Leg Massage and Sushi…Perfect Night

I got a much needed pedicure after work yesterday. I met my friend at our usual spot and relaxed in the massaging chair. It was heavenly! The lady massage my legs and my feet for a good 15 minutes or more.

It felt sooo good. I told her that I’d run that day and I think she spent extra time on my legs. I literally melted into the chair.

After the pedicures, my friend and I went to Mio Sushi. A new Mio opened up in Sellwood (which is awesome because it’s right by my house!). The place was packed but we got seats quickly.

I ordered a peach and mango iced tea. It was more like a dessert than a drink! There were chunks of sweet mango in the tea. It was amazing (and I think my new favorite thing).

I ordered a cucumber and asparagus salad before the sushi came. I was hungry all day yesterday.

My friend doesn’t eat meat or raw fish, so she chose a few vegetarian rolls. I Β ordered a Philly Roll and a Dragon Roll (it had spicy tuna, cucumber and I think eel).

I had them all to myself! πŸ˜€

Usually when I get sushi with Michael or my friend Robyn, we share two or three different rolls. I decided that I can only eat about one and a half rolls by myself.

The Philly Roll is by far my favorite. I have no idea why, but anything with cream cheese in it–I’ll eat. I was STUFFED by the time we were done eating.

It was a really good night and it was nice spending time with my friend. We don’t spend enough time together anymore since I moved. πŸ™

I went home and read in bed. But not for very long. Then this happened:

NUDGE. NUDGE. Fat Kitty decided I wasn’t going to read. Instead, I was supposed to pay attention to him.

How could I resist that face?

I woke up this morning with SORE LEGS! Ugh. I haven’t felt this sore in awhile. I have no idea why–yesterday’s run wasn’t all that different from what it usually is.

The consensus of my readers regarding Jello Legs was low blood sugar/not enough food before running. When I run at lunch, I usually eat a banana 45 minutes-1 hours before I run. Yesterday I had a ChobaniΒ GreekΒ yogurt. So I think I will go back to the tried and true banana.

This morning I have one of these:

And it’s really hitting the spot after a long, exhausting week!

QUESTION: Do you get pedicures on a regular basis? What’s your favorite sushi roll?

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  1. I love getting pedicures and try to do it every 2-3 weeks but sometimes its a lot longer between. My toes always turn out terrible if I do them myself, plus its a nice treat.

    My favorite sushi rolls are spicy tuna and eel avocado. I could eat ANY kind of sushi though because I love it all.

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