smoked gouda

Good Gouda

I had such a good swim on Sunday morning. I was glad I wasn’t sore from yesterday’s snowshoeing adventures. I saw a woman at the pool this morning that I’ve seen many times. She’s so impressive to watch. I can spot a Swim Team Swimmer from a mile away and she’s definitely one (whether currently or in the past). She’s flawless in the pool and I know her routine (seen it many times in other swim team swimmers) like I know my own routine. We’re about the same pace, which is cool and sometimes a challenge for me to push myself a little harder. One thing: I am totally envious of her Butterfly stroke. It’s perfect. I’ve never learned how to do the butterfly and that’s one thing I wish I could do.

After my swim I relaxed in the hot tub, decompressed in the steam room and then headed home to eat lunch. I made an ingenious sandwich:

1 Onion Hamburger Bun – 200 calories

Sliced Deli Turkey Meat – 100 Calories

Sliced Smoked Gouda Cheese – 100 Calories

Light Mayo – 40 calories

440 calories of awesome.

I might have to go back to World Market and get some more smoked Gouda. I might be slightly addicted. I also had some strawberries and some chocolate.

Not only am I loving my lunch, I’m also having fun playing with my light box. The quality is so much better. Compare the above photos to Friday night’s dinner:

Now that I can see the quality difference in the photos I feel almost bad for posting the not-so-great ones! Bear with me as I learn all this stuff. 🙂

Bacon Jalapeno Turkey Burgers on the onion buns with sweet potato fries.

One of my most favorite of our meals! If you’ve noticed in our meal planning turkey burgers are a once a week occurrence. They are delicious, healthy, EASY, and convenient.

This coming week will be a little different. First, I have tomorrow off and have plans with a friend on Monday for dinner. Michael is on his own, having the sausage links for dinner. Then on Thursday I bought us tickets to see the Hood to Coast movie so we’ll most likely go out for happy hour before the movie. We also left next Saturday night blank. Mostly because I was at a mental loss of what to schedule. But I’m pretty sure Michael and I will be making pizza again! Thanks to all my readers who gave me GREAT pizza ideas for next time.

I discovered several blisters on my ankles from yesterday’s snowshoeing. I think it’s time to buy new hiking boots. Mine are pretty old and clearly not holding up anymore. I wear a size 8.5 but I’m wondering if I should buy a size 9? To accommodate swelling feet in summer time and/or thicker winter socks. Any thoughts? Or will a size 9 just give me more blisters because they are too big?

Today’s agenda: finish watching “I Hate Valentine’s Day” (great movie starring John Corbett) and maybe I’ll bake some cookies. I haven’t decided yet but that Kitchenaid Mixer is really calling to me….

QUESTION: What’s your favorite kind of cheese? And what’s something that you WISH you could do but can’t?

Stress Eating Done Wrong

Tuesday I was home again from work. I woke up without a voice and had been up all night coughing. I made a doctor appointment, went back to sleep and slept until 11am. Doctor diagnosis? Bronchitis. Fun times! My lungs are clear, I feel okay despite the coughing (not run down at all). She gave me antibiotics but said she wasn’t sure they’d even help. I decided to take them (even though I hate antibiotics) just in case I also had a sinus infection and woke up today feeling a lot better. Hmmm. I guess they worked?

This week can take a flying leap as far as Michael and I are concerned! It’s just been one crappy thing after another in a litany of crappiness and illness. Michael and I are good, don’t worry. Sometimes your partner needs some cheering up. Even though I was sick and not feeling great last night, I did my best to cheer him up.

I stopped at World Market on my way home from the doctor and pharmacy and picked up a mini summer sausage, smoked gouda cheese and a discounted box of Valentine’s chocolate covered fortune cookies.

I wrote a little note for Michael to cheer him up and included this fitting quote:

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” ~ Henry Ford

The smoked gouda was delicious and the sausage was a bit spicy. It really cheered him up.

After our snack I started making dinner. I seasoned the last of our salmon fillets with salt, pepper, a little bit of lemon pepper seasoning and dill.

I sliced up a lemon and topped each salmon fillet with that. The fresh just makes it better.

I added some defrosted green beans to each of the foil packets to cook along with the salmon. It was a super easy way to cook dinner.

I baked it for about 22 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees. While dinner was baking we ate small Caesar salads. The dressing was even better a few days later.

Dinner was good. It was also really simple: bonus!

We sat by candlelight and ate dinner, then had dessert.

Now to the stress eating…Being sick and having massive stresses this last week led me to make some not great choices yesterday. I woke up at 11, skipped breakfast and ate the last of the brownies instead. Probably the equivalent of 1.5 brownie.  I ate lunch and then was good the rest of the afternoon.

Then when I was making dinner I ate one of the cupcakes I made. Like seriously. Why? I was making dinner. I’d be eating it within 20 minutes…I couldn’t resist a cupcake and wait until after dinner? Ugh. And guess what? I still ate dessert!

After dinner Michael and I both ate one brownie cupcake (the last of them) and then we split one of the chocolate covered fortune cookies. Bad, bad choices on my part.

QUESTION: Are you a stress eater? How do you prevent it?