Why Wednesday – Why You Make My World Beautiful

While Glamour magazine isn’t considered a legitimate news source in my book, they came out with a new poll that was shocking (and sad).

71% of women feel fat. But only 46% percent surveyed were medically considered overweight.

That brings me to ask, will we ever overcome our body issues? Will we ever love ourselves for who we are RIGHT NOW?

When will I be satisfied with my body?

When will I stop looking for parts of my body to “improve?” I lost 100 freaking pounds and that’s still not good enough? But good enough for whom?




I want there to be a day when as women we can love ourselves and each other for who we are. Stop comparing ourselves to someone who is skinnier, a faster runner, someone who has awesome abs and wears a size 2. Women especially can be so catty and critical of each other when we should be supporting each other.

These unattainable goals of waifdom are unrealistic and unhealthy. Somewhere in the timeline our brains got confused. A woman’s beauty was judged on her plumpness. A Rubenesque woman was considered beautiful. Why?

Peter Paul Rubens

Curvaceous women were considered good breeders, healthy potential mothers, and wealthy. They could afford rich food. They weren’t gaunt and poor.

Did you know that Marilyn Monroe would be considered “fat” if she was alive today?

She’s pretty gorgeous for being considered “fat” by today’s standards.

Start your own revolution. Change your thinking:

  • When the negative self-talk rears it’s ugly head–“I hate my body” and “I feel so fat”– list three things about your body that you LOVE.
  • STOP DIETING. Instead, change your lifestyle. It’s so much healthier than obsessing about a fad diet. Changing your bad habits into healthy habits really does make a difference. It will change the way you think about things. It will inspire you to seek out other ways to be healthy.
  • Stop reading magazines like Marie-Claire, Glamour, Cosmo. Who needs it? Do they add an value to your life? Or do they just make you feel Not Good Enough?
  • Start a weight lifting routine. I wish I had started one years ago. I wish an injury hadn’t been the thing to push me to do it. I feel so amazing after lifting weights. I feel strong, athletic and like I can do anything.
  • If you’re actively trying to lose weight honor yourself and how amazing your body is instead of thinking of how you want to banish the “fat.” Your body is amazing in it’s ability to transform!

People of any size can be fit. Just check out Skinny Emmie for proof! She goes to Spin class, does yoga, dances, and works out with a personal trainer on a regular basis. That’s awesome! She’s doing it! She’s fit!

In my opinion, this is a gorgeous woman:

Queen Latifah

Amazing curves. She’s beautiful at any size.

This post is to say that each and every one of you add value to the world. You’re each beautiful in your unique way and don’t let anyone tell you different (even if it’s yourself telling you that). How is your world beautiful?

Now it’s your turn.

1. Tell me someone you admire, someone who is fit and fabulous no matter what they weigh.

2. Tell me a part of your body that you love, no matter what you weigh.

Author: Lisa Eirene

About Lisa Eirene Lisa lost 110 pounds through calorie counting and exercise. She swims, bikes, runs, hikes and is enjoying life in Portland, Oregon. Her weight loss story has been featured in First Magazine, Yahoo Health, Woman's Day and Glamour.com.

14 thoughts on “Why Wednesday – Why You Make My World Beautiful”

  1. It’s not a someone but a group. I admire all the other runners who got up at the wee hours to run 33 miles in the woods with me. They were all different shapes, sizes, ages but they all did two things in common; they started and they finished. I admire that.

    My body. I love? My neck. Even though it’s not quite a tight as it was at 20, it is still the best place for my husband to give me a gentle kiss and make me feel beautifully accepted!

  2. Maybe I’m showing my age, but I think Madonna is gorgeous, and not afraid to age. Her and Catherine Zeta-Jones

    And for me. Well I like my boobs. I can say that, right? May not be as perky as they used to be, but I still like ’em.

  3. Hmmmm…I think that my husband is fit and fabulous. He’s got the whole package no matter what weight he is at.

    And I like my hair. It’s unique and has defined me more than I thought it would!

  4. A lot of it has to do with media. When 90% of what we see on TV and in print reflect what only 2% of the population can attain body wise, who wouldn’t feel inadequate?

    I love my thighs. I used to hate my thighs and call them big and ugly. Now I realize how strong they are and they have carried me all these years without complaints – even 100 pounds heavier!

  5. At the risk of sounding like a cliche’, I think Oprah is pretty darn impressive. The older she get’s the more beautiful she gets. She has been on this same journey most of us are currently on. When she first publicly started trying to loose her weight, she did everything absolutely wrong….but look at her now. She finally has figured out that it is living a healthy lifestyle that matters, not that she can fit into a size 10 jean.
    I don’t know what body part I really like/love on me. I am so disapointed with the way I look right now, I can’t find anyting to give a little love to.

  6. Honestly, ultra skinny grosses me out! It’s like a bag of bones with flesh on them. It doesn’t look healthy to me.

    I say strive to feel healthy. Everything else comes with that.

    That is very interesting about Marilyn Monroe, too! Then again, she had that whole “men prefer blonds” thing going, and I’m not cool with that either. lol I remember wishing I was blond my whole childhood. Now I’m proud to be a red-head/brunette! So that’s one thing about my body that I love – my hair color.

    My eyes, because they are blue and they pop with just a little mascara.

    I sometimes like my belly pudge. It’s a little jiggly, and it’s covered in stretch marks, but, as my husband once put it, “It’s a reminder that you carried our boys in your body.”

    Stretch marks are pregnancy service stripes.

  7. I agree: Queen Latifah is GORGEOUS!! I adore her because she exudes beauty and grace, and is still REAL. She’s been an idol of mine for awhile because while I am heavier, and trying to lose weight, I still do like my curves. I like that my boyfriend likes my curves. They’ll never completely go away, and I don’t want them to. To me, a healthy woman has curves, and there’s nothing wrong with them!

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