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Superbowl Chili

I love chili. I love crockpot chili even better! I’ve mentioned it before but long ago I found theΒ perfect chili recipe and somehow lost it and could never find it again. πŸ™ I’ve tried every recipe I’ve come across that sounded even remotely close to that recipe but still haven’t found the perfect replacement.

This is the recipe that I based my recipe on. I made some changes because I amΒ still trying to recreate that old recipe.

A little while ago Michael and I went to a friend’s house for lunch and games and they made a really tasty chili. She used chunks of beef instead of ground beef and I loved the idea. So when I decided to make chili for the Superbowl I did a combination of ground beef and chunks of beef.Β I seared the chunks of beef in a skillet (it was less than a pound) and then added it to the crockpot. I browned the ground beef with onions, garlic and I added some celery to it, too.


The recipe said you could use any beans you wanted so I used what I had on hand. Great Northern beans and chili beans. I almost always have various cans of beans in my pantry at all times but for some reason I didn’t have very much over the weekend! Thankfully the Great Northern beans were something the blogger suggested as a substitution! (And apparently I need to stock up on my kidney beans.)


It cooked in the crockpot all day (about 7.5 hours total). I did not really watch the Superbowl. I’m not a football fan (in fact it’s my least favorite sport) and I loathe watching sports on TV…but I joined Michael for the game. I spent most of it reading and watching some of the commercials, occasionally watching and nodding when Michael said something important happened in the game. πŸ˜‰

Bella and Fat Kitty weren’t too excited either.


Anyways, dinner was finally ready! The chili was hearty and filling.

I’m not really sure how the author of this recipe came up with the servings sizes…I halved the recipe and it made a TON of food. I cannot even imagine how much food it was if I made the whole recipe, which supposedly made 8-10 servings. With my portions I got 7 servings out of this!

photo 3

I froze some of the leftover chili and saved some of it for quick dinners for later in the week. The calories were a little bit too high for me to take for lunches. With my alterations and re-calculations of the servings I got 550 calories.

I liked the smokey flavor of the chili but it wasn’t spicy at all. I tend to prefer spicy chili. Michael said the chili was “okay” but he’s not a huge fan of chili. (Which I totally don’t understand. Chili is delicious!) I liked it. I liked the addition of the chunks of steak; I’m glad I added some celery and I think instead of adding sugar to this I’ll add some chopped up carrots instead to sweeten it. Or I’d leave the sugar out.

photo 2

Oh! And I also got to use a jar of my own canned tomatoes from the garden last summer! I topped the chiliΒ with cheese and a scoop of sour cream because I put sour cream on everything I can.

photo 1

While I really liked this chili, it wasn’t THE recipe. I’m not sure what it needed to be that magical recipe I lost years ago. It was good enough that I’d happily make it again (but make it more spicy) and I’d serve it to a group of people but…the search still continues.

Crockpot London Broil

London Broil Slow-Cooker Recipe

1-2 pounds of flank steak

1 can cream of mushroom soup

1 can cream of tomato soup

1 package dry onion soup mix


Place meat in the bottom of the crockpot. In a medium bowl, mix together the two cans of soup. Pour over the beef chunks and sprinkle the onion soup mix on top. Cook on low for 8-10 hours. Serve over rice or noodles.

What I love most about this recipe is how SIMPLE it is. I always have the ingredients on hand. It’s 4 ingredients total and takes 5 minutes to prepare. It’s the perfect meal for the crockpot when you just want to come home from work and have dinner ready. I decided to make this recipe on Saturday night because it was so easy to do.

I usually spray the inside of the crockpot with PAM just to make it easier to clean. The recipe calls for 2 pounds of meat but I usually just do 1 pound (sometimes even a little less).

I get the beef that’s already cubed for making stews and rinse it, dry it and then drop it into the crockpot.

I mixed the soups together in a bowl but to be honest you can make this recipe even easier and skip that step. In a rush you can totally just pour the cans into the crockpot as is and let them mix together in there.

I sprinkled the onion soup mix package on the meat and then poured the soup mixture on top.

I add a lot of freshly ground black pepper as well. There’s no need to add extra salt because the onion soup mix is pretty salty.

Turn the crockpot on low and let it do it’s magic! I prepped everything after the gym on Saturday and then left the house for most of the day to see my friend Robyn and run errands. By the time I got back to the house 6 hours later the whole smelled warm and inviting with the aromas of crockpot food. YUM.

According to this calorie counter recipe analysis, the recipes is about 331 calories a serving (not including the rice or noodles).

I cooked the rice in my rice cooker. I realized at the last possible moment that I did not have quite enough brown rice so I supplemented with a little bit of whatever rice I could find in our pantry.

We happened to be babysitting our friends’ 6 month old baby Saturday night. I’m glad that I decided to make something easy in the crockpot while we watched the baby for the first time. I don’t think we could have (sanely) made a complicated dinner AND babysat.

The baby (Norah) “helped” me while I made the rice. She was a bit fussy whenever I left the room so she came into the kitchen with me and kept me company while I got the started in the cooker.

The crockpot was basically done. The rice cooked for about 25 minutes and then I started steaming the carrots. When the carrots were cooked I added a little Goddess Dressing to them. I really could have just tossed the carrots into my dish with the rest of dinner but it had been too long since I had some Goddess Dressing.

So Norah was finally sound asleep in the other room and we both had a glass of what little red wine we had left.

Dinner was finally ready! After hours of sitting in the house smelling the dinner cooking….tempting me…taunting me…it was finally ready. I topped the rice with the gravy and the chunks of meat.

It was hearty and felt like comfort food. The meat was so soft it fell apart when I put my fork in it. Perfect dinner!

The original recipe also called for chopped mushrooms but since I don’t like mushrooms I leave it out. I’ve often wondered if I could put chopped carrots into it and whether or not that would add something to the recipe or just ruin it. I haven’t been brave enough to give it a try.

Try this recipe on a weeknight when you know you’ll be too tired to cook. It will be a lifesaver. AND it’s tasty!

QUESTION: Have you ever made something like this? What’s your go-to crockpot recipe?