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Benefits of Sports Massage

Wednesday was a busy night for me.  I headed to the gym right after work–even though I was feeling tired and overwhelmed with all the stuff I need to do this week.

I had a good run on the treadmill. I ran 2.20 miles and it wasn’t until I got to the 2 mile mark that I had some discomfort but oddly enough it was in my OTHER leg not my bad leg. So I don’t know what’s up with that. I slowed down for the remaining .20 miles and then did the fastest weight session of my life. I had about 35 minutes left before I had to go home in time for a MASSAGE!

I used the scary weights that I’d avoided for so long until my dad showed me how to use them! It was cool to be able to confidently use those machines that I only see big burly men use.

I focused on my chest and upper body then did a few sets of triceps workouts on the machines I usually use.

I was STILL sore from Monday’s Plie Squats but I attempted to try them again.

  • Plie Squats: 3 sets of 10 with 15 pound weight
  • Russian Twist: with 8 pound Medicine Ball
  • Lots of stretching!

Gym Stats:

Time: 1:09

Calories Burned:  530

Then I was home to shower and eat dinner before the massage.

Michael defrosted the Bacon Jalapeno burgers for dinner. They were so much better this time! I don’t know why but the bacon was crunchy and more flavorful. Delicious.

I also made myself a treat for before the massages…Eggnog! The easy way.

I added a splash of Spiced Rum to the glass first.

Then I poured half a glass of eggnog.

Then I diluted my eggnog with some non-fat milk.

Delicious treat! And then it was time for our massages.

There are all kinds of massages out there…I used to get the relaxation massages and those were wonderful. I’d feel refreshed and great afterward. However, once I started doing athletic things like Reach the Beach and Hood to Coast I really needed something different. I needed a deeper, more specific massage.

Sports Massage Has These Benefits:

  • Maintain the body generally in better condition.
  • Prevent injuries and loss of mobility.
  • Cure and restore mobility to injured muscle tissue.
  • Boost performance.
  • Extend the overall life of your sporting career
  • Increased blood flow
  • Increased joint range of motion and flexibility
  • Increased elimination of exercise waste products (lactic acid)
  • Decreased muscle tension
  • Decreased chance of injury
  • Decreased recovery time between workouts

It’s been way too long since I’ve had a massage. In fact the last massage I had was back in September right after Hood to Coast.

We had our massage therapists over to the house at 8pm and we got our massages by Christmas tree! I turned the lights on the tree and in the window and that’s how we got our massages. It was so nice.

I told my massage therapist what’s been going on with my body and the injuries lately and he spent extra time on those areas. He said that my IT Band has improved too! Yay! Great news.

On the other hand–all the muscles I’ve been working on with weight lifting were SORE. Like sore to the touch. Ouch.

On a side note…I slept so good because of the massage that Michael and I overslept this morning. Woke up at 7am when I normally leave my house at 7:10 to get to work! Needless to say it was quite the way to wake up!

QUESTION: What type of massage do you prefer? And tell me what your current favorite weight lifting move is. I need new ideas!

Sports Massage Monday


But before I get to the “ouch” I’m going to describe the YUM.

After work last night I went to the pool for a quick 1 mile swim. When I got home, Michael made turkey burgers.

I steamed some broccoli and Michael also made some fries in the oven.

Dinner was filling. Since I hadn’t swam my full 1.25 miles, plus hot tub, plus steam room/sauna, I had time to relax and enjoy dinner before our massages.

I had a glass of Sangiovese wine.

Instead of the relaxation massage I usually get, I asked my therapist to give me a sports massage focusing on my running muscles. I knew I was going to be tight.

The difference between a Swedish massage and a sports massage are basically relaxation vs. focused work.

He spent a lot of time on my legs. I told him about my recent injuries and my training. He worked on my calves and hamstrings for the longest. There was a knot in my right hamstring that had me LEAPING off the massage table when touched. He said that was probably a combination of the tiling we did for the kitchen remodel (squatting, bending, kneeling, stretching etc) and my sacrum injury. He said I probably overcompensated for my injury on the left side and that tightened my right hamstring. 🙁

Jim, my massage therapist, mentioned that he’s also training to learn Thai Massage. He explained that it’s a massage that involves a lot of stretching and palm work. It sounded interesting and the stretching part sounded like something I might need.

He gave me a lot of good stretches to try. First, he said to stand up straight, then cross one leg over the other one and bend at the waist. That will stretch my hamstrings.

Second, he said to lay down and lift my leg. Rotate my ankle inward and then out a few times. Lower the leg to stretch and repeat it. It’s a really good stretch for the hips. I noticed that it worked immediately. It looked sort of like this:

It really worked! I will be incorporating those two into my stretching routine. He also showed me an ankle/calf stretch I could do.

My hips and legs feel MUCH better today.

My massage therapist recommended I do RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevate) when my muscles start feeling locked up. He highly recommended baths with Epsom salts.

QUESTION: Have you ever had a sports or deep tissue massage?