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Currently Obsessed With

I wanted to share a few things I’ve discovered lately and become obsessed with. Not a sponsored post, just sharing some of my new obsessions. πŸ™‚ Here goes:


No idea where this craving came from. I can’t say I’ve ever been a huge fan of pumpernickel bread. But I recently saw these babies at Trader Joe’s and had to try them:


They are seriously delicious! I’ve been eating them like crazy when I’m craving something salty and crunchy. It’s only 110 calories a serving and I don’t eat too many of them in one sitting–maybe because the flavor is pretty strong? Definitely give them a try. They are so good!

Kashi Go Lean

I stopped eating cereal for a long time. I’ve written about it before — basically, cereal feels like an empty waste of a LOT of calories and I never feel full or satisfied. Well that is still mostly true but sometimes (like on weekends) I want a lighter breakfast before I go to the gym and I’ve been trying out some different cereals. I liked the Trader Joe’s Fruit & Nut high fiber medley cereal. But this one is my new favorite:


I love the protein and fiber count! And it’s absolutely heavenly tasting! Love this cereal!

Guilty Pleasure

Oh my goodness! These were 100% an impulse purchase at Trader Joe’s and they are addicting and SO tasty! The little balls of caramel and butterscotch have the perfect amount of sea salt and then covered in chocolate. Seriously addicting. I don’t recommend buying these things unless you have will power because once you start eating them it’s hard to stop!


11 balls are 200 calories.

Apple Sticks

There is really nothing nutritional about these snacks (that I bought on a whim) but they sure are tasty and a good snack. 140 calories for a serving. The apple cinnamon flavor is amazing and it would be way too easy to just eat the whole bag….


Chobani Flip

I love these things! They are so good! I don’t eat them often and considered it a treat when I do get them at the store simply because the calories are just too high for a snack. This one is 240 calories. That’s pretty high. I usually end up having these as a dessert instead of a snack. But it’s a nice treat and a nice change from the plain Greek Yogurt I usually eat.


Your turn. Have you discovered anything amazing lately? Clue me in!

Current Obsessions

Do you ever get obsessed with certain things? I go through weird phases where I will eat the same exact foods every day, and then I’ll get sick of it and change to something else. I tend to do the same thing with workouts, habits, everything! I don’t know why–maybe the comfort of routine? Well, here are some of my current obsession:

1. Frozen grapes.

Michael got some black grapes recently and froze a bag of them. Wow! I’ve been hearing about people eating frozen grapes as a sweet dessert for years but never really “got it.” If I’m going to eat dessert, I want chocolate or ice cream. Fruit for dessert kind of sounded lame to me. I know, I’m all into healthy eating! I should love fruit for dessert! But, I just don’t. I like fruit as snacks, instead.

The frozen black grapes are absolutely fantastic. I understand now! I’ve been eating them for snacks and dessert and I love them so much. This is definitely something I will have on hand whenever I can. What a treat.

2. Francoise Hardy.

I first discovered this gorgeous crooner in the darkly lit, velvet-walled Dot’s Cafe. I was so intrigued by the album they were playing I had to ask the waitress. Once I had a name, I went out and got a CD. Then I bought a bunch more. I loved them! The music and her voice were enchanting. Years later, one of her songs recently came onto a Pandora station I was listening to and I “rediscovered” her.

[Listen Here]

Since then I’ve been listening to her again and loving it!

3. Avocados.

I’ve actually been obsessively putting avocados on everything I can all summer long. I’m trying to limit it to just a few times a week. Even though avocados are packed with healthy fats and nutrients, they are still pretty high in calories. I eat half of one every few days or so. I seriously could eat an avocado every single day if I allowed myself.

I like eating avocados with crackers or tortilla chips. I also slice some for sandwiches, or top my eggs with them. I even had toast with avocado mashed on top for breakfast a few times.

4. Game of Thrones.Β 

I know, I’m late to the game. I started reading the books this summer. I loved the first two. Books three and four were…just ok. I’m about to start book five and I hope it’s really good.Β Michael and I started watching the TV show. We are finally caught up. The last scene in season 2 was crazy awesome! Can’t wait for it to start up again. Peter Dinklage is awesome. I loved him back when he was on Nip/Tuck.

5. Trader Joe’s Coastal Wines.

My favorite place to buy wine is Trader Joe’s because the prices are much lower than other grocery stores. Earlier this year I discovered the Trader Joe’s brand of wine called Coastal and I’ve been exploring all of them ever since. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend you grab a bottle asap.

I firmly believe that you don’t have to spend $50 for a good bottle of wine and the TJ’s Coastal proves it. They cost less than $10 a bottle and are totally worth it. The Syrah is absolutely fantastic. Grab a bottle of one of the Coastal wines and you won’t be disappointed.

What about you? What are you currently obsessed with these days?