Foster Burger

Box Jumps, Burgers and Brownies

I would rate my weekend food as a solid “C”. I did okay with my calories but nutritionally? Not as great as I could have. It started with a night out with my friend Erika. We grabbed a quick dinner at Pizza Schmizza (it’s so cool that they have my favorite beer on tap! Boneyard!) Β and a beer and then we got to see the movie Labor Day with free tickets. It was a pre-release screening and we both really enjoyed the movie. There were parts that were totally cheesy chick-flick type moments, but overall the movie was good and it made me want to read the book. I felt like the pacing of the movie was a little off, but perhaps the book is better at that.

Saturday morning I made it to the Warrior Room for the 90 minute Warrior Workout class. It’s a great class, but the 90 minutes is a bit long for me. I think ideally the perfect length for that class would be like 75 minutes long. It’s a good class because everything is broken up into stations usually, there’s running involved, and so much variety you do not get bored.

photo 5

photo 4

There were box jumps. I kind of hate box jumps. Mostly because the boxes at the Warrior Room are pretty large for what I’m used to. With my knee issues it turns into more of a step up as opposed to a jump. I’m okay with that modification–it’s still a good workout. It was another great class with a high calorie burn:

photo 3

Afterward Michael wanted to get burgers for lunch. It’s been ages since we’ve been out for burgers. I can’t remember the last time, perhaps back in October maybe? We went to Foster Burger, one of his favorites. We split an order of small fries and I got the “mini” Foster Burger. It’s a smaller patty. It comes with their special sauce (basically ketchup and mayo), lettuce and pickles, and I added sauteed onion and pepperjack cheese to mine.

photo 2

photo 1

I love that they offer a smaller option. I just wish that the bun was also smaller. Of course, I could have cut off part of the bun to make it smaller like the patty but….I didn’t. The bun is outstanding, too. It’s made from a Vietnamese bakery right next door to Foster Burger. One of these days I’ll go to the bakery and get one of their sandwiches…So my portion was smaller but it still sat heavy.

It was a movie weekend! Michael and I watched two movies–the second Hunger Games movie (which was really, really good) and “American Hustle,” which was also a fun watch. Loved the costumes in both movies. I’m especially excited for part 1 of the Hunger Games finale that comes out this November. Seems so far away! We have a few more Oscar movies to watch now before the event!

We were so full from our burger from lunch that by the time dinner came around, neither of us wanted much. I could have made a good choice–a salad or maybe a snack of an apple sliced up with some raisins and cheese. All things I considered when we talked about dinner. Instead, I conceded to Michael’s suggestion that we just have popcorn for dinner. Not the best, most nutritional choice but at least it was homemade and healthier than microwave popcorn with a bunch or preservatives (at least that’s what I’m telling myself). Michael makes the best homemade popcorn on the stove. I’ve never had better! I add a little bit of salt, melted butter and a little nutritional yeast for a very yummy, savory snack.

I also made brownies, at Michael’s request, gluten free to be exact. I picked up a box of gluten free brownie mix at the grocery store that was on sale. The last time I attempted to make gf brownies from scratch they were so terrible that I tossed them in the garbage pretty much immediately. They were so bad. It kind of turned me off to gf baking to be quite honest, hence the box mix. I’m happy that these were actually delicious!

The brownies were plump and thick, at the same time kind of gooey. Definitely not your traditional gluten-free baked item that feels super dry and dense. It was just like a REAL brownie! I was shocked. Even though it came from a box, I was so happy with the results I will most definitely stick with this brand in the future.

photo 2
photo 1
Yes the brownies tasted just as amazing as they look. I’m really happy with this grocery store find! The package says that there’s 16 servings for 130 calories. When I cut the brownies I got about 13 servings instead making the brownies closer to 200 calories each instead. Still a decent number.

On Sunday I went to yoga (which is a nice recovery workout after the Warrior Room ass-kicking) and then prepped food for the week. Michael made queso for a superbowl snack (which I ended up eating way too much of as well). All in all I could have done better this weekend. I need to tighten things up, stop with the indulging and get back on track!

What Have We Been Up To?

It’s been a crazy, busy time for us these days! Michael is working really hard on the remodeling projects that took a back seat for awhile. Since he has time now to do the projects, he’s trying to get them all done. First, Michael put together the new cabinets from IKEA for our two bathrooms. The cabinets for the bathrooms are the same design and color as the kitchen cabinets.

Next, Michael hired a tile guy to finish the kitchen floors. DIY projects are HARD, expensive, time-consuming and often lead to mistakes. The tile guy was hired to fix our mistakes and finish up the DIY project we started. Here are some scenes from our kitchen this week:

Where’s the fridge?!?! It’s on the opposite side of the room temporarily. It’s been a challenge cooking breakfast this week–but totally worth it. The construction of the kitchen floors is messy and gross. The entire house is covered by a layer of dust! The cats are also freaked out with all the chaos, of course. And of COURSE Fat Kitty had to roll around in the dust. Gawd!

There are paw prints in the dust all over the house. I cannot wait for it to be completed so I can clean! The next project is hiring someone to install the kitchen counters. That MUST be done by a professional and it was the goal all along when we started the remodel four years ago. If done incorrectly, the whole kitchen would be ruined and the materials Michael bought would be wasted. He’s had the slabs of paperstone product for the countertops for as long as I’ve known him. We just need a professional to cut them. And no, the powder blue counter top is NOT staying! πŸ™‚

He’s also working on the backyard when the weather is decent. We’re getting ready for this year’s garden in baby steps. We’ve rotated the soil in our beds and mixed in the compost into them. And Michael has been doing the backbreaking work of shoveling bark dust. Oooof!

Here are a few “before” and “middle” pictures:

Look at how pretty it is! The new bark will make is sooo much easier this summer to maintain our humongous yard. Pulling weeds is one of the worst “yard chores.” I pull a weed and a few days later it’s back. Hopefully this will prevent the weed pulling. Then we can concentrate on the veggie garden.

I’m so excited about the yard taking shape. It’s going to look so great when it’s done. Since the yard is so huge, it will take awhile to complete the whole project.

I got home from work last night and Michael and his friend Jeremy were finishing up the bark project for the day. Michael had burned 4,400 calories! Wowza. The three of us went to Foster Burger for dinner and Michael and Jeremy both ate one burger each and then split a second (oh my god). It was pretty hilarious.

I will be posting more photos soon as the projects progress. I cannot wait to to post that “Before and After” THE KITCHEN IS DONE post!!!!! 4 years in the making!

QUESTION: Are you DIY-ing any projects?