Hey! I Biked!

It’s only been like 13 months!

The last time I was on my bike was at the beginning of August last year. I think I was like two months pregnant by that time and even though I wasn’t really showing yet, it was definitely getting harder to bike to work like I had been doing. Morning sickness sucked. Then on the ride home my heart rate was getting too high and I just had to take too many breaks. Then my back went out…so biking was pretty much over for the season.

I thought about getting on the bike this summer but I never did. Honestly I don’t know that my core/back was strong enough postpartum until now. I’ve been doing a lot of PT exercises and core exercises to strengthen my back and things have gotten a lot better.

Anyways, Sunday instead of swimming I went for a bike ride. We had plans to go to Michael’s mom’s house for brunch and I (thankfully) got a chance to sleep in a little bit so I didn’t have time to swim.

I got my bike down in the garage and dusted off the cobwebs (seriously, a lot of them) and both tires were flat. I pumped them up and let it sit for a bit while I got dressed and ready to go to make sure that they held air ok before I went out.

Another plus side to wearing a cycling bib instead of shorts? They fit even if you are 20 pounds over your ideal weight!


It was a little chilly but once I got moving and out of the shade it was the perfect temperature. I biked the route I take into work.


I got stopped by the train for a few minutes but other than that I didn’t need to make many stops. I was surprised at how easy it felt being back on the bike (other than the saddle, of course). Perhaps the walking/jogging I’ve been doing lately has gotten me back into shape for cycling.

I didn’t go as far as I had wanted to go before I had to turn around. It was getting late and I still needed to go home and clean up and get Logan ready for brunch. So I turned around and went back the same way. And I was surprised, again, at how easy it was going up the killer hill home.


It doesn’t look like it but this hill is really long, slow and at a constant incline. It’s not incredibly steep but it’s steep enough to get your heart pounding and it’s a constant uphill climb so you never get to coast or really take a break. But this time it was incredibly easy for me to do.


It was a fantastic little ride. I went pretty hard for my first ride back because I was so short on time. I wanted to get my calorie bang for my buck.


I was glad I got in a good workout in the nice summer weather. We aren’t going to have many more of these kinds of days!


After that we went to brunch. There was a lot of tasty food for brunch. Michael’s mom made a cheesy potato casserole, an egg and meat breakfast casserole, fresh fruit, deviled eggs and blueberry scones.


And I had my first Bloody Mary in like a year and a half. 🙂 Yay for brunch!

Logan did great for his first brunch outing. And we got to show him off to some friends and family that haven’t met him yet.


It was a really good day and a good distraction for me. Monday is the first day of daycare for my little man! So the bike ride and brunch were good distractions … at least until the afternoon.

I’m hoping I can go for a few more bike rides before the weather turns poor. I don’t see myself biking to work this year, though. There’s just too much stuff I have to take to work in order to pump. But by spring next year maybe I can get back into it!

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee

Saturday morning I got up at an earlier time than normal because I had to get in a workout before 1) it got too hot and 2) before we packed up the car and left for the weekend. We were going camping with some friends for a few days. I ate a banana with peanut butter and honey and then headed out on the bike by myself. Michael had biked to work 5 days in a row this last week and he was ready for a break. Since LA Fitness hadn’t been willing to let my try out their gym, it was a bike ride.

I headed out from the house in my bike shorts, cycling jersey and arm warmers. It was 62 degrees at 8:30am and after a mile I realized I did not need the arm warmers at all. I did part of my commute and then took off to head toward Johnson Creek. I tackled a few decent hills and they were super easy.

I biked up Johnson Creek and then connected to the Springwater Trail East.

It was kind of strange at first to be going for a bike ride without Michael. While I got used to biking alone to and from work, that feels different because it’s biking to a destination–not biking for fun. But I enjoy my time on the bike Saturday morning.

It was a nice, sunny morning and there were a lot of people out enjoying the trail before it go too hot. I didn’t have a whole lot of time so I biked as far as I could East before I turned around and headed back.

The trail was fairly quiet. I enjoyed the wildflowers along the trail and the wildlife.

There were bunnies, squirrels and even a three-legged yellow kitty that skittered across the trail and into the bushes:

I was feeling really strong about my solo bike ride. I was also happy to be getting in a few more miles on the bike for the week.

I turned around and had the wind at my back. I quickly biked down the trail, passed Johnson Creek and continued down the Springwater Trail toward Sellwood.

I decided to bike all the way to Sellwood and pick up part of my regular commute to lengthen my bike ride.

I left the trail and headed home. Then it happened. I was biking down the road in the bike lane, feeling really good about my solo bike ride, when something hit my neck. At first I thought it was a piece of gravel or a small rock that somehow got kicked up from a passing car and hit me in the neck. Then it started to sting. I realized it was a bee! I got stung by a bee on my bike ride. I swiped it off my neck, but too late to avoid the sting. I pulled off on the side of the road and tried to look in my little safety mirror at my neck. I couldn’t see anything but it hurt like hell!

My neck started to throb and it was stinging. It hurt to touch it. I biked home the rest of the way on my normal commute route, tackling hills and making it home easily enough. I got home and checked my neck for a stinger. I didn’t see one but I saw a lump. It hurt. 🙁

Ride Stats:

Time: 1:18
Calories Burned: 669
Distance: 15.66 miles

That makes my total distance for the week: almost 52 miles. Pretty good workout for not having a gym if you ask me! After my bike ride and bee sting, I scrambled to clean up and then help Michael to pack the car for a weekend of camping. We stopped at Five Guy’s for lunch on the way.

I got the Little Cheeseburger. It really hit the spot. Then we were on the road to the campground. Our friends were a few minutes ahead of us. If you are catching up on some weekend reading, here are the posts:

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Stay tuned for some reading about our weekend adventures!

QUESTION: Have you ever been stung by a bee?