Gimme Carbs with a Side of Carbs

What’s the best part about participating in a race?



Personal Accomplishment?





After work Thursday night I went to a teammate’s house for a spaghetti dinner and van decorating party! I was not shy about my helpings either. The day before a race is time to eat tons of food. Fuel up! I had at LEAST 3 servings of spaghetti. 2 mini slices of French bread with butter. An awesome salad with chunks of avocado in it. And one beer.

It ruled. I ate it like I hadn’t eaten in a week. Which was somewhat true…I had been limiting my calories a bit this week.

Oh yeah. I had a slice of cake too. YUMMY.

It was freakin’ awesome. After eating and chatting, we went outside to decorate the two vans.

We are team “Pull it Together” and as a team, we have some rules:

Lots to do tomorrow!

Good night!

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  1. You’ve probably already explained this somewhere on the blog, but what part of the relay are you doing? How many are on your team?

    And GOOD LUCK! I’ll be thinking about you today!

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