So Much Love

Over the weekend, Michael and I got to witness a wonderful wedding between two friends. My good friend Samantha married the love of her life at the East Fork Estates, with rolling country hills and Mount Hood in the background. It was hands down, one of the best weddings we’ve ever been to!

Logan was home with the grandparents so we could go out and have some fun. We arrived a little bit early because I wanted to get a good seat (and take some pictures!). I was SO excited for Sam’s big day.

They were still taking photos when we arrived. I go a sneak peak at the happy couple and it was so cool. I absolutely loved her dress and could not wait to get a closer look.

The venue was so cute. There was an indoor area, a covered patio with trellises and fairy lights, there were trees with lights on them, too. There were table set up underneath some tents, which was nice because the sun was pretty hot. Thankfully, despite weeks of 90+ degrees and hazy smoke from wildfires nearby, the Big Day was clear and hot but not miserable. I was so worried all week that it would be smoky for the wedding but it wasn’t.

The cake and bar was set up inside. I loved their cake! If Michael and I were going to have a traditional wedding cake, this is exactly what I had wanted to have to go with our fall/rustic theme. It was so pretty:

And they had some gluten free vegan cupcakes, too. Sam thought of everything. She’s very considerate and cares that everyone is catered to.

I absolutely LOVED her flowers. They were so gorgeous. There were sunflowers and dahlias, both my favorites, in various shades of red, peach and orange.

Sam and John met through friends years ago. They were both Timbers fans (Sam had season tickets) and finally met at a game. I remember back when Samantha first told me about meeting John and then after I met him in person, I knew they were a good match. Samantha is the wittiest, funniest, smartest person I know and John is her equal in that regards. They both have a wicked sense of humor. I am so happy they found each other!

The above scarf is a Timbers Army thing, in case you didn’t know. The chairs were set up in the field. It was such a picturesque place to have a wedding. I definitely recommend that venue if you are in the area and looking for an enchanting place!

Okay, so I knew I’d be emotional during the wedding but when I saw Sam and how beautiful and happy she looked, I got very choked up. Her dress was perfect and a friend of hers did her hair and THAT was perfect, too! She looked like a princess. She was truly glowing. Just looking at the photos now, I get choked up. <3

I cried quite a bit during the ceremony. It was a sweet, romantic, and FUNNY ceremony and they also paid tribute to Sam’s mom’s memory in a sweet way. It was absolutely perfect.

After the ceremony there were appetizers passed around. One was a little tiny biscuit with a candied bacon topping (SO DELICIOUS) and a chorizo/pizza flavored appetizer. We all mingled and had drinks and snacks. It was nice to see old coworkers, too, and catch up on everything. It was also cool to see the ladies I got to know at her bachelorette party.  🙂

It was finally time for food. It was a buffet style that had chicken, a mac n’cheese bar (!!!!!), a salad bar and veggies. The presentation was nice. I was too hungry to get a photo of the buffet. 😉 The mac n’ cheese was fantastic! They had bacon, fried onions and jalapenos for toppings, if you so desired. It was a build your own salad because there were a lot of vegetarians and vegans at the wedding. The salad was great. I got lettuce, walnuts, blue cheese, and cranberries for my salad.

I told Michael that we need to renew our vows just so we can have a mac n’ cheese bar. WHY DIDN’T WE THINK OF THAT FOR OUR WEDDING?!?!?!

After dinner there were the toasts and then the first dance. Then they cut the cake. It’s funny because when Michael and I were planning our wedding we knew we didn’t want chicken because chicken at weddings is ALWAYS dry and not very good. AND we didn’t want a traditional cake because again, always dry and the frosting is gross. Sam and John nailed it with both the chicken and the cake. Both were moist and delicious. They changed our opinions on wedding food. 😉

The cake was lemon and to die for. Michael and I had some cake and then went back outside to dance the night away. It was so much fun (and the DJ was the same one we had at our wedding, so it was nice to talk to her).

The wedding was perfect. We had so much fun. I wanted to stay until the end and keep dancing with my hubby but we had to call it a night and relieve the babysitters! 😉

This is True Love

Lately I’ve been thinking about what true love is. I think it’s less about the expectations of romance that Chick Flicks have ingrained in our brains. Sure those huge productions we see in the movies would be nice, but is it reality? Sometimes I think gestures of love are more romantic when they are the little things that we do for each other.

THIS is true love:

Michael hooked up my lamp on my side of the bed to a separate powerstrip so that I don’t have to get my lazy butt out of bed to turn off the light at night.

How awesome is that? No, it’s not rose petals on the bed or chocolate on the pillows but it made me happy! I was so excited when I saw it. And since he’s been home unemployed he’s been taking care of a lot of the house stuff. He surprises me with my laundry being done (which is awesome) and cleaning the kitchen (even better). True love!

You know what else is true love? The love that you get from animals.

Look at that love! Fat Kitty loves his momma more than anything. He sits in the front window waiting for me and when I pull into the driveway I can see from car that his ears perk up. He gets so excited to see me when I get home! He always knows when I need kitty cuddles. He gives me unconditional love all the time.

This year Michael and I actually celebrated Valentine’s Day. He woke me up Tuesday morning with pancakes for breakfast! It was a pretty nice surprise and the pancakes were delicious!

I also had a surprise card and a big chocolate bar (I did not have it for breakfast, don’t worry).

It was such a nice, sweet surprise from Michael. He did a good job this year. After work we got dolled up and went out to dinner at Hoda. It’s a Lebanese restaurant on SE Belmont that I’ve loved for years. After we decided to go to Hoda a few days ago, I’ve been dreaming of their hummus! I could not wait.

And it was all I had hoped it would be! The hummus came out with the piping hot bread fresh from the oven which I definitely ate too much of. I enjoyed one glass of Pinot Gris with dinner. Michael had an IPA, but I’m not sure what kind.

For dinner I ordered the lamb kebob sandwich. It was sort of like a gyro but a little bit different. It had veggies and a sauce inside the wrap and chunks of lamb instead of strips like a traditional gyro. It came with a side salad and a small dish of more hummus (which I promptly slathered in my sandwich. I liked it a lot and restrained myself–I only ate half of the sandwich and the salad. I saved the other half for leftovers. I was pleasantly full but not bursting, which was good.

It was a lot of food. Michael ordered the lamb and onion kebabs with Basmati rice. I love their rice–it’s mild and buttery and absolutely delicious.

The serving sizes are pretty big, so there’s always leftovers. The service has always been great at Hoda too. It’s a good restaurant to go to when you’re craving Mediterranean food. It was such a nice night!

QUESTION: What’s “true love” for you?