Does Grunting Make it Work Better?

You’ve all heard those guys at the gym. The grunters. The screamers. The yellers.

They are the guys that lift so much weight they scream. My question is: does screaming make the weights lighter? I’m seriously curious because I see/hear it so often.

Now that I’m working out in the gym more often, and specifically using weights, I’m around these guys all the time. The guys that lift ridiculous amounts of weight, the guys that pump iron as fast as they can and scream while they do it.

It’s really distracting. Just last night I was at the gym and this guy had a session with one of the personal trainers. He was screaming as he used one of the weight machines. A weight machine I use often (but at a reasonable weight for me me, which is about 45 pounds). It works the biceps and the sides of the body (love handles).

The entire half of the gym turned to look at this guy. A few other people were snickering to each other about it. Then the guy continued to scream. Was he trying to draw attention to himself and the fact that he was lifting weights?Β If that was the case, it sort of backfired on him because my first thought was, “If he has to scream that loudly, maybe he shouldn’t lift so much weight.”

I don’t think I’ve ever been compelled to scream or grunt while lifting weights. Is this something I should be trying to work towards? Clue me in. πŸ˜‰

Ashley from Fashionably Fit asked me if I ever listed my weight routine. Well, just off the top of my head here goes:

My Weight Lifting Routine


Side Shoulder Raise Machine – Deltoids

Shoulder Press Machine

Overhead Press Machine


French Press Machine -Triceps

Triceps Dips

Bicep Curl

Lat Pull Down


Chest Press Machine

Inclined Chest Press Machine

Pec-Fly Machines (front and back)


Seated Row Machine


Ab Crunch Machine


Oblique Twists (Russian Twist)


(Unweighted) Ab Crunch Machine

There are some more machines that I use that I can’t think of right now. So that’s essentially what I do when I lift weights. That’s what I did last night after work, and then I went to the part of the gym to work on my core and my strengthening exercise from the Doc.

That first part of the workout took 53 minutes and I burned 371 calories.

After that I went downstairs and found the one free treadmill to work on my Return To Running Plan. I attempted to turn the speed up just a fraction compared to Saturday’s workout. Previously the Walk Portion speed was 1.2. This time I did it at a speed of 2.9. It was a comfortable pace for a slow walk.

I walked for 1 minute at that pace and then jogged at a speed of 4.0 instead of Saturday’s 3.5.

It was also a comfortable jog pace. I could actually walk fast at that pace so I know it wasn’t too fast. Walk, Jog, Walk, Jog, and so on. It was much faster than Saturday’s rehab jog for one mile.

I finished up with a bunch of stretching and hurried home to drink my chocolate milk before fixing leftovers for dinner.

Gym Stats:

Time: 1:18

Calories Burned: 539

Workouts: Weight lifting, core, strengthening exercises, Walk/Jog

I was a good little rehabber and was sure to do more stretching, foam roll, and ice when I got home.

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  1. That’s just weird. I used to work out at the Gold’s Gym in Venice, where Arnold originally trained. and while there were grunts I certainly don’t remember any screaming. These guys were professionals. Serious professionals. I don’t think serious bodybuilders scream. I think I would have complained to someone. That’s just not necessary.

  2. I have always wondered about the grunting. I just began using some weights, but I don’t feel the need to make noises. LOL. That is just weird, maybe he wants people to notice him.

    On another note, that is a great workout routine you have there!!

  3. I was just talking to a friend of mine about people who grunt during yoga classes, and how it makes her feel a bit uncomfortable. While people are told to just “let it all out” during yoga classes – like weight lifting – sometimes it gets to be a bit too much.

  4. I grunt sometimes from effort on the last few reps. Just as a push to get through it, particularly on the really heavy stuff.

    If he was yelling that much, the weights were too heavy (or he is a wuss).

    I was watching mythbusters a few weeks ago and they did an experiment to see if your pain threshold was increased by loud cursing. They had people keep their arms submerged in iced water for as long as possible. Then they did it with loud cursing. When they cursed, they were actually able to keep their arms in the water longer. So, maybe there is something to it!

    I think there is a point where it is just too loud. It is one thing to grunt or give yourself a little push talk, but shouting and yelling is just totally unnecessary.

  5. I know it weird and when these kind of people do scream, everyone tend to look his/her way but in my opinion, I think they scream for motivation. To “pump” themselves with motivation to lift that heavy weight.

  6. I am curious, do you do that same lifting routine every day? Or do you do some like, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and the rest on the other says? I only ask because I personally was advised against working the same areas every day simply because I needed to give those areas time to rest. So I do upper body MWF and lower body TTS and all day rest on Sunday. So yeah, just wondering. I am sure you know what’s best for you, but I’d hate to see you get frustrated because it’s not working anymore, or heaven forbid, get injured somewhere new.

  7. Ahh thank you for posting this! My favorite move is the assisted pull-up. I have it set so I’m only pulling up about 60 pounds, but man, you can FEEL it, and you can really feel it two days later.

    I have to say, I love the efficiency of lifting. I can spend a half hour there and feel exhausted in a way that I just can’t get from cardio. I meet with the trainer again Saturday so he can give me lower body moves.

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