Counting Calories and Serving Sizes

I read a lot of blogs and there’s a stigma out there about counting calories. It seems like sometimes people think they are healthy enough and don’t need to count calories, OR they think the act of counting calories isn’t for them. A short story: I used to weigh 250+ pounds. For a number of reason I decided to lose the weight. One day I counted all my calories without changing my diet in any way. I reached 2,000 calories by LUNCHTIME! I was horrified and was determined to change my bad ways. I lost 110 pounds with counting calories. It worked for me. Perhaps it doesn’t work for everyone but I FIRMLY believe in calorie counting. Things get out of control very fast without accountability.

Something I want to address in my blog is serving sizes. That was my biggest downfall in terms of my waistline. When I was 250 pounds, I disregarded serving sizes. I probably ate 2-4 servings of everything. When I started counting my calories, I was SHOCKED at what a serving sizes really was! It’s never as much food as you want it to be! From now on, I’m going to try my best to photograph serving sizes to illustrate them properly on my blog. Here is an example:

Chocolate Chips

According to the back of the bag of chocolate chips, 1 serving size is 1 tablespoon of chips. 1 serving size is 80 calories.

I measured out 1 tablespoon of chips. Here is a visual of those chips on the plate:

Serving of Chocolate Chips

It’s really not that many chocolate chips! The next time I grab a handful of “something” and think it doesn’t count, I need to think twice! 80 calories, 50 calories, 100 calories “here and there” catch up at the end of the day!

For dessert tonight I had Late July Organic cookies with Vanilla Bean and Green Tea. Very yummy! 1 serving = 230 calories. Glass of skim milk to go with the cookies: 90 calories.


Do you have temptation in your life?

I have a lot of temptation. What is my worst temptation? THE CANDY ROOM at work. Did I say “Candy ROOM”? Why yes, I did. People don’t believe me when I try to describe the candy room in my office. If you have a sweet tooth, I DARE you to try and resist this room.

The Candy Room

Don’t have a sweet tooth? That’s okay. There’s a DRAWER of crunchy, salty things too!

Drawer of Nuts, Pretzels and Such

Are you craving chocolate instead of candy or nuts? There’s a drawer for that too!

Drawer of Chocolate

Not only that, I have to walk into the Candy Room about 12 times a day to use the label printer that happens to be in that room. So no, I can’t just avoid that room.  I walk by temptation every day, all day. Most days I’m pretty good about resisting. Some days, I’m not so great…. 🙁

QUESTION: Do you have temptations? Do you resist them? How do you feel afterward?