade fudge! My sourdough turned out fantastic!

And Michael’s brisket was great, too.

And he made his famous mac n’ cheese. It all went perfectly and everyone got seconds. There was still a lot of leftovers so people got to take some home with them.

I got some new holiday napkins at Target and some napkin rings (a black Friday splurge):

And Logan’s holiday placemat was a find from World Market:

Dinner turned out so nice. I was glad everyone was able to come and join us and help celebrate Christmas Eve. Even though hosting is kind a lot of work, it was still nice being able to immediately get in my PJs after everyone left. 🙂

The food turned out great!

Oh and my mom made chocolate brownies from scratch, topped with vanilla ice cream and homemade raspberry sauce. It was so decadent but good!

After dinner and dessert Logan got to open a few presents from our friends. Then bedtime!

Logan fell asleep almost immediately!