Cycling Clothes

Last Ride

Well I’m pretty sure last week’s ride to work was the last bike commute for the winter. It was dry and crisp, the perfect fall day, but FREEZING. It was around 40 degrees when I got up and out of the house and I think that’s being generous. Even though I have decent gear (and supposedly cold weather gloves) my fingers were so frozen they hurt. Same with my toes and my face. The rest of me warmed up nicely on the ride.


The Springwater Trail was fairly empty that morning. I stopped mid-ride to blow my nose (cold weather makes it runny, same with my eyes) and my friend Debby rode past! So I caught up to her and we rode the rest of the way into work together. It was nice because we chatted a little and it distracted us both on how miserable we were!


So yeah, that was the last ride!

I was so cold the rest of the day at work. Even though I was wearing a sweater, I just had a chill. I was so freezing that I skipped my apple for my morning snack and got a cup of broccoli cheddar soup to warm me up. I ate half of it and then had the rest with my lunch.

The afternoon was much more pleasant. It was warmer and the sun was out.



About 10 miles total for the day. It was a pretty good way to end the cycling season. I’d done Body Pump the night before (took it easier this time so I wouldn’t be as crippled). By the afternoon ride home I was starting to stiffen up and get more sore. I think the bike ride helped loosen me up a tad.

So how are the kitties doing?

I figured it was time for an update on how the wild beasts in my home are getting along. As I predicted, Maya is staying in the bedroom and doesn’t come out. I knew it would take her a lot of time. Fat Kitty, on the other hand, has FINALLY decided to assert his authority. He’s the King of the house and he’s letting Bella know it!

Last Tuesday night I got home from Body Pump and watched as Fat Kitty and Bella met. For two hours. It was quite entertaining. He alternated what side of the gate he was on as he hissed and growled at Bella. Bella was really good and didn’t chase him or antagonize him. She’d sit on one side of the gate, Fat Kitty on the other. Bella seemed more curious and scared than anything! She’d run back to the couch and look scared:

That short video needs audio. That is Fat Kitty growling at Bella. 🙂 He’s so fierce! Last Wednesday night I hung out in the bedroom with Fat Kitty watching some TV. He sat next to me on the bed and Bella came in and laid down on the floor at the foot of the bed. It was awesome! Fat Kitty didn’t growl for nearly 30 minutes! The three of us just hung out together. I was so impressed at the leaps and bounds the animals are making with each other.

But they aren’t ready to be alone together yet. So when Michael I got dressed to go out to dinner for date night, I put Bella in the crate for the hour or so we’d be gone. She wasn’t happy about it and I felt badly but…it’s too soon for her to just be out and about without us there.


Michael was going out of town for a week so we went to Eleni’s in Sellwood for dinner as a date night before he left. Eleni’s has a special place in my heart because it’s where we had our first date.


I ordered a glass of  Pinot Gris with dinner and we started with Michael’s favorite appetizer, the “Ktipiti” which is a spicy feta dip. It’s so good! We always order it.

It came with warm pita bread, veggies and Greek olives. If I could have licked the plate of the feta dip residue I would have, it’s that delicious. For my entree I went with the steamed mussels that were in a tomato and garlic sauce with onions and feta. I’ve been craving clams or mussels for weeks! Finally got to have it.

Michael ordered the lamb special of the night. It was a leg of lamb where the meat was so tender it fell off the bone and mashed sweet potatoes. It came with sauteed kale but they’d used a really heavy hand with the lemon and it was basically inedible. Which was weird because we’ve always had a good meal at the Sellwood Eleni’s.


On the way home we stopped at Dairy Queen for a blizzard. It’s been a good 8 years since I’ve been! I used to be obsessed with Blizzards and would eat the big ones at least once or twice a week. This time Michael and I ordered the mini–which surprisingly still had a lot of calories in it! The mini was about 350 calories. Eeeek. Oh well. It was worth it. It will probably be another 8 years before I go back. 😉

We got home and let Bella out of the crate for the rest of the evening and Fat Kitty was extra grumpy. Hissing, spitting, growling. It feels like we take one step forward, two steps back with the cat and dog!

QUESTION: If you have a dog and cat, how long did it take for them to get along? 

Don’t Forget Your Bra

When you bike to work, it’s easy to forget crucial things. Especially if it’s not something you do on a regular basis. When I was biking a lot I was much better at being prepared. I kept a change of clothes at work, I tried to bring in everything I’d need the day before I planned on biking in. For the most part it worked. One time I got to work and realized I forgot to pack my bra in the backpack. I ended up having to wear my sweaty sports bra all day long. That was not fun and I definitely double check now!

On Monday of this week I decided I’d bike (part way) to work on Tuesday. As I was leaving work I had the odd urge to double check my drawer with spare clothes. Thank goodness I did! Apparently I had taken home my spare pair of pants to wash and never brought them back! Had I not checked, Tuesday I would have been wearing my bike shorts all day. 😛 As attractive as that is…no thanks. Recently Michael had a similar experience. He biked to work and texted me that he forgot his underwear. I had to chuckle. Been there, done that. I texted him back and told him to go down to Macy’s or Ross and buy a pair of underwear (one perk to working downtown). He was so grateful and hadn’t thought of that; so he went to Macy’s and bought some underwear.

It reminded me of another time I had a clothing mishap. It was when I first started to lose weight (I’d lost about 30 pounds so far) and I was at a new job downtown. I had just gotten to work and my work pants split. It was horrifying. I didn’t know what to do! My boss at the time told me to take my break early and go down to Ross and buy some pants. So I wrapped my sweater around my waist and bought a skirt. Too funny!

Tuesday I got up early and it was brutal. I did not sleep Monday night. I think I was having major anxiety about riding to work. I’ve been having fairly good knee days lately and was scared to ruin that. So I was pretty groggy when I got up. It was 65 degrees at 7 a.m. so I didn’t need pants or long sleeves. It was nice!

I forced myself to go slow and not push it. It was definitely frustrating to be passed by EVERYONE. But oh well! I was happy to be able to ride.


My heart rate was really high the whole ride in the morning. I’m positive that anxiety had something to do with it. But I’m happy with how it went. When I got to work and cleaned up, I iced my knees for a few minutes just in case. God, these knees are making me neurotic! (Or, more neurotic than I already was…)

Ride Home

As the day progressed, my knees got a little tight but nothing too bad. I iced a few times. By the time it was ready to get back on the bike, I was hopeful but nervous. Instead of going the route I usually take, over the Morrison Bridge to the East Side, I wanted to avoid the hills if possible so I took the Steel Bridge over.

I tried to take it slow but muscle memory kicked in and found myself pushing harder and going faster than I should have. I reminded myself to slow down. Then I got to the Springwater Trail and was cruising a long. There was a girl on a mountain bike ahead of me that was going a pretty good pace, nicely matched with me. Then we got to the small hill and the girl on the mountain bike slowed way down. She struggled to get up the hill and tried switching gears. I had to pass her. She was just too slow. I made it up the hill without any effort, so that was nice!

I passed by Oaks Park (the amusement park on the waterfront) and then all of a sudden Michael passed by me. He slowed down to bike side by side for a moment and then took off! He was riding all the way home and I was almost to the car.

My total miles for the day: 12.23.

Definitely not the same as last summer but it’s better than not getting on the bike at all. I had a similar calorie burn on the way home (almost identical) and I felt pretty good all in all.


That night my knees were slightly tight but okay. I foam rolled. I drank a lot of water. I iced. The next day they were still tight but I wasn’t having any flare ups! I hope that I’m over the worst of it and can start biking once a week. Maybe by the end of summer I can bike from home!

QUESTION: What is your worst clothing mishap?