Funny Story

Funny story…

Our dog will roll around in the grass, splash in puddles and (gross–trying to keep her from doing this) eat cat poo but will NOT go potty when it’s rainy. She puts on her pitiful puppy dog face and sad eyes and sits on the back deck refusing to go out into the rain. We’ve even gone out there, in the rain with her and she still won’t. The last time I tried it with an umbrella she immediately ran underneath a bush and cowered.


I eventually gave up and went inside and just let her stay out there until she finally went (the stubborn thing took like 30 minutes!). Sorry pup, we live in Oregon. Get used to the rain. IT NEVER STOPS. Speaking of Bella…

Funny story…

I was grocery shopping recently and was in the baby food isle picking up some sweet potato and the chicken puree. A little old lady in the isle asked me how old babies are when they start eating the jar food. I replied, “I wouldn’t know. I don’t have a baby, I have a dog.” She laughed SO hard. She asked me why I buy baby food for my dog. I explained that I buy the sweet potato or the chicken baby food and put it in Bella’s Kong toy. Then I freeze it and she gets it when she’s in the crate while we are at work. She thought that was ingenious.


She went on to tell me about how she had a scotty dog that passed away a few years ago and she sometimes wished she had another dog. We chatted for a few minutes and I shared some of the experiences I had volunteering at animal shelters. I suggested that she consider adopting a senior dog. The benefits are so great! It’s older, more relaxed (no crazy puppy energy), already trained and it’s also saving a life. The older dogs are often the ones that euthanized because people don’t adopt them. She seemed genuinely interested and I hope she does adopt a senior dog!

Funny story…

4 years ago I started this blog on a whim because the blogger Monica from Run, Eat Repeat asked me to write a guest post about my weight loss. I thought, well dang….maybe *I* can have a blog too! I sort of half-assed it and didn’t really know what I was doing and didn’t really know HOW to write a blog. My blog posts were very, very short, not really focused and I slowly shared my weight loss story as thought came to me. Then somehow I got readers. I was shocked! The more readers I got, the more comments I got, the more I paid attention to my writing.

It had been a long time since I’d written anything. After writing a few novels and failing to get them published, I felt discouraged and gave up. The blog was an outlet for me to dust off the ol’ writing skills and polish them up a bit.

Then I started getting more attention. My little blog that was kind of clunky and terribly formatted in Blogger, was getting so much attention that I was asked to do interviews. (You can check out some of those here.) I moved the blog over to WordPress, made it look a little bit nicer (with Michael’s help), took some photography classes, Michael built me a lightbox…then ta-da! I was on the cover of a magazine! WOW.

Well funny story, this little blog that was started on a whim to share a story I didn’t think anyone was interested in reading has recently surpassed the million page view mark! Perhaps it’s not as crazy a number as many popular blogs and I sure don’t make money off my blog like full-time bloggers, but dang! I’m pretty happy with that 1 million readers!

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 9.10.53 PM
So many, many thanks to all my readers–new readers, old readers who have been reading since the beginning. Thank you! It makes me so happy that I’ve inspired people to get fit and healthy! I’ve also made some real life friends that I met through blogging and that’s even better. 🙂

Big News

Finally! Some good news to share! First, I got a promotion at work. I’m excited about the opportunity to learn new things. Second, Michael got a job! It’s a contract to hire job and it’s the perfect job for him. We hope it goes well and after the contract is up, it goes permanent. It’s been a very, very long year and I’m glad that there is finally some positives coming our way.

There’s also been some other…exciting things happening here for me. I’ve been so excited lately and unable to SAY ANYTHING…it’s been killing me. I especially wanted to share my news with you guys!

In January I started sending out query letters to literary agents to try and get my book published. Honestly, writing the book was a lot easier than this portion of the journey. Lots and lots of rejection, disappointment, feeling hopeless and then…

I found an agent. Or did she find me? We found each other and she LOVED my book and we just clicked immediately. Our first phone conversation in June lasted nearly an hour and I liked her immediately. Of course having an agent doesn’t necessarily mean it is guaranteed to be published. The book industry is changing rapidly and publishers are much pickier. Giving a first-time author a chance is a gamble and I hope one of them risks it on me.

I do have a back-up plan in case things don’t go as planned. Like I said, the market is hard. This could be a very long process. I may not have any news for awhile. I will keep you guys posted the best I can and cross your fingers that a publisher wants to give me a chance.

This blog has evolved a lot over the years and I am so happy that I’ve been able to maintain it to inspire you guys. Even if I only inspire one person, my job is done! I hope that my blog AND my book can be an example that massive weight loss CAN happen in a healthy way and the weight CAN be kept off without depriving yourself of every joy in life. (Ahem, beer, pizza, ice cream.) I truly hope that my blog and book illustrate that my life in moderation is both effective and FUN!

The day that Michael got the news that he was hired, we went out to celebrate. We went to the Matador for some yuppie-Mexican food that just happens to be delicious, even if it’s not authentic.

CHEERS!!! I had one Ninkasi Total Domination IPA. It was great on a hot day.

They brought the usual chips and salsa and I tried not to go too overboard with them. It’s easy to mindlessly munch those things.

Michael ordered the burrito, smothered in sauce and their zesty sour cream/guacamole dressing. I’ve had it before and it’s absolutely wonderful but way too big for one person to eat alone.

His burrito had black beans and shredded beef in it. He gave me one bite and I remembered just how great that burrito was. But I loved my dinner. I got the smaller plate: firehouse chili.

I loved my chili. It was fantastic and really, really spicy. It had peppers and chunks of beef in it, topped with their sour cream mixture, shredded cheese, onions and the crispy tortilla strips. There were also chunks of tomatoes in it. I want to find a recipe similar to this and make it this winter. It’s probably my favorite chili I’ve had in a restaurant.

We went home stuffed to the gills, happy about our good news, and ready to relax in our food coma.

Fat Kitty was not impressed with our news. But what does he know?! I am so happy that things are getting on track. Cross your fingers that they keep going that way.

QUESTION: What’s your favorite spicy chili recipe?