Rainy BBQ

Any Tour de France watchers out there? If you’re interested in seeing some amazing photos of the Tour so far, check out these links:

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Pretty amazing, huh? If you are a casual watcher of the Tour, check out these dates:

Stage 17 – 7/20 – 5 climbs

Stage 18 – 7/21 – 3 ridiculous climbs

Stage 19 – 7/22 – Alpe-D’Huez, the mother of all climbs! (We’ll know who’s likely to win the TdF today)

Stage 20 – 7/23 – Individual Time Trial (champion will be finalized here)

Stage 21 – 7/24 – Paris, Champs-Elysees (A circuit raced through Paris)

Michael and I watched a lot of TV this weekend. It was kind of nice to just relax and do nothing mentally or physically stimulating.  We did go to a BBQ on Saturday and I had a lovely Watermelon Martini. YUM.

Sunday I slept in, went swimming at the pool and Michael and I caught up on Californication and a bunch of episodes from last season’s Damages. I love that show! Sunday afternoon we headed over to my friend Star’s house for a rainy BBQ.

Michael was the grill master. Star marinated the steaks and grilled up some corn on the cob.

The corn was delish! I used some butter and some special salt on the corn and that was it.

I loved the special red salt that Star had! She said it is very healthy and has a lot of benefits that normal table salt does not have. It’s amazing.

Star also made deviled eggs with fresh dill from her garden. They were decadent and I might have eaten a few too many.  She uses real mayonnaise — which made me shudder at the calories to be honest. She’s been seeing a Naturopath for about a year now and they’ve really helped her with some medical issues she’s had. They reduced her blood sugar from 400+ to 150. They’ve reduced her blood pressure by 30 points. She’s looking great. One of the things the Naturopath said was to stop eating low calorie, low fat, diet food. She said there is so much sugar added to these “diet” foods that it really spikes her diabetes. So she’s eating full calorie everything–and losing weight. It was a struggle for me to get on board because I am so used to choosing lower calorie options.

The fresh dill makes a huge difference. I wish I’d planted dill in my garden. I made a salad from our garden and added tomatoes and red onion.

The steak was good, but I think Star will be blown away when she comes over to eat our steak with caramelized onions and gorgonzola!

For dessert I brought freshly sliced watermelon. And Star made a dessert with fresh organic blueberries, Greek Yogurt and cinammon.

I like having fresh fruit for dessert.

After a few hours we headed back into the rain to go home. We had enough time to watch some more Damages and then headed to bed. I was disappointed with the weather and the fact that I didn’t get to ride at all this week/weekend. That does not bode well for doing 75 miles in a month.

QUESTION: Do you notice that low calorie/diet/low fat food has a lot of sugar in it? What do you choose to eat?