Not a Lean Cuisine

I was so tempted to just heat up a Lean Cuisine for dinner last night…..

I was on my own for the night. The boys took off to do boy things. Since it was a Rest Day, I decided to use my time wisely and run errands. Library, grocery store, dyed my hair, cleaned the bathroom, did laundry, and got sucked into hours of Netflix TV.

It would have been super easy to just heat up a frozen meal and call it good. I was very tempted. And I was feeling very lazy. I decided to suck it up and make something. Oy.

First, I cooked some plain whole wheat Couscous. Opened a can of chickpeas:

Then I steamed broccoli and tossed both on top of the couscous.

Then I drizzled some Goddess Dressing on top of everything. Fairly low in calories for the whole thing and I was filled up.

I also munched on some green grapes after dinner. Something else that saved a lot of calories? Not drinking wine with dinner. It’s amazing how many calories I save by NOT drinking. Which sucks because I love wine, I love trying new wines, I love wine-tasting. But really, who can just stop with one glass of wine? Those calories add up fast!

Today (Wednesday) Michael’s father and step-mom arrive from Texas. They will be visiting until Sunday. The step-sister and boyfriend arrive on Thursday and will be visiting until Sunday as well. Jeremy is still here with us too. So I think the plan for the next few days is a lot of EATING OUT! Gasp. Michael told me our dinner plans for the next 5 days and I think we are hitting every good restaurant in Portland. Which is understandable because they are also the favorite restaurants of the family visiting! It’s all good……

I will be strong.

I will be strong.

I will be strong.

I will……..oooh is that cheesecake?


I will BE strong!!!

Out For Lunch and Comfort Foods

I met a friend for lunch today at Jake’s Grill in Portland. It’s one of my favorite restaurants! They have fantastic seafood there (and the best calamari in town).

I got the shrimp sandwich on a croissant and a cup of clam chowder. It was okay. The shrimp sandwich had too much onion!! Too much! The clam chowder was fantastic though.

I probably had about 700 calories for lunch. That’s about double what I usually have for lunch but I skipped my morning snack and I’m pleasantly full (so probably no afternoon snack). I was not tempted with dessert–even though it looked delicious! 🙂

I recently got a book from the library called “Eating the Moment.” I enjoyed reading it. It was short and a quick read (mostly little “food for thought” thoughts). One of my favorite quotes from the book is:

If food is medicine, overeating is overdosing. [pg 166]”

What is your comfort food? Mine is usually soup and bread. When I’m not feeling great, when the weather is icky, during wintertime, I really want that warm feeling I get eating hot soup. My favorite is tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. When I’m feeling sad or upset, my “go-to comfort food” is dessert.

Tonight I’m going swimming and will definitely be spending a lot of time in the hot tub. I hope that helps loosen me up for Sunday’s race. Tomorrow I’ll be picking up my race gear! I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to work out tomorrow.