Diagnosis: 35 Years Old

I might have mentioned this previously on the blog, but I can’t remember. Hell, I am getting old. So…

This year I’ve had several issues and injuries. Re-occurring foot pain that was a mystery, a back injury, a cold that lasted 3 weeks and just wouldn’t heal, weight loss that was non-existent. It was all very frustrating and annoying.

What was also frustrating was the attitude I was getting from healthcare professionals. My regular doctor, the RD I spoke to, the physical therapist I saw…whenever I talked to them about whatever issue was going on and I wasn’t seeing results/progress, they dismissed me with a simple statement:

“Well, you are 35.”

Michael even told me that his back issues started when he was 35 (his exact words “welcome to 35”).

Apparently somewhere between being 34 and becoming 35 in January, I crossed over into some weird land where whatever ails you is the result of being this age. I hadΒ no idea that simply being 35 years old could be the diagnosis for whatever is wrong with your body.

Your metabolism is slower and you aren’t losing weight. You’re 35.

Your body isn’t healing from a mysterious injury as fast as usual. You’re 35.Β 

Now, I get it. When you do age things change, your body slows down, you’re not quite the same as you were when you were 25 years old. I get it. But really? There’s that much of a change between 34 and 35?? I never “felt my age” physically before now.

When I was on vacation with my cousin Anna, I warned her. Whenever she complained about something I said “Just wait, you’re going to be 35 in a few months. It’s over.” It became the running joke. Slightly hung over? You’re almost 35. Your hip hurts? It’s because you’re 35. Just give up now, man.

In all seriousness, when this started happening to me a few months ago I began to feel an deep-seated anger in my belly starting to rise and build. I wanted to shout to these doctors, “REALLY?! THAT IS NOT A DIAGNOSIS. Do your job for reals.” It was lazy medicine. It was “I don’t have time for you and your problem”. It was dismissive and it made me angry. I’m sorry but no, that is not the end-all-be-all to every problem. Maybe if I was 80 years old, but not today, not now.Β I am determined to fix myself. I will not let what ails me just get worse because some stupid doctors don’t want to bother.

Another thing I noticed recently was the phenomenon of becoming invisible.

Is this also attributed to becoming 35 years old?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been walking down the street or something and someone bangs into me because apparently I’m in my invisible cloak. The other day at the gym I was lying on a mat down my PT exercises and a dude STEPPED OVER ME. Like I wasn’t even there. What the hell? Maybe I really AM invisible. And no one told me. Because they can’t see me.

Can you see me?? IS THIS THING ON? tap tap tap

Anyhoo. Apparently I’m having a midlife crisis.

Well, I am 35. So right on schedule, right?


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  1. You are right. The “you are 35” diagnosis is lazy medicine, PT, whatever. Don’t take it.
    Write your problems down, in detail and go to the doctor. Tell them. If their answer isn’t ‘let’s see if we can work on these problems’. move on. Find someone who will listen and who will help. They are out there. And then, tell all your friends about that person.
    I went through the same thing, at about the same time. My GP was no help, but my OB/Gyn turned out to be fantastic. He really helped me figure out the problems, was very encouraging and supportive, and took the time to follow up. If you are in the Atlanta area, his name is Bret Lewis.
    Thanks for a great blog post and all the best in your quest for a healthier body.

    1. Oh that’s good to hear that you found someone that would listen and try to help.I think part of the problem is that the HMO I go to is overbooked all the time. They have some kind of quota and have to keep appointments to 15 minutes or less. So you get in there and it feels super rushed and like you can’t even talk to anyone because they are already mentally on their next appointment. It sucks!

  2. Oooh, that *does* sound frustrating! I really don’t like people who automatically attribute things to a certain age, but in a medical professional, that is totally bogus πŸ™

    And I can relate to the invisibility cloak as well – sometimes it seems as though the sweet spot is 25-35. Younger than that you have no credibility, and older than that, you’re doddering. Irks me.

    Hope you can find a doctor who will take the time to explore the issues with you, not just write it off to a number on your driver’s license!

  3. That explains it. I am constantly being knocked about whenever I go anywhere and it started about 5 years ago, when I turned 35.

    It’s so frustrating when doctors take the lazy way out and pass blame on getting older. 35 isn’t old!
    Cindy recently posted..Sort of ok news

    1. Soooo glad I could help you out and explain what is happening!! πŸ˜‰ I think we should get a newsletter or something on our 34th birthday explaining what is going to happen…

  4. Just wait – being 45 ain’t no picnic either. I thought they were saying 50 is the new 30. Maybe it gets better at some point. I’ll be 46 this year – which means I’m closer to 50 than 40 – so I’ll let you know πŸ™‚

  5. I’ll tell you, I took control of my food template,body comp, sleep habits, relaxation modes, and chronic auto immune disease (Hashimotos) and I feel younger at 49 than I did at age 29 (when I had thyroid disease).

    Seek out people who feel great and young at older ages and ask them “what works for you and why do you think that” See what sticks.

    If I had adopted a “I’m going to gain weight during menopause” attitude, I would have. Instead I went through menopause during 2012 and the first year of weight maintenance because I sought out those who stayed lean during that time.

    Good luck and mindset is key. Your body will follow what you think- so think lean and health goals with the right support. I’m cheering you on for a aging better sort of framework.
    Karen P (@gardengirl_kp) recently posted..Big blog slowdown for awhile… Sleeping more,stressing less, coffee strategy for the WIN!

    1. Thanks Karen! I agree! I have a friend in their 60’s who is more active and probably in better shape than people half her age. She does NOT feel her age and that’s definitely what I want to be like.

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