Girl Date!

Since these two goofballs weren’t going to be around Saturday, I made my own plans. 🙂 And no, they did not involve beer!

The boys headed South for some golfing. I went to the gym Saturday morning, then hung around the house for a few hours catching up on my Netflix shows, cleaning, doing laundry, and organizing photos. I sat on the back porch for awhile and read too. It was nice not being rushed to do too many things. Then I drove to NE Portland to meet my friend Robyn for a nice dinner.

I met my friend Robyn at Belly Restaurant. It was a cute place, very “Portland.”

I was a few minutes early so took some pictures and then Robyn arrived.

I moved from the bar and suddenly felt dizzy. It was really bizarre. It took a few minutes for the dizziness to pass. I wondered if it was dehydration. I decided not drink alcohol with dinner. At first I wanted to have one glass of wine or a cocktail, especially since their cocktail menu was pretty creative! But I decided to stick with water only and drank a gallon.

For being a Saturday night, it wasn’t crowded at all. The people started to trickle in closer to the time we ended up leaving, but for the most part it was a quiet, intimate dinner. We had great service too, which is a rarity in Portland.

Robyn and I decided to split a Happy Hour appetizer. We split the fried polenta with red chili ailoi sauce and it was FANTASTIC! The polenta was a substitute for fries or tater tots and much better in my opinion. The red chili sauce was the best part. I’d love to find a recipe for this and try to recreate it.


Robyn ordered the salmon entree. It was a pan-roasted salmon with a veggie salad and salsa verde. She said it was really good. The salmon looked perfect to me.


I ordered the braised pork shoulder entree. It came with bucatini pasta, charred onions, peas and butter. I thought the pork was really tasty and soft. I wasn’t impressed with the pasta and wished there had been some kind of sauce with it. The dish wasn’t overly flavorful but it was still pretty good. I ate half of my entree and saved the rest for lunch.

Pork Shoulder

The restaurant wasn’t crowded so the waiters weren’t anxious about clearing our table. Robyn and I had a great time talking and we were camped out at the table for about 2 hours after we finally finished eating. 🙂 It was a great time. We eventually decided to split a dessert. We split the delicious ice cream sandwich that had MINTY ice cream in the center! It was good. 🙂

I had a great time with my girl! It was a much needed girl’s night!

Author: Lisa Eirene

About Lisa Eirene Lisa lost 110 pounds through calorie counting and exercise. She swims, bikes, runs, hikes and is enjoying life in Portland, Oregon. Her weight loss story has been featured in First Magazine, Yahoo Health, Woman's Day and

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  1. Your day sounds like my favorite kind of day!

    We just put my mom on the Amtrak to Portland yesterday so if you see an outspoken old lady with her shirt tucked into her high-waisted pants with a big belt buckle you’ll know it’s Mother of Carbzilla.

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