Chaos and Disorder

You will not gain back everything you lost by taking an extra day off.

This is something I have to remind myself once in awhile. As you may remember, we are remodeling our kitchen and are in the process of laying tile.

It’s a really long, involved process which takes time–and we have a huge space too. This week we have been measuring tile to prep them for cutting this weekend. Because of the aggressive plan for this weekend, Michael asked me to take Friday off from swimming.

It’s a small sacrifice and in the grand scheme of things it makes no difference. I tell myself today “Would I rather have the kitchen done, or go swimming?” Of course I’d rather have the kitchen done! But when it comes to sacrificing my workouts, I tend to be a little irrational at times.

For example, I had surgery a few years ago to remove a non-cancerous lump from my breast. The doctor said I had to take a week off from swimming while I healed. I totally lost it at the idea of taking a week off! Of course it was needed, but I stubbornly tried to do other activities that weren’t swimming just to get my workout in. Why? Because my fear has always been that if I skip workouts I will start getting lazy about them which in turn will cause me to gain all my weight back. I know it makes no sense.

Before I hurt myself running last month, I wouldn’t have minded too much because I would have just added an extra run to the week and called it good. Now, however, I am trying to take it easy with the running for fear of re-injuring myself.

Michael was very sweet and as a compromise he said he’d walk with me for an hour every night–even if it was 10pm–to make up for the missing workout. He’s such a sweetie and today I feel silly for being upset about a WORKOUT.

QUESTION: Do you get upset when your workouts are thwarted?

Since the kitchen was in complete disarray, I went to Subway to pick up dinner. I got a foot-long Spicy Italian (my favorite) and some Sun-chips.

We split the sandwich for dinner.

I could make better choices at Subway but what I got was about 520 calories and that’s alright for dinner.

I’m excited for this weekend. I feel positive that we can finish all the tile and finally have a nice kitchen! And I’m looking forward to having less stress and chaos. The kitties are starting to show signs of stress too. We’ve had to move their litter box and food many, many times in the last few weeks. They look at me with a “What is going on, Mom?” kind of look!

Poor kitties!

QUESTION: Do you like Subway? What do you usually get?

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  1. I love Subway. If I’m being good I get the chicken teriyaki with a smidge of mayo. If I’m not concerned about what I’m eating I get the chicken fillet with bacon and tonnes of mayo. I like both equally but what I get depends on if I am counting calories or not.

  2. This is such a tough subject because I do believe that getting very upset over having to miss a workout is a sign of addiction (I’ve been there), BUT losing the momentum of exercise and regaining weight is a very real possibility for many so it’s a Catch 22. It’s like how food addicts can’t just give up food like cigarette smokers can give up cigarettes. It’s just not that cut and dry, but it sounds like you have a good handle on it. Believe me, I’d LOVE to be a little more addicted to exercise these days, but I’m just not there at the moment.

  3. 6″ turkey breast with a bit of sub sauce & hot peppers is my usual. I can easily eat a footer…but then why bother with a turkey breast? LOL

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