Running in a Rain Cloud

Sunday morning I slept in til 8am and then got up to go for a run. I love running in new places. The change of scenery is energizing and it’s a fun way to sight-see. Some of my favorite runs have been in other places–Vegas, Tucson…

Remember how I said we left Portland, rainy and cold and arrived in Dallas in the middle of their first storm in 6 months?Ironic, yes. I wanted to lay in bed and relax a bit but I checked the weather app and it said the rain was going to start at 9am and last most of the day. It was now or NEVER. I got up and headed outside. I started out easy and ran down the quiet neighborhood street. I wanted to beat the coming rain.

The road was rolling and soft (easy on my knees). I ran a mile down to the main street in 10 minutes. It felt soooo good to run that fast! I am getting closer and closer to my pre-injury pace (about 9’5 mile).

It was fairly cool for Texas but still pretty warm out. It was also very humid. It felt like I was running through a cloud ready to dump on me at any second. Despite the humidity I did okay. I ran by some impressive houses and only stopped to walk a few times.

I ran through a small dog park with a duck pond. There were bridges crossing gullies where water probably was during stormy weather.

I stayed close to home for awhile until I got a feel for the neighborhood layout. Then I ventured further out. There were rolling hills which gave me a good workout.

I ran down a hill and stopped to see a historical marker–an old cemetery from the 1800’s. It was nestled in between a few new houses. Michael’s stepmom later told me that the area was supposedly built on old Indian burial grounds. Yikes! Poltergeist, anyone??

I headed back up the hill toward home because I started to feel some raindrops. I didn’t want to be too far away during a downpour. I made it back to the house just before the rain started.

Look at me!!! Almost 5 MILES BABY!!!! And I wasn’t sore at all. I had no pain, no aches, no weird twinges in my knees or legs or ankles. Nothing. It was amazing. I’ve come to the conclusion that I always run better on vacation. 😉

Run Stats:
Time: 1:03
Calories Burned: 560
Distance: 4.75 miles!

I’m happy with my run! I had no body aches and being able to do almost 5 miles felt GREAT!!

Back at the house I stretched (sort of), showered and we all ate breakfast before heading out for the day. Michael’s stepmom made a Quiche Lorraine and cheesy grits! I’d never had cheesy grits before. I loved them. They were so tasty. It reminded me a lot of polenta. She promised to send me the recipe. I want to try to recreate the grits.

I ate a bunch of fruit too (and a freshly baked biscuit). It was basically brunch since it was pretty late in the morning and we’d be skipping lunch in favor of sight-seeing. It was a high calorie meal but I knew I wouldn’t be eating til dinner time, so I did not care.

QUESTION: Do you ever run on vacation? Have you ever had cheesy grits?

A Two-fer

Monday after work I headed to the gym. It had been almost a full week since I lifted weights and I didn’t really exercise much during our romantic weekend getaway. Mondays are not usually a fitness day and I realized quickly that it’s also a crowded day at the gym. I decided it was too nice out to run inside on the treadmill. And I think my successful run around the track last week reminded me how much better it is to run outside!

I decided to do my weight session at the gym and then go home and run the track. Having two separate workouts in one day was not ideal, but I wanted to see if it was doable.

I felt the fact that I hadn’t lifted immediately. My arms were shaking as I lifted weights. It felt good to be back at it, though. I did the plated weight machines — arms, chest, back and shoulders.

Then I spent some time doing free weights. I did a few routines, some squats, shoulder shrugs and my heart rate spiked pretty high. The free weights are a great workout!

I finished up with a couple sets of the Russian Twist with an 8 pound medicine ball. I wanted to get some good ab work in before leaving for home.

I felt like I was productive in the gym in the short amount of time I allotted myself to do weights. I skedaddled as soon as I could and headed home to run.

Gym Stats:

Time: 43 minutes
Calories Burned: 241

I was also getting hungry. The Chobani pre-workout didn’t hold up. Back to the drawing board for pre-workout snacks. When I got home I had a quick snack (3 Ritz crackers with Peanut Butter on them) and then headed out to the track.

It was 77 degrees and humid as hell. It felt like I was running through water. That was not great. I ran one mile without stopping and the second mile included a lot of walking breaks. Not only was it muggy out but I was having side cramps too. I wish I hadn’t had to walk so much.

I was using the new app (new to me) “Nike+ GPS”. I love it! It’s so much better and more ACCURATE than the plain ol’ Nike+. Check out the map of my route:

Haha! The flag is our house, going left around the backyard to the school track and then it shows that I ran around the track. I got a chuckle out of the picture. I headed home on the road and down our long street to the house. I LOVE love love the new app. It worked so much better than “Map My Run” ever did!

It wasn’t a fantastic run. The heat, the humidity, my side cramps, hunger all made it kind of a “blah” run but I’m glad I did it.

Run Stats:

Time: 42 minutes

Calories Burned: 393

Mileage: 2.82

I’m not sure I liked splitting my workouts up. Maybe if I did the weights early in the morning and then ran later in the day it would have been better. It just felt like it took MORE time than if I’d just stayed at the gym and gotten it all done.

QUESTION: Do you ever split your workouts during the day? How do you do it?