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When The Diet Stops Working

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I don’t really diet. Dieting to me feels temporary. Instead, I looked at my weight loss journey as a lifestyle change. And it was–a complete change. The way I was living wasn’t working anymore. My body was rebelling. It was developing diabetes, my blood pressure was so high I’d have dizzy spells and almost blacked out too many times to count. In other ways my body was letting me know that extra 100 pounds on my body was hurting me. Achy joints, back pain, constantly catching every cold/bronchitis/flu that was going around. I wasn’t healthy, period.

If you are new to the blog, check out these two posts I wrote about weight loss plateaus and cheat days: Why Wednesday – Why I’m Not Losing and Why Wednesday – Why I Don’t Have a Cheat Day.

While I didn’t diet to lose 100 pounds, I have tried a few different diets over the years. After maintaining my weight for awhile, I wanted to try something new.

The first “diet” I tried was the Slow-Carb Diet.

The Slow-Carb diet didn’t work for me for a lot of reasons. The biggest challenge was not being able to eat fruit. Fruit is healthy. Eliminating it entirely from my body seemed unhealthy. Also, I didn’t really see any benefits of this diet. While Michael lost a good amount of weight doing this diet, I did not. Clearly my body didn’t like it! Here are some of the posts from that experience:

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There are things about the Slow Carb Diet that I agree with. I think it’s beneficial to limit bread and pasta and stuff like that. Those things seem to make my body want to gain weight. I LOVE bread. Love it. I crave it. But if I stop eating it, those cravings go away and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. However, the second I eat some bread after not eating it for awhile, it’s like crack. It becomes the #1 thing I want to eat and I get kind of obsessed. Yikes!

The second “diet” was going gluten and dairy-free.

The reasoning behind this diet actually came from my mom. She was having some different issues and going dairy and gluten free helped resolve those issues. In my reading I found that the diet cleared up acne for many people, as well as sinus issues. It was worth a try and the fact that my mom was successful on this diet (and lost a lot of weight) gave me hope. Once again, I didn’t see any significant change or improvement. The sinus issues didn’t go away. I lost about an inch around my waist–which IS significant but I didn’t lose any weight. It didn’t fix my acne, either.


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In the end the diet seemed more of a struggle than anything and since I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, I stopped it. One thing that stuck around is trying to limit the gluten and bread I eat. We found some gluten-free bread at Costco that is actually REALLY tasty and that’s what we buy now.


When The Diet Stops Working

This post is about the moment when the diet stops working. If you’re just hitting a plateau, you need to do something to shake your body out of it’s habit. Check out these posts: P is for PlateausBusting that Plateau and Why Can’t I Lose Weight? They will give you some good ideas on how to bust that plateau and get back to losing.

If it’s NOT a plateau and you just simply aren’t losing weight, then CHANGE IT. There is absolutely no benefit or reason to continue something that doesn’t work. The Slow-Carb diet didn’t work for me, either did the dairy/gluten-free diet. If the diet itself is more of a struggle and misery and you aren’t getting results, TRY SOMETHING ELSE. There is no shame in quitting and trying again. Everyone is different and what works for one person, may not work for you.

To give you another example, I have a friend who has been trying to lose weight and fix her diabetes for a long time. After trying so many different things, high protein diet, dairy-free diet, counting calories, going vegetarian…what ended up working for HER body was going vegan.

Find what works for YOUR body and stick with it!


Nothing But Time

Friday night after swimming, I came home to find Michael making his amazing hamburgers. Mine was the sad  one without cheese (he’s eating dairy). But luckily, I’ve discovered that avocado works great as a substitute. You don’t even miss the cheese! I bring up dinner because we tried the gluten free buns with the burgers. I wasn’t expecting brilliance and they were fairly mediocre in my opinion.


We got the Udi’s Gluten Free buns and bagels at New Seasons last week (same grocery trip that we got the Omission gf beer and Toby’s tofu spread). I was perfectly content to just skip bread altogether, in fact I’ve been happy with using lettuce wraps in place of buns with burgers.


The tater tots were gf and df and I had pickles, too. On my burger: spinach, avocado, spicy mustard and mayo. The buns were dense and dry and lacking in flavor. I added a lot more mustard and mayo than I normally do because I could tell the buns were going to be dry. Michael didn’t dislike the buns and agreed with my assessment that they were “dense.” If faced with no bun or the gluten free buns, I’d probably stick to lettuce wraps…

Saturday I did my own little body pump workout at the gym. I was too late to attend the class but I did the moves I learned in the class and it felt really good! I was glad I was able to remember the majority of the workouts. While I was at the gym, I was thinking about a common problem that people have when they desire to lose weight. TIME.

So many people don’t even try to lose weight because they say they don’t have time. The reality is: NO ONE really HAS TIME, time is something that has to be made. We make time for our family. We make time for our friends. We make time to read or watch TV. So why don’t we make time for the gym?

My recommendation is this: sit down and actually write down your schedule. 7 days a week, 24 hours each day: spell it out. Add up how many hours are spent watching TV or surfing the web. How many hours a day are spent on pinterest? Are you actually creating any of the things you find on pinterest? Or is it just a time suck? (It’s a time suck for me, for sure!)

There is no judgment here, it’s just an observation. I’m definitely guilty of not spending my time as wisely as I should. Sometimes I am so mentally exhausted and burned out from the work week that by the time the weekend comes, I just want to sit in front of the TV for hours and shut off my brain. Not the healthiest, I know, but I also know I’m not alone. So why don’t we workout while we watch hours and hours of TV? Killing two birds with one stone!

We are all choosing to spend time on other things. What we should be doing is prioritizing, being accountable for how our time is spent. Another point I want to make is that every workout doesn’t have to be a hardcore, drenched in sweat, hour long gym experience. Sometimes just spending 20 minutes doing jumping jacks in front of the TV or going for a walk around the block is sufficient. Not all workouts need to burn 1000 calories. So don’t set yourself up for disappointment expecting that every time. Some workouts just burn less (like yoga) but are just as beneficial as the intense ones. You may find that exercising just a little bit will make you feel so much better that you’ll crave it and exercise will become a regular part of your schedule. It worked for me!

What are your thoughts? How is your time spent?