Keto Background

I wanted to give a little background about what made me decide to give this a try.

Read this post for the explanation about the weight gain. After trying a different medication that made me really really sick (and the doctor told me to stop it immediately), I went back on the prozac at the lowest dose possible. I haven’t gained any weight on the low dose, which is good. But I still had that pesky 10 pounds I gained last year. Oye.

Anyways. I talked to my doctor about a few things. I just have not felt like myself since I had Logan. The weight was hard to lose. I wasn’t a lucky girl who shrank back to my pre-pregnancy body with breastfeeding (NOPE I gained weight breastfeeding). I thought once I quit breastfeeding I’d lose the babyweight, but it was a hard, hard slog. I got close. I got down to 9 pounds left when I gained it all back on the prozac. So I felt particularly angry about that!

I talked to my doctor about how hard it’s been. I actually asked her about a diet drug. I know, I know. I was feeling pretty desperate. But a friend of mine had lost about 40 pounds on Contrave and I asked my doctor about it. She was willing to prescribe it for me, even though it wouldn’t be covered by insurance. I’d have to pay out of pocket (very expensive too) and I actually considered it. And then after further discussion, I decided against it.

Basically, Contrave is a combination medication of Wellbutrin (an antidepressant that I’ve had success on in the past) and some kind of opioid blocker that helps people get off drugs? At least that’s my understanding of it. It basically blocks the part of your brain that makes you crave/obsess about food and overeat. My friend said it made her have no appetite and food just didn’t seem appealing. Except when I talked to my doctor about it, the dosage of Wellbutrin in the Contrave was INSANE. I forget what it is now but it was the max dosage that you can take and way back in the day I took the max dosage of Wellbutrin and had seizures on it.

Needless to say, I decided Contrave was not for me.

It was a moment of weakness, anyways, to consider it, but I’m glad I got more information and I’m glad I made the decision for myself.

When I talked to my doctor about it and told her I wouldn’t take it, she suggested I consider the Keto diet. She said that there were a lot of people in her office doing it for the new year and being successful and happy on it. She had another doctor who was an expert in it call me and tell me more about it. She gave me some tips and ordered some blood work.

Well, last week I did two things. 1) I weighed myself for the first time since before Christmas and 2) I got my fasting glucose tested.

My official starting weight: 177.2

(Pre-prozac I was 166, my pre-pregnancy weight was 157, my goal weight is 150)

I would like to lose 20 pounds. 27 would be AMAZING. Talking to Michael, I tried to figure out what would be a realistic goal for the first month of the Keto diet. Somewhere between 4-6 pounds for the month of February? I really don’t know. I’ve never done such a severe low carb diet before. Even when I did the low-ish carb thing before, I still had a lot of carbs. I didn’t give up my coffee creamer or my fruit or my yogurt….so we’ll see.

As for the fasting blood test. I was honestly pretty surprised at how high it was:

I’m not pre-diabetic but i’m getting there. Could it be because I had the flu and didn’t work out for almost two weeks before the test? Maybe? I have no idea. I’ve made a lot of changes to my diet in the past few months (for the better) but still my fasting sugar levels are high. Too high.

So here’s to hopefully a successful go at Keto!

Author: Lisa Eirene

About Lisa Eirene Lisa lost 110 pounds through calorie counting and exercise. She swims, bikes, runs, hikes and is enjoying life in Portland, Oregon. Her weight loss story has been featured in First Magazine, Yahoo Health, Woman's Day and

13 thoughts on “Keto Background”

  1. You might have said and I missed it – do you have starting cholesterol numbers? I speak from experience. Have starting numbers so you are able to see if there are any dramatic changes.

      1. As long as you have numbers from within the year (as you do), I think you will be fine.

        Hopefully your good numbers will hold steady.

        Mine did not. Boarderline. Got much higher. And that lead to a heart scan. All was well. But I am now doing the opposite (now low fat and always low carbs) until May and then rechecking.

        Please post regularly as you progress. I would really like to follow along. (I am always interested in a good science experiment).

          1. Our guess is – hereditary make up and Increased fat intake. Healthy fats.

            So I am in the process of eating egg whites instead of eggs. And very little meat. And almost no dairy. And then we will rerun blood work in May and see what happens.

  2. I know that seduction of medication – it is so tempting just to give ourselves that kick-start. Sounds like you made a good decision for yourself. I lost 62 pounds 7 years ago and put 15 back on. I’ve been at that weight for about a year and a half. I figure I have maintenance nailed down, it’s just maintaining at 15 pounds heavier than I want. There is some fluctuation, but never more than 1-3 pounds either direction, and it’s just maddening. I have considered Keto, but I just don’t think it’s something I would be able to stick to. I think the answer most likely lies in my portion sizes and beer consumption…sigh…

    1. Ahhh beer… 🙂

      Yeah I thought the meds would just be a kickstart too.

      The keto plan is hopefully short term. I’d like to lose the weight and then go into maintenance mode. I may not get back down to my goal weight, age, metabolism, etc etc but I’d like to get close. I know I can maintain–I did it for 10 years!

  3. I know you know maintenance, Lisa – yours is a success story no matter which way you look at it! I like that you’re always willing to look at new things to try and ways to tweak your diet and lifestyle. It’s a good reminder that we are ALL works-in-progress, and it is a life-long commitment to good health that is the goal, not the numbers, right?

  4. If you’re concerned about your fasting glucose, you could get a glucometer and test your blood glucose to see how it varies. You can just buy one- you don’t need to be diabetic to do it.
    This would help you to see:
    *if your fasting glucose is a consistent problem
    *if your glucose actually gets too low due to the keto diet

    I tested my glucose because I worked with diabetes patients and wanted to get more of an idea of what they were going through and I got tons of free testing supplies through work. (That said, do NOT take my post as medical advice– your doctor is the only one who can give you official advice here.)

    1. I follow a few keto and paleo people and have seen the meters you talk about. Not sure if I am committed enough yet to do something like that. I am going to get through the first month and see how it goes/how I feel. But I appreciate the tip!

  5. I just started Prozac and dreading the weight gain. What dosage did you start at and at what point did you feel weight gain got worse? Thank you! My doctor keeps telling me it’s weight neutral, but I’ve been on Zoloft and celexa so know it’s inevitable.

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