The Naked Post


I’ve been a bad blogger. I’ve been in a funk lately. This weekend was a bit of an emotional roller coaster and I’m trying to dig myself out of the hole I dug. There’s nothing beneficial about having a pity party!

I don’t want my blog to just be a “diary” of the food I eat.  I don’t think that’s interesting and I want this blog to be of more value to people who are struggling to lose weight and be healthy. Because of the blahs lately, my blog has become a “food diary.” It was easy.

Lately I’ve had a touch of the Post Race Blues. Reach the Beach was awesome and fun. I had a great time training for it. Every weekend revolved around long bike rides.  I’ve had nothing to train for since May 15th. The easy, logical solution would be to pick some event that’s sooner than Hood To Coast (end of August) and train for that. Unfortunately, our schedule is pretty packed for the summer. We have weddings, family reunions, our anniversary weekend, friends visiting from out of town, and family visiting. There’s just no time!

Reach the Beach

Another factor has been the weather. It’s been solid rain since May 15th. Seriously–the most depressing weather! This is the time of year we start hiking on a regular basis, plan camping trips, and BBQ. I am so sick of this weather!

My body image issues of late are stupid, I know. I shouldn’t be down on myself. I’ve come a LONG way and I should be proud of what I’ve accomplished. I should focus on the positive things and loving my body the way it is.

-Loving the few extra pounds because they are a part of me.

-Loving the layer of fat on my stomach because it protects my vital organs.

-Loving my curves because that makes me a woman.

-Loving my large hips and breasts because some day when I had kids, I’ll need them!

-Loving my big thighs because they are strong and powerful and as a result I swim a mile in 40 minutes.

A lot of “I shoulds”. Despite reminding myself of these things and trying to think positive, it’s been really hard lately.

QUESTION: How do you get out of a “funk”? And how is your body/self image right now?