Thursday Confessions

I feel the urge to share more about my life after yesterday’s post. A blog is a funny thing…I’m in complete control of whatever I post and share with my readers. 95% of the time I stick to the topic: weight loss. But honestly there’s a lot more about me than just being “The Chick That Lost 110 Pounds.”

Here goes…

Confession: When I was about 24 years old I started the process to adopt a baby.


I was single, living on my own, had a good job and I’ve always wanted to have kids. I feel very strongly about adoption and I’ve always had the desire to adopt a baby or kid in need of love and stability. I had some money saved up and the company I worked for matched adoption costs up to about $7k I think?

I was going through the process to adopt, looking for babies, planning, reading every book I could find. I even made an appointment with an adoption agency to get started.

I was determined. It didn’t bother me that I would be doing it on my own. I had a good job, thought I could afford it, I had so much love to give…I sat down before my appointment and wrote down every cost I could imagine for adoption and monthly/daily child rearing.

I realized the responsible thing to do was wait until I had more money saved up. I was pretty sad that I didn’t do it but I think it was the right decision to make. Shortly after that I ended up adopting Fat Kitty (and a few months later, Maya).



Confession: I almost bought my own house.

When I was 25 I decided that I wanted to get out of apartment living and buy a house on my own. I had some savings, the housing market in Portland was AMAZING for buyers and I was determined to do it on my own. I house hunted and looked at about 30 different houses, making an offer on three different ones that fell through.

The last house that I made an offer on was the one I really wanted. I got my heart set on it. It was in NE Portland not too far from the college and public transportation. It was a nice neighborhood and near a park. The kitchen was brand new. There were some cosmetic fixes that needed to be done but it was basically move-in ready. The house was 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and an unfinished basement. Probably around 1,100 square feet. It was so cute (yellow with white trim) and listed at $90k. Can you imagine?

I made an offer. I went to Vegas for the first time for my birthday and got a message from my Realtor while I was out of town that I didn’t get it. A developer offered the SAME amount of money I offered ($95k) but in cash. So lame. It burned and soured me from wanting to keep looking. I decided to take a break from house hunting for a few months and never looked again. The market quickly changed and honestly it was a blessing in disguise. I don’t think I would have been able to pay for the house on my own now that I see what kind of house costs Michael has. It truly was a good thing I didn’t get it.

Another confession: I can get totally sucked into HOURS of “House Hunters.”


Confession: I probably won’t run a long race.


My goal after running Hood to Coast had been the Las Vegas Half Marathon. I had my sights on running The Strip. What an amazing experience that would be! I think my injury has shown me that I’m probably not a long distance runner. If I ever run races again I think I might be sticking with 5k or 8k distances. I’m disappointed but it might just be the way it is.


Confession: I wish I could REALLY cook.

I read a lot of foodie blogs. It started out just for fun, then it was because I wanted to try and teach myself how to cook meals. I read a few websites that are impressive. The recipes they do are advanced and complicated–too hard for me to attempt to be honest. I really wish I could though. One of my favorites to drool over is Salty Seattle. Her food looks like art!

My brother is the one with the cooking gene in our family. I’ve been picking his brain lately on different things to try.


Confession: If money was no issue, I’d go on a long vacation to either Tuscany or Napa Valley.

How romantic and relaxing would it be to wake up whenever I felt like it, with the sun shining into the window of a villa? Wine, cheese, good food, hiking…It sounds like heaven to me!


Confession: I think I’m ready for a puppy!




QUESTION: Want to confess something?


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    1. I was! I sat down and wrote down how much daycare, food, medicine, school, clothes etc would cost and realized I wasn’t ready yet.

      What would you do other than a 9-5 job?

  1. Today I nearly ate an entire bag of macaroni and cheese potato chips. On the drive back form Target. I am totally depressed about this.


  2. Confession: I have not been in love with my boyfriend for the last 4 years. I won’t kick him out of the house because I love his son…not in a strange sicko way…but a Mom way. He has lived with us for the last 6 years and the thought of his future being unstable and it being my fault would kill me.

  3. We spent two weeks in Tuscany and it was EVERYTHING I could ever imagine! We rented a small farm house that was nothing short of amazing. The entire house was around $125 per night … and this was booked a week before we left! πŸ™‚ It was exactly as you have pictured.

    Really enjoying your blog! Great confessions. Fat Kitty is adorable and I crack up every time I read that name!

    1. Oooooh! Your farm house in Tuscany sounds exactly like what I’m dreaming of. Have you read “Under the Tuscan Sun”? The book is so good (the way she describes the villa and the food makes me long to be there). The movie was just okay. It’s a shame they had to turn it into a “chick flick.”

      Thanks for reading! (And Fat Kitty is just his blog persona. He’s got a real name. lol)

      1. We were only supposed to be there a few days, but we missed our connecting flight (ooops!) and ended up extending. It really was a magical two weeks. There were about 7 houses, super far from each other, around the vineyard, a family owned little spot for breakfast and dinners. I did read that book. πŸ™‚ I think the walk into town was a good 50 minute walk so, although we didn’t go into town much, we got a good workout in when we did!

        OMG, I am cracking up that it’s not his REAL name. πŸ™‚

  4. Wish I could work from home, but I have NO idea what I would do. Maybe if someone paid me to exercise (might motivate me more to move my butt).

    Puppies are the best!!!

  5. That was brave to write all that out. My confession for today….hmm….I’m exhausted and growing a headache. Was going to workout when I got home tonight, but am going to blow it off. How lame is THAT after all your brave confessions?

  6. Holy Toledo – I would have never guessed you (from what I know reading your blog) that you would adopt a baby on your own! I know I can’t wait to have babies of my own, but doing it on my own would be so hard…..I would be an option, but probably not until I was 40 and all other options were exhausted. I commend you for starting the process at 25. What are your thoughts now? Are you still looking to adopt? Do you want to have your own? What does your significant other want?

    I also enjoyed this post very much – just sayin’!

    1. I forgot………
      I can’t wait to have a baby or buy house, I’m just not sure I can afford either…….My significant other needs to finish his dissertation, we need to get out of debt, and then start saving.

      This Friday will be our 6th anniversary of being together!

    2. I would still like to adopt someday but I’d also like to have at least one of my own.

      Michael and I have talked about the kids and future we want together. I think for men (or some at least) it’s more important to have a genetic link to their kids. I love all kids so it doesn’t matter to me if we share genes.

  7. that’s it! you’re coming over and cooking with me. then we’re going to run the rock n roll half marathon together ,dammit- it’ll be fun! you’re inspiring- great post.

  8. I loved this post Lisa! You sound a bit like me.

    My Confession: I always thought I wanted to be a career woman and take on the world. The older I get (and the more my boyfriend and I talk about our future-marriage, kids, etc.), the more I can see myself as a stay at home mom and feel totally fulfilled with it. It’s kinda crazy for me because I was never ever that type of girl growing up. However, after the last couple of years without decent job perspectives and a very stalled career path, I have found that there are more important things in life.

    1. Diana–I feel the same way. My whole life I was this independent, feminist type…VERY feminist in fact. The older I get though the less I think a career/job is important in life. Like really–if the world ended tomorrow would I be happy and satisfied because I had a job? Or because I had a family? Family all the way!

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