How to Lose Weight – Week Two Check In

How to Lose Weight – Week Two Check In

How was this week? This week’s challenges may have been more difficult.

Getting rid of the all the junk food in the house was probably the hardest part of this week’s checklist. I for one hate wasting food. I don’t know why it drives me nuts to throw food away, or waste money, but it really does. Hopefully you were able to get over that hurdle and get the temptations out of your house.

You can read Week One to catch up. Here’s a quick recap:

Step One – Measure Your Body and Weigh In

Step Two – Count Your Calories

Step Three – Get a Journal

Step Four – Set a Goal

This week we did a few crucial things:

Step One – Remove All Junk Food From the House

Step Two – Exercise

Step Three – Don’t Drink Your Calories

Step Four – Make a List

I don’t expect many people to comment on this ongoing series. It’s more of just a way for me to answer a lot of the common “How do I start?” questions. The basic concept of losing weight: burn more calories than you eat. While that can be something super simple to understand logically, emotionally it’s difficult. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the entire task of losing a lot of weight.

One reason it’s harder to DO than it is to KNOW is because our bodies need food. No matter what. We have to eat. It’s not like we can just stop eating and lose weight like an alcoholic would just stop drinking. Plus as Americans we live in a nation of excess and moderation is not something that is very common. I used to think that a restaurant portion was a portion. What a difference awareness makes! Holy cow! Was I wrong!

So I will continue this series because I know that someone, somewhere, will appreciate it. Maybe they’ll read the steps and something with click for them like it “clicked” for me.

QUESTION: What was the most difficult challenge this week? How did you do with the other steps?

Check back in on Monday for Week Three.


The Gorilla Diet

Recently I read an article about how Gorillas living in captivity are prone to heart disease. The gorillas, specifically Western lowland gorillas, were dying prematurely from heart related diseases.


The article went on to talk about how two male gorillas have lost 65 pounds by eating a diet of endive, romaine lettuce, green beans, alfalfa hay, dandelion greens, flax seeds and multivitamins. They eat about 10 pounds of this green leafy salad every day. Compare that to their previous diet: on their old sugary, starchy diet they were overweight and less mobile.

Animals are so smart. They just intuitively know.

What I find the most interesting is that they are basically describing a raw food or vegan diet in a way. I don’t have any experience with a vegan diet. I was a vegetarian for about 12 years (and did everything wrong). While I’m a full-fledged meat eater now I’m fascinated by this topic. Maybe because in a way I am attracted to whole food diets. The more that Michael and I Meal Plan and eat healthier meals, the  less processed foods I want to eat.

I’ve noticed that I feel better since the Meal Planning. We’ve both also lost some weight. I am listening to my body even more and I see what types of food fills me up the most: protein and fiber. It’s great seeing the correlation and progress.


QUESTION: Are you vegan? Or do you eat a raw diet? Thoughts?

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  1. Does that mean the gorillas weren’t getting heart disease on this new veggie diet?

    I totally know what you mean about wasting food. I won’t just eat it to eat it, but there’s a chicken breast in the fridge that I won’t let Chris throw out. It’s not that old, but he’s ready to toss it faster than I am.

    I can tell that eating better has realllly helped with cravings. I looked at the desserts at Cash & Carry today, and they weren’t even tempting. I felt nothing. There were years when I would have felt such a strong pull that a cheesecake would have ended up in my cart practically by levitation and mind control. Instead I bought my celery and cukes for juicing, a pork loin (which we never eat), some dressing for marinating, and some ingredients for a totally decadent WW pizza dish. I lost another 1.4 lbs this week (even after eating that Whiffie Fruit Pie from the 12th Street food cart) so I’m proof you can have treats, in small amounts, and lose weight. By not depriving myself, they’ve lost their power over me!

    (PS. Thanks for quoting me the other day. Meant to tell you that!)

    1. I think when their diets improved the heart disease decreased–which is evidenced in humans too.

      You are SO right about the cravings. Once I got healthy things that used to tempt me weren’t appealing. For example, I used to eat those slices of cheesecake from Fred Meyer at least 3-4 times a week. Now I can walk by them at the store and not even have a twinge.

      Congrats on losing another 1.4lb! I love that so many people are having positive results with the new WW plan!

  2. I’m not a vegan (or even a vegetarian) but I’ve found for me eating meatless means forces me to eat more veggies and eat better overall.
    Have you been to Blossoming Lotus? It’s a semi-raw vegan place over by Lloyd Center-it’s kinda fun to try (but good lord knows I’m never going to be a raw vegan…)

    1. I have not tried that place. I’d give it a shot though.

      I honestly eat a lot of veggies. For example, today I had a lean cuisine that had a bunch of veggies in it (I know, processed food but I’m trying to get rid of them from our freezer!) and I reheated the leftover squash. Tonight with dinner I’ll have steamed broccoli and cauliflower. For a snack I ate an apple…I eat tons of fruit and veggies so I don’t think my diet would be improved by a raw diet…? But I’m only basing that on the fact that I eat veggies. 🙂

  3. I’ve been trying to balance the number of calories I eat each day in the past couple of weeks, and I think it’s working! I’d been eating way too many calories on weekends, and too few on weekdays. That, coupled with training for my first half marathon, may be throwing me off a bit, but so far the scale is moving downward, even if it’s going a bit slower than I’d like. (Wish I could lose more than 10 lbs. a week like those crazy kids on the Biggest Loser!) But one thing I can’t stop craving: sweets. I gave up cheese for Lent and I think I’ve replaced it with sweets.

    1. Jennifer–you may not lose as much during your marathon training. Honestly training for running races often causes GAIN. I gained a bit as I trained for a year for Hood to Coast. Once I was injured and stopped running, I immediately lost 4 pounds!

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