Scale-Free Summer

Starting June 1st I will be going SCALE FREE for the summer!

Even though I only weigh-in once a month, I’ve decided for my mental health that I will try to go the whole summer without thinking about the number on the scale.

1. I’ve maintained my 100+ pound weight loss for almost 3 years. I think I know how to maintain.

2. I will still be exercising like I normally do.

3. I will still be counting my calories, watching portion sizes and eating right.

4. I am a million times more active during the summer months than I am in the dreary Oregon winters. Plus I’ll be commuting to work by bike at least a few times a week in addition to my normal workout routine.

Since I will be maintaining my healthy lifestyle, why is it necessary to be chained to the scale and let whatever that number is have power over me and my mood?

My summer plans are to continue my current workouts, plus train on the bike for two bike races: The Gorge Ride in June and the Portland Century in August. Not only that, I hope to get in a lot of hiking, maybe a 5k race and Michael and I will be spending a lot of time gardening this summer. I think my activity level will be high enough to maintain, or maybe even lose weight.

If I don’t lost weight, that’s okay. I’ve been hovering around 143-146 for most of this year. I think my body is comfortable at that weight and I probably won’t ever go under 143.  I’m currently 144.6.  I’m reminded of Portia de Rossi’s quote:

“If you can accept your natural body weight–the weight that is easy for you to maintain, or your “set point”–and not force it to beneath your body’s natural, healthy weight, then you can live your life free of dieting, of restriction, of feeling guilty every time you eat a slice of your kid’s birthday cake. The key is to accept your body just as it is. [pg 302]“

That really spoke to me. I think I am at a place in my life where I am comfortable with where I am at, my body is happy with where IT’S at, and the scale should mean less to me. At 144 pounds I can go out to dinner once a week and enjoy the food with Michael. I can enjoy a glass of wine a few nights a week, dessert on occasion, and not feel guilty when I want to eat a bunch of chips and guacamole! 🙂

Am I nervous? Hell ya! Hopefully this experiment doesn’t go completely awry…

QUESTION: Have you ever gone scale-free? How did you do? How did you feel?

Author: Lisa Eirene

About Lisa Eirene Lisa lost 110 pounds through calorie counting and exercise. She swims, bikes, runs, hikes and is enjoying life in Portland, Oregon. Her weight loss story has been featured in First Magazine, Yahoo Health, Woman's Day and

20 thoughts on “Scale-Free Summer”

  1. I think you’ll be just fine! It seems like you have a great handle on your own body and can sense when you can indulge a little, and when you need to reign it in. I’m learning this very slowly, but I can tell when I’ve gone overboard even without getting on the scale now. As I still have weight to lose, I need to stick to weighing myself regularly, but I do need to cut down! I find myself getting on the scale every day these days, which isn’t good for me mentally! I can’t wait to be in maintenance like you are and cut back on the scale.
    Jennifer recently posted..Work it- Weekly Weigh-in

    1. I hope that I will be okay. I admit I am a bit nervous about the whole thing. But in reality it just means I’m not weighing myself two times this summer–July and August. Not really that big of a deal…

    1. Doing it once a month is a good goal to have. Normally I would continue to just weigh in once a month but I wanted to see if my body image improved this summer with avoiding the scale and continuing what I already do.

  2. Wow! I’m totally impressed! I am still just too terrified to go that long without a step on the scale. Granted I’m still battling to lose weight, too…but once a week is all I can tolerate right now. I’m sure one day I will try this – but I’d like to get to a comfortable place like you are in before I just go 3 months or so without a scale. 🙂 Good luck! I am sure you’ll be successful! I can’t wait to hear how it goes 🙂

    1. Thanks Sara! I hope it goes well. Since my weight fluctuates the same 4 pounds I’m not too concerned. I think when you’re trying to lose weight the scale is a good tool though.

  3. I stopped weighing myself last fall. I have a scale in my bathroom but just didn’t use it. I wasn’t intentional about it, but it ended up being a bit of an experiment. I wanted to go by fit of my clothes more than a number. I think I maybe gained a 2-3 lbs in a few months.

    I’ve gained ~9 lbs from my WW goal weight. However, I’m faster, stronger and more fit since I was last spring. Most of my clothes fits fine, save for one pair of pants that is just too tight.
    cindylu recently posted..Cheap dates

    1. I think using clothes and how we look in the mirror is a pretty good gauge to weight gain and loss. Since I’m not seeing a budge on the scale I don’t think I’m going to see any difference in September…

  4. This sounds like an exciting plan. The scale’s always there.

    You saw how I ate last weekend, and I’m down 2.4 this week (but still up a little from two weeks ago). I really think all the exercising we did made the difference (and I did some home juicing). I could do WW without numbers (they only tell you if you’re up or down each week. They never say a number), but I can’t help but look. It’ll be different when I’m back on maintenance.

    Guess who can’t stay away from Portland? We’ll be doing the Cannonball Run this weekend!

    1. Wow! After all that eating you’re down almost 3 pounds? That’s fantastic!

      I like the idea of just knowing when you are “up or down” as opposed to focusing on a number…

      What is Cannonball Run? I think tomorrow we are going for a long bike ride in the SUNSHINE. Plus this weekend I am babysitting a friend’s baby, doing yard work, some writing, swimming, plant shopping for the garden and a movie with Michael. OOOF! Sounds exhausting! 🙂

      1. Cannonball Run is a quick down-and-back. We’re gonna prep for painting and then I’ll come down mid-week to paint. Sounds like we’ll be inside most of the weekend, but it has to get done. I’m sure we’ll find time for a nice bike ride to dinner. Have fun!

  5. How exciting for you! I will eagerly watch how things go! I am not ready yet to jump in and go “cold turkey”, but I am getting closer. Good luck!!!!!!

  6. I have gone scale free for periods of time, including the last 2 months. I found that I actually do need the scale, at least periodically. I was up a couple pounds and could not tell by my clothing, which is somewhat worrisome to me because I don’t know how much it would take for me to notice.

    I think I might have said before that I have a scale with no numbers, so that part doesn’t bother me. I just am going to keep the scale as part of my arsenal to help me keep the weight off.
    Lori recently posted..Gluten Free Pumpkin Mini Cake

    1. When I read about your experience Lori I got a little nervous…..I wondered if I’d see a gain too. But I had already made the decision to give it a try and honestly my eating isn’t changing so why should the scale effect that?

  7. You are inspiring me to do the same! I have gained 7 pounds or so this last year since taking up triathlon and weight training. I know it’s muscle…I’m the same size and look better than ever…but I get hung up on the numbers. Goodbye scale!

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